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If Wishes Were Horses

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Summary: Daniel makes a wish and reaps the consequences

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredVampieGirlFR1311,7771285,66119 Nov 0519 Nov 05No
Okay, here's something new I promise that i'll write more Nomen soon.

okay spelling mistake fixed

Part 1

“Daniel, Daniel, wake up.” A female voice insisted while poking Daniel in the shoulder.

Daniel could feel the pages of a book under his cheek. He awoke with a start, breathing heavily. He hated having ‘THAT’ dream.

“Here.” The longhaired brunette placed a mug of coffee on the table in front of the linguist. Daniel automatically reached for the offering. He had to admit that it smelled good. He sat up and rubbed his eyes with one hand and groped around for his glasses with the other. Once his glasses corrected his vision, Daniel came to a realization: This wasn’t his office?!

“Find anything?” the girl asked as she slumped into the chair beside him. She picked up one of the many books littering the table and began to absently flick through it.

Daniel looked around the library trying to remember what he had been doing before he woke up here. The dream was still fresh in his mind. SG1 had been on another planet and had been ambushed. Oh God, Jack and Teal’c were dead. Where was Sam? He couldn’t remember. The staff blasts had come out of nowhere. He had watched Teal’c fall, then Jack. Then white-hot pain had overpowered him. But that was the dream, wasn’t it? It felt real though. ‘Where am I? How did I get here?’

“Earth to Daniel.”

‘Earth, did she just say earth? No, we’re not on earth, this must be some new way the Goa’uld have cooked up to screw with our minds. Daniel eyed the girl. She looked human, maybe nineteen or so, but there was nothing familiar about her.’

“What! Do I have something on my face?” She asked Daniel. The girl stifled a yawn. “You look twilight-zone-ish. I know we’ve been researching the night away, Daniel, but you normally handle it better than this.” The girl shook her head. “Drink your coffee, Daniel. You obviously need it, everyone should be here for the meeting in a couple minutes.” The girl took a sip of her own coffee and began to organize her notes. Daniel tried not to stare as the girl mumbled under her breath about ‘a long difficult explanation’ and ‘a way to stop Balink’nix.’ It was just complicated.

“Ah! Dawn, there you are.“ An elderly man with a crisp British accent said as he entered the room and glanced as his watch. “Daniel, how is the research progressing?” he asked politely.

“Um.” Daniel glanced at the table hoping, praying that there would be a clue as to what was happening. There were notes written in his handwriting. The girl, Dawn, gave Daniel a puzzled look. Daniel guessed that he was acting outside the norm of what Dawn expected of him.

Dawn’s next words confirmed that. “Giles, Daniel’s acting all twilight-y.”

“Daniel, are you feeling alright?” Giles asked, concerned. “I know the last few days had been fraught with difficulties. After all, the Balink’nix killed two of our girls.”

“What’s going on?” Daniel asked. He was totally confused.

“Yo G-Man,” A young man with an eye-patch exclaimed as he waltzed in carrying a large box. “Dr. J. and the Dawnster.”

“Xander, how many times…Oh why do I bother?” Giles muttered.

A group of people filtered into the room after Xander.

“Ooh! Pastries.”

Xander lifted the box out of the shorter boy’s reach and passed it around. Everyone seated themselves around the table. They were an odd looking group mainly in their twenties, all chattering away. ‘Maybe I’m stuck in some kind of Virtual Reality machine again,’ Daniel wondered.

Xander had been counting heads, or rather the donuts left in the box. “Where’s Buffy?” he asked.

Dawn blushed slightly and shifted in her chair. “She and Spike are, um, you know.”


“Well there were, um noises, when I went to tell them that the meeting was going to start. It was kinda loud.” She was quick to drop the subject, leaning over the donut box for her breakfast.

“Dawn, no fair!” Faith exclaimed as Dawn swiped the last fry cake out of the box.

A walnut slice appeared at Daniel’s elbow on a napkin. “Here, I saved you the kind that you like,” Dawn said softly. Faith grinned as if she knew a secret. Dawn glared back at her. Thankfully, Buffy rushed in and no one noticed that she was blushing.

“Sorry, sorry we’re late.”

Faith’s attentions were on a new target. “I wonder why that is, B.” Faith’s grin could only be described as lewd as she leaned back into Robin’s arms.

“You can talk,” Spike snarled. For extra emphasis, he slipped his arm around Buffy’s waist while giving Faith a glare.

Daniel took a sip of his coffee. It was his coffee, the special blend that was a mixture of Blue Mountain and Columbian that he had to order out of state for. He saved it for special occasions or really long nights of work under the mountain. It was kept very well hidden in his office, only available to a select few. Something strange was definitely going on. These people definitely knew him and cared for him as indicated from their worried looks to the way Dawn was looking at him.

