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Xander and the Black Dagger

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Summary: Xander costumes as a Wizard, and ends up in a different world

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Xander and the Black Dagger

Xander and the Black Dagger

Author: Tohonomike

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters but also the Lawrence Watt-Evans characters from his Ethshar books aren’t mine either and any real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

October 31st, 1997

To say he was surprised to find himself in his current situation, on a world not his own, would be an understatement. Not even the whole fighting vampires thing had meant he could prepare to be an unemployed wizard in a world of magic.


Tobas of Telven looked around in confusion, dropping his magic carpet and three room teleportation tapestries to the ground; obviously his strength spell had failed. But why he was in such a place of demonic energy and swirling chaos…he must be in or near a strange and forgotten settlement in the old Northern Lands.

He cast a spell to see if either of his wives had also been affected, but he ended up instead with mixed results; two nearby presences not his wives were felt as loved ones. Taking a moment to cast a strengthening spell to allow his magic carpet to manage the extra weight of tapestries and possibly two passengers.

As he was about to fly off, he heard a female voice not unlike Karanissa’s call out. He watched as a spirit dressed very much like his wife approached.

“Xander! Wait!” she called out as the carpet began to lift, causing her some pause, “Um, wait… Tobas?”

“Do I know you, miss?”

“Um no, I guess not, but I dressed as a ghost, and now I am one, and you are in the body of my friend Xander, who dressed as a wizard, you, and now you’re here.”

“That’s remarkable. Are there any mages around that might help us determine the source of this odd magic?”

“Um, I don’t know about mages, but there’s Giles. He’s probably at the library; he might know something, cause he’s Giles and he knows stuff.”

Toba smiled at the spirit, “So did you become non-corporeal, or is your body somewhere?”

“Oh, it’s two houses over. I fell under a hedge when this happened. Oh, we also should go find Buffy; she dressed as a noblewoman so who knows if she changed too and might be—”

“Hold on, miss. First, let’s see if you can ride on my carpet, then we’ll retrieve you body. Then we’ll go find your friend and then Mr. Giles. But please take a breath, or in your case, I suppose, a pause.”

A few minutes later and they’d successfully retrieved Willow’s body when they heard a shriek in the distance, a young dark-haired woman running from several short monsters. Tobas noted that some metal carriage was racing toward the woman’s path, so he directed his magic carpet fast and low to intercept her. Just as she ran out and was about to collide, Tobas swooped in, grabbed her and they zoomed off into the night. The young woman looked around, then fainted.

Rupert Giles was enjoying a quiet night sipping his tea and organizing the card catalog system of the library when suddenly the doors unlocked themselves and flew open. He watched as his three charges on a magic carpet of all things descended through the doors and landed on the floor. A gesture from Xander reshut the doors securely.

While the young male moved Buffy to the table, and then began to examine his surroundings, Willow filled in Giles with what little they knew of the situation.

“Good Lord, so Xander is now Tobas, a Wizard?”

Tobas/Xander turned as his name was mentioned, “That is so, I am Tobas of Telven, Scholar Giles. So any ideas? Perhaps an enemy seeking to embarrass the government of this city, or a costumer seeking mischief?”

“Indeed, both good theories. Willow, did the three of you acquire your costumes from the same place?”

Tobas looked to Willow, who nodded, “Yeah, at a new place with a great selection, um…Ethan’s was what it was called.”

“Ethan’s?” Giles asked, beginning to darken as he suspected a culprit. “I’d like the three of you to stay here—”

“I’m afraid not, Scholar Giles,” Tobas admonished, “This Ethan is someone I wish to question if at all possible before you exact justice. And besides, my carpet is probably much faster than going afoot or by carriage at this point.”

“Oh,” Giles remarked, smiling at the thought, then at the others. “If you don’t mind my asking, what are the three other rolls?”

“Teleportation tapestries, though it seems unusual to have three. I only remember the two for my castle. Would you mind if we took a quick look to see what places they have on them?”

“No, indeed I’d be fascinated…”

“Alright, just be careful not to touch the picture side of a tapestry; there’s a chance you’d find yourself elsewhere. After that, I’d like to try restoring Willow to her body.”

“Ah, an excellent idea, Willow I’m sorry for not considering that sooner.”

The girl shrugged and watched as the tapestries were unrolled. The first showed what looked to be a castle in a dark place. She remembered that one from the book, where Tobas and his wives lived. The other two were a little confusing, as they both seemed to be the same thing –a pitch black room in which the door and sparse furnishings were barely outlined.

