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Xander's Dating Avengers

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Summary: Xander's been keeping secrets, A lot more happened on his road trip then he told the scooby gang, but then again Xander's usually not one to brag, even when he has the right too.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredNuklearFR1524,74655320,87423 Nov 0519 Nov 09No

Xander's Dating Avengers

title: Xander's Dating Avengers

author: Nu-Klear

Summary: Xander's been keeping secrets, A lot more happened on his
road trip then he told the scooby gang, but then again Xander's
usually not one to brag, even when he has the right too.

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of their owners, I'm just
borrowing them for this story.

Feedback: Dear Gods Yes! My muse is staving to death people so please
let me know what you think!

“…it’s just that I don’t think it would be safe for you to come here!” Xander said in frustration and then sighed in exasperation, realizing the hole he had just dug for himself.

“If it’s not safe for me to be there then you better pack your stuff, Handsome, ‘cause there’s no way I’m going to leave somebody I care about somewhere that’s THAT dangerous… especially with all the space we have around this place.” The cheerful female voice on other end of the line gained an almost nervous edge to it as she continued. “And we could get together a lot more; I mean it’s not like it would be a terrible ordeal to be around me all the time…”

“Of course it wouldn’t…” Xander’s tone softened as he cursed himself for making her ever need to doubt that he wanted to be with her and tried to reassure his girlfriend as to his feelings. “You know I would love to be with you all the time, and any other time I would jump at the chance to spend an entire week with you, but things are rather -- ‘hectic’ around here at the moment. I’m sorry, but Buffy and the others need me here…”

“Jen… you still there?” Xander hesitantly asked after the line had been silent long enough to make him wonder if they had been disconnected.

“Yeah,” Her voice was light and joking but with an undertone of seriousness. “I was just wondering if there might be some *other reason* that you’re not telling me for you not wanting me to come out this weekend…”

Xander flinched away from the speaker, hurt and disbelief warring on his features as he returned handset to his ear, not even bothering to try to keep his the feelings out of his voice. “No there are no other *reasons* I don’t want you to come here and Jennifer, if I had wanted to deal with a green eyed monster I would have just taken a swing at your cousin, ‘cause it fits him a lot better than you…!”

When Jennifer finally spoke again her tone was nearly as warm as an ocean of liquid nitrogen. “Xander, I’m coming to Sunnydale, we’ll continue this conversation when I get there…”

Xander heard her sever the connection without giving him the chance to say anything else; Xander slowly snapped the phone closed with a perplexed and annoyed expression. A moment later a horrified expression crossed his rapidly paling face as his emotions settled enough for him to realize exactly how many of those lines that you should never cross he had just crossed with her. “Oh god, I’m a dead man!”


The blonde haired man had watched the room’s occupant for the last few minutes as she packed her a bag with a ferocity that had him worrying for the safety of whoever she was upset at. “Hey Jennifer, where y’ going?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, Steve, but I’m going to Sunnydale,” Jennifer snapped in a clipped tone.

“Okay,” Steve was careful to keep his voice neutral and not confrontational, not wanting to get her any angrier than she already was. “Any particular reason you suddenly decided to go now… other than the obvious that is?”

“I miss Xander, so I’m going to see him to make sure he’s alright, spend some time with him and make sure he remembers what his girlfriend looks like…” Jennifer said her eyes flashing angrily as she zipped her bag shut with a loud tearing sound, “and then I’m going to pull his bottom lip over his head, that is if I’m wrong and he isn’t two-timing me… If he is I’m *not* going to be that nice!”

“Xander… cheat on you?” Steve raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “We are talking about the same guy that stood in line for 2 days, the last six hours of which in near torrential rain, to get concert tickets to a band he absolutely hates just because he overheard you say you’d like to go…”

“We haven’t seen each other in almost four months; the only time I’ve even talked to him in the last few weeks is when *I* call him, and every time I’ve tried to set up some time for us to get together he says no and then makes excuses about have responsibilities, that ‘Buffy and the others’ need him…” Jennifer snarled the name Buffy like it was the vilest curse in the universe as she rounded on Steve, leveling a glare that would have sent most sane individuals running in terror. “Even you manage to take time off for yourself; so what else am I supposed to think?”

“Well that is a possibility,” Steve met the glare levelly and gave her a slight smile. “Another is that he’s a nineteen year old that’s taken to placing way too much responsibility on himself and happens to be a little inexperienced, not to mention naïve, when it comes to adult relationships. Either way I don’t think you should be going alone in your present state of mind… you might actually hurt him accidentally.”

“Is that your way of asking if you can come along…?” Jennifer scowled at him feeling more than a little annoyed at his butting into her personal life.