“Dr. J, did you find anything?” Xander queried.

Daniel hadn’t noticed that everyone was now settled and were looking at him.

“Dr. J?”

“What’s going on?” Daniel was so confused. What was going on? Where was he?

“We’re having a Council meeting to discuss the apocalypse next Tuesday. You’re researching the Balink’nix so that the girls can slay them,” Xander replied in a manner that indicated that all questions had been instantly answered.

Slay? Did he just say slay? Why didn’t he just say ‘kill’? Daniel blinked. This was ridiculous. Surely whoever created this make-believe world would have attempted to make it believable. The concern with which the group was looking at him was beginning to make him feel very uncomfortable. After all, they were just strangers, right?

“Dawn, what exactly were you researching last night,” Giles asked suspiciously with a pointed glance at the teen.

“We weren’t looking at any of the dangerous texts. We were just going through the Watcher diaries and the Codex,” Dawn defensively said.

Dangerous texts? Now that was interesting. When a culture considered books dangerous, it usually meant that someone was trying to hide something. Daniel’s curiosity was instantly piqued but that really didn’t help with finding answers to his current predicament.

“Should somebody go get Willow?” Xander asked.

“I think we should find out what is wrong with Daniel before we go worrying her, especially in her condition.”

‘Who’s Willow and why would I worry her,’ Daniel thought.

“Daniel, was is the last thing you remember?” Giles addressed the confused archaeologist.

Daniel paused. He couldn’t divulge anything classified. He settled for the barest truth. “I don’t remember much. I was on a mission with my team. We were ambushed and I woke up here.”

“Your team?” Buffy blurted out. “Daniel, you work for us at the ISWC. You’re a Watcher, you know, Tweed Junior? Your team digs through dusty books. We don’t let you go anywhere where you could be ambushed, not without a full Slayer escort.”

Giles placed a hand on Buffy’s shoulder to calm her. “We are not sure what has transpired, Daniel, but we are your friends and we will do our best to try and find out what has happened,” Giles said.


Daniel was sure the temperature dropped ten degrees with one word from a new voice in the room. He glanced around at faces that contained barely concealed worry. He turned toward the doorway. A petite, pregnant redhead was framed there.

“Willow,” Giles said using the tone one might use when dealing with a hysterical woman. All attention was focused on Willow. They were all worried about how Willow might react.

“Daniel?” Willow walked over to him. When he didn’t respond, Willow became more agitated. The building power made the air feel charged. Willow touched his face, an intimate gesture. “Tell me what’s wrong,” she begged.

Daniel didn’t understand what was happening. How was this woman affecting her environment? The air around her was . . . moving. He could see the distortions radiating off her. He automatically tried to calm her. Daniel took her hand in his. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember any of this, any of you…”

“It’s me, Willow, your wife and this...” she brought his hand to her stomach “…Is our baby.”

Daniel shook his hand out of Willow’s grasp. Surely, she wasn’t serious?

“But you have to remember me. Danny please,” Willow begged.

“Willow, I promise you that we will investigate to the best of our abilities,” Giles drew her away from Daniel.

The visual distortions accumulated with Willow’s panic, the air was almost crackling with pent up energy.

“Yeah Will, Research party,” Xander said cheerfully with a hint of desperation.

“You have to calm down, Willow. You won’t be able to help him if you lose control,” Giles warned.

Willow was staring so intently at Daniel. It was almost as if she was trying to see inside his soul. “It’s . . . I can’t quite . . . It’s him alright. There’s just…” He gasped as her eyes clouded over, almost totally black. Those fathomless black pits transfixed Daniel. He saw nothing outside them; not the room, not the books, or the people.

“WILLOW!” Giles barked and shook the woman’s shoulders. Suddenly Daniel’s world rushed back into focus.

Willow shook her head, the black eyes faded to something more normal. “Sorry, whatever it is, it’s not just him. If it was a spell, I’d be able to sense the residual energy and he’s not been possessed. I think it’s bigger than that. I’m going to have to talk to the coven,” Willow said trying to keep her voice steady. If they were going to find out what had happened to her husband she was going to have to keep a level head. She had to ignore the temptation to let her emotions loose and find what-who- had done this.

“Will someone please tell me what is going on?” Daniel asked. He was beginning to get a little more than worried. None of this was making sense. These people didn’t seem to be any more informed he was. What had happened to Jack, Sam and Teal’c and who were these people? Why would any pose as his wife?

“We don’t know but we will find out,” Giles promised.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "If Wishes Were Horses" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Nov 05.

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