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Xander and the Black Dagger

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Summary: Xander costumes as a Wizard, and ends up in a different world

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Xander and the Black Dagger 10 (An End for Now)

Xander and the Black Dagger 10 (An End for Now)

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters but also the Lawrence Watt-Evans characters from his Ethshar books aren’t mine either and any real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

A short piece because I really don’t have an immediate ending to this, but don’t want to leave readers hanging. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

The next few days in both worlds proved to be quite impressive and profitable. Xander’s extended family all made the trip to California, and he’d even taken them to Disneyland just for the heck of it. They’d been impressed by all but the car exhaust, but even that was a minor nuisance compared to what they saw as progress all around them.

In turn, the Sunnydale crowd was ferried through to Ethshar, where they found Xander to be a man of incredible importance within his local guild and that of the Hegemony. Such was the difference and number of wonders, that even Buffy pulled out of her grief—deep down she’d realized Angel was gone months before, and it was more the lost opportunity at the end that sorrowed her now.

Xander and his group managed to convert over just enough precious metal and goods to leverage both the Crawford Mansion and CRD, and began tapestries to be used at those locations instead of the library. The mages gladly moved through Sunnydale with the Scoobies, eliminating all of the undead they could detect, and driving out a large portion of the evil demon population according to Willy the Snitch.

The use of battle magics wasn’t something a mage normally got to field-practice against hostiles, so by charging others in the guild handsomely, ‘big game’ expeditions to Sunnydale were arranged to everyone’s satisfaction. And when word spread quietly to the guilds in the other Ethshar’s, Xander found himself quietly and secretly elected as Second Guildmaster in each of the Three Cities in recognition of his status, power and busy situation.

A meeting of the Three Overlords had followed, and a meeting with their Senior Guildmasters resulted in a decision to compel the Small Kingdoms to form up into two larger entities comparable to an Ethshar. The Overlords determined that with weapons and an increase in trade and prosperity due to ‘Alexander’s Gate’ they would go down in history as the Overlords that had reunited the South, with recalcitrants providing enough military activity to demonstrate power and induce unity by the regional lords.

When Xander asked ‘why’ he was told simply that the political leadership could not allow an imbalance to be perceived by the populace in favor of mages—even though most trade wasn’t magic in nature. The Hegemony didn’t actually want to rule the new lands, so if two ‘Royal Republics’ formed that chose a leader as Overlord, and abided by the norms of Ethshar interaction, that would be enough.

And that meant at least a generation or so of Xander’s merchant concern to grow throughout the world, and for the structures of the world to adjust to the new system. And with a united polity of sorts, at least war might be avoided.

Meanwhile, they learned after Kendra’s trip, that a new Slayer was Called in Boston, and the mages decided that they’d show up unofficially and help out for a week while scoping out trade opportunities.

Buffy fell in love with the city of Ethshar of the Spices in particular, and her mother told her after discussing matters with Giles, that if she kept up reasonable Slayer duties until she graduated from college, she’d be retired as Slayer.

‘Four and a half more years?’ Buffy thought to herself as she took her finals for the year, ‘I can do that. And Xander’s already told me he’d hire me as security for their operations there. And since they found mom had that tumor thingy started and healed her…I hope she’ll go with me.’

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander and the Black Dagger". This story is complete.

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