“Well I do want to talk to Xander about something and that would be rather hard if you were to tear him to pieces,” Steve smirked at her expression, “but who said I’m here to ask to go with you? Nick’s asked us to provide some backup in Sunnydale. Apparently they found something he thinks they’ll need our help with when he sent some of his people to check into the sudden jump in the death rate in that area over the last few months. So I’ll just meet up with you when you get there. Unless...”

“Fine,” Jennifer snarled and pulled something out of her bag. “Just give me a few minutes to change and I’ll be right with you!”

Steve shut the door to her room, shaking his head at the muttered comments coming from the other side of the door.


Giles was sitting in his living room glaring at the tome in his hands as if it had the answer they needed but was hiding it from him on purpose when the front door of his apartment flew open and a nearly exhausted Xander stumbled in gasping for air as if he had just run a marathon. “Xander, didn’t anyone ever teach you to knock?”

“Sorry, Giles… need help.” Xander managed to get out as he fought to get his breathing under control.

“Really now…” Giles’ frown faded as he finally took a good look at the young man and a worried expression spread across his face. “What is it? Has something happened to Buffy? Did you have an encounter with a demon?”

“Huh?” Xander blinked in confusion then began to look extremely embarrassed as he realized how it must have seemed to the older man, running in the way he had in the condition he was in. “Ah, any chance of you not blowing your top if I go with ‘none of the above’…”

Giles sighed in equal parts relief and annoyance at the quip. “Then would you mind telling me exactly what is of such importance that you would feel the need to burst in to my home in such a manner?”

“Well it… you see it’s kind of…” Xander eyes roved Giles’ apartment looking at everything except the Watcher. “Ah, um *cough* girlfriend problems…”

“I was unaware that you had become involved with anyone since you returned from your trip…” Giles took off his glasses and began polishing them; the watcher was torn between being pleased that the young man, who he had come to see as a son, thought enough of him to come to him for advice on such problems and annoyance at being bothered with such drivel as this when the very real danger of Adam was looming over them. “So does this one want to eat you, feed you to her young, have you father her spawn, or some combination of the three?”

“I met her on my road trip Giles and this is so not the time for jokes about my love life, please…” Xander groaned, covered his eyes and threw himself onto the watchers couch in a boneless heap. “If you’re really want those answered you can ask her yourself… If you have the guts that is! She’s coming for a visit.”

“Really, is that all…?” Giles paused his polishing of his glasses and looked at Xander questioningly “I fail to see where in having your girlfriend visit you would be a problem. I would think you would be glad to see her again and I imagine the girls will love to meet her… provided she isn’t on par with your previous love interests.”

“Problems…?! You mean other than the fact we have a group of black ops idiots running around catching demons to play Dr. Frankenstein with, not to mention Adam or all the regular assortment of baddies that normally live on the Hellmouth which are always looking for ways to get at us… and those are just some of the problems on my end of things.” Xander massaged the bridge of his nose in an attempt to easy the pressure building between his eyes. “And please don’t bring up Buffy and Willow; I’m trying to forget about how bad they’re going to flip when they find out about Jennifer.”

“I see…” Giles swallowed at the reminder of his Jenny, then smirked at the pained look on the young mans face. “And in what way do you feel I could be of help with that, or do you just require someone to listen to your problems?”

“Hmmm?” Xander looked at the Watcher and blinked confusion for a moment before shaking his head and chuckling. “Sorry Giles, it’s just… well, she called a little while ago to tell me she had the week off and asked me to come visit her in Manhattan…”

“Manhattan!” Giles looked at the young man in disbelief, “How the bloody hell did she expect you to come up with the money for a plane ticket to Manhattan on such short notice?”

“Actually she was planning to pay for it…” Xander said looking away sheepishly. “When I told her that, with starting the new job and everything else going on around here, I couldn’t get away she offered to come out here…”

Giles gave the young man a pitying look as he saw the explosion looming on the horizon, hoping the young man had at least had the good sense to know exactly how much of the ‘everything else’ he should be leaving out. “I assume you tried to convince her that would be an unwise course of action.”

“Yeah, and that would be when the good old Harris luck kicked in.” Xander winced as he replayed the scene in his head for the hundredth time. “After I told her you guys needed me out here, she hinted that she though I might be cheating on her and I guess I sort of overreacted, said a few things I really shouldn’t have… and that would be when she told me she was coming and we would finish our conversation when she got here, then she hung up on me.”

“Oh, dear lord,” Giles pinched the bridge of his nose, not sure if he wanted to laugh or yell at the dejected young man sitting on his couch. “Might I ask how long you have been involved with her and a bit of the particulars of your relationship to date?”