Giles laid one of them across the counter of the library, and as he began to carefully roll one of the others up, Tobas engaged himself in the ritual to restore Willow to life. Not an easy task, but the room seemed to be filled with lots of magical energy upon which to draw. Unused to such amounts being available, even as she began to stir, he had already drawn in enough to be brimming, almost glowing from the excess.

Giles went and found a few decent weapons from the weapons cage, as well as his revolver and extra rounds, as Tobas rolled up the second tapestry and set it on his flying carpet.

Giles called out, “Tobas? If you move your flying carpet over here, I’ll place these on it without disturbing Buffy yet.” Tobas sat on the carpet and willed it toward the librarian. As Giles set the weapons and even the holstered revolver on the fascinating creation, they all heard the doors force open and to Giles and Willow and well-known voice speak out.

“Well, now,” William the Bloody declared, looking intrigued at the sight of the young man on a flying rug, “That’s not something you see every day, is it?”

Tobas read the auras of death and demon on all nine entrants, and began working a spell as Willow whispered desperately, “Those are REAL vampires…demons.”

Tobas realized he was the only protection if they were to have a chance, wiling his carpet directly for the doors as he launched a fire spell low and fast at the undead. Four minions dusted in screams as he flew forward, preparing another attack. Giles grabbed a crossbow and fired into the midst of the vampires, causing one to scream in pained anger, as Spike lunged forward and to the side. As the man on the rug flew back and around the table, firing off another spell that engulfed two minions, William the Bloody was able to throw his minion Dalton straight at the mage, hitting him hard and causing him to fly up against the counter. Willow fired a second crossbow, which grazed Spike’s scalp, and caused him to turn away from the sight of Xander Harris, the vampire and the flying carpet with the two other tapestries and miscellaneous weapons fly into the still-draped tapestry on the counter and disappear.

“Bloody hell,” Spike swore, zigzagging back to the doors and out to avoid the fate of his eight minions, “I won’t want to be doing this again.”

Willow looked stunned, walking over to the tapestry, but Giles grabbed her hand, preventing the girl from possibly suffering a similar fate.

“Giles? He’s gone… he’s in that other world, and those tapestries weren’t a picture of home.”


Tabaea wept as her spell seemed to have failed completely, the black dagger uselessly on the floor next to her. She didn’t even have time to yelp as from out of nowhere as two men on a flying carpet appeared in mid air, knocking her down and unconscious. The two crashed into the wall next to the door, both falling roughly.

Xander shook of the shock as he did most of his father’s blows, but his hand felt the grip of a dagger in his hand; he remembered all of a sudden the goings-on of Halloween, and turned toward the vampire that even now threw itself on him. Xander grasped the dagger and desperately stabbed into the demon’s left armpit, missing the heart but both beings suddenly felt a shock of energy change. A cold flush into Xander filled him with strength even as the vampire seemed to lose use of its left arm.

Also deep within, the duplicated essence of Tobas, as well as the residual dormant aspects of the Hyena, now ingrained themselves permanently as part of him so great was the magical level at which he as Tobas had filled in the SHS Library.

The boy twisted the dagger as he pushed the vampire away. The creature screamed in pain, but with extra leverage, forced the dagger deeper and down until it pierced the heart of the demon. The creature shriveled as Xander filled with energy, painful in a way but invigorating, his senses expanding and his strength and speed such that he rolled over, pulled out the dagger, and decapitated with a deep slash the foul being. Only now as loose change rolled across the floor, did Dalton the vampire turn to dust.



The footsteps up to the door of the attic room were loud, but as Xander tucked the black dagger into his belt, opposite his athame, he was able to remember a simple illumination spell and cast it on his wrist watch to see better. The pounding on the door brought him out of his reverie. Drawing his regular athame, he gestured at the door, a simple spell, but it greatly surprised the innkeeper and his assistant.

“Yes, can I help you?” Xander asked as the man stared at the light on the young man’s hand, “I thought my…apprentice… asked for us not to be disturbed.”

“You’re a wizard!”

“And you insist on letting everyone know I’m here.” Xander still didn’t know what the hell was going on, but the Power in him was such he didn’t feel like dealing with this. All he knew was he seemed to be caught in a D&D movie. Looking around as the men weren’t sure about how to deal with a slightly-grumpy mage, Xander noticed the change on the ground and gestured that the man should pick it up, “I know it’s foreign currency, but the content’s good. Here, this is more than enough for the disturbance. Let us be until morning.”

As the door closed, he looked around and shook his head, hand resting on the black dagger. He looked at the athame in his hand, sheathed it, then looked at the other blade. He looked at the girl and the sight of a room in which magic seemed to have been cast.

“Ah jezz. I’m in Ethshar of the Sands. I hope the real Tobas won’t mind guests. It looks like I’m in it deep this time.”
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