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Lockhart's Adventures: Uncovered

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Summary: So where exactly DID Lockhart get his stories from?

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Harry Potter > GeneralSabiaFR1314470199623 Nov 0523 Nov 05No
Disclaimer: Do I really have to say it? I'm making no profit from this; do not own Faith, who belongs to ME and Joss Whedon, or Lockhart and the wizarding community, who are owned by JK Rowling and whoever is her publishing company.

Rating: PG-13. One swear word, that's it. Promise.

Timeline: After PoA in HP, and after S1 of Angel

Author's Notes: This sprang into my head one day and refused to go away. Maybe become a series if I get enough reviews, with various crossovers and maybe a couple more BTVS/Angel people popping up.

Sam grinned, shaking his head, and settled down to unconcernedly watch the convict through the window. That girl had the strangest visitors; some guy that