“Six months; and a gentleman isn’t supposed to kiss and tell…” Xander joked lamely and wilted under the glare Giles threw his way and sighed. “We met in Oxnard about two weeks after I left Sunnydale; I finally had earned enough working at… well I had finally earned enough to pay for the repairs to my car and was planning to leave in the next day or so depending on how long it took the mechanic to do the work. I was feeling fairly good about life so of course that was when I literally stumbled into a group of demons…”

Giles raised an amused eyebrow. “Don’t you mean onto…?”

“No, I said what I meant…I stumbled, the ground gave way under me and I found myself lying in the middle of a group of chanting demons.” Xander gave the Watcher a dirty look when the older man snorted in amusement at his admission. “They all seemed rather shocked by my entrance so I did the first thing I thought of, I kicked the ugly guy at the end of the table in the face as hard as I could; which caused him to stumble back into some of the chanters… there was a blinding pain in my skull and the next thing I knew I was waking up in Manhattan with a killer headache and Jennifer asleep in a chair by the bed.”

“How did the two of you manage to get away if you had been knocked unconscious?” Giles’ tone was colored with disbelief even if his expression was serious.

“Giles once you’ve met Jennifer, I don’t think you’ll even have to ask that…” Xander said with a familiar lopsided grin. “Anyway about two weeks after that we went on our first date, from there well one thing led to another and for the next three months we were basically living together, then summer was over and I knew things would be picking up around here so I explained to her I had responsibilities here and headed back to Sunnydale. Since then, between what’s been going on here and her schedule, we haven’t been able to swing much more than a couple of phone calls a week… Ouch!”

“Xander Harris, I can’t believe you could be so insensitive!” Mrs. Summers scolded her daughter’s best friend never letting up on her grip on his ear as she did. “I never would have believed that you of all people would treat someone that obviously cares for you so callously!”

“I, I’m sorry…” Xander cringed at the scolding from the woman that was more of a mother to him than his own had ever been, hurting much more than damage her fingers were doing to his ear ever could. “Let go… Please.”

Catching sight of the pained look on Xander’s face Joyce let go so quickly you’d have thought he had burned her. “I’m sorry, Xander… I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It’s alright, Mrs. Summers…” Xander glanced up at her, the goofy grin freezing in place as he saw her expression of regret and realized that unlike his own parents’ empty apologies of long ago, she actually was sorry for what she had done. “I’m fine; and I guess your right, I have been treating her like a jerk.”

“I wouldn’t go that far, well maybe just a little…” Joyce frowned at the young man’s confused expression when she said that. “I’m afraid I overreacted because of what happened between me and Buffy’s father… And I’m not saying you’re like him, after all I’ve seen of you since we moved here I know you’re not the type of person who would intentionally behave like that to someone you care about.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Summers.” Xander’s eyes dropped to the ground, acutely aware of her use of the word ‘intentionally’. “I’m such a dead man…”

“Not necessarily,” Miss. Summers said sitting down on the couch beside the young man. “I doubt she would bother coming all the way from Manhattan unless she still wanted to be with you. I admit you’ll probably need to do a lot of groveling, but there’s a still a chance of you getting through this without her breaking up with you… so what is her name?”

“That’s good to know… and her name is Jennifer Walters.” Xander blinked as the familiar and delicious smells of Mrs. Summers’ cooking finally registered on his senses and he turned and looked at her in confusion. “Um, do I even want to know what you are doing here, Miss Summers?”

“I don’t see why not, I’m just here to have dinner with Mr. Giles.” Mrs. Summers smiled from a combination of amusement at the way Giles sputtered at her response to Xander’s question and the embarrassed flush spreading across the young man’s face. After a moment she decided to have mercy on two of them. “I come over once or twice a week, to make sure Rupert gets the occasional real meal in him and find out what’s happening with Buffy’s slaying, without all the editing she does in an attempt to keep me from worrying about her...”

“Okay…” Xander looked between the adults uncertainly for a moment then shrugged. Any relationship they may or may not have was none of his business.

“So,” Mrs. Summers smiled warmly as she gave the young man a curious expression, “are you going to tell us about your new girlfriend?”

“Well…” Xander swallowed hard, realizing he had no idea what he should tell them. “Ah, what do you want to know…?”

“Let’s start with the basics,” Joyce smiled at the young man’s nervousness “What’s she like, what she looks like, and what she does for a living… then go from there?”

“Um, okay…” Xander silently began to wonder how he had managed to be back into a corner, unsure of what he should and should not to say about Jennifer, by such innocent questions. ~ Why do I get the feeling that no matter what I say nobody’s going to be happy with me over this…? But if I really told them everything about Jennifer, they’d never believe it. Hell, I have a hard time believing it and it happened to me. ~

to be continued...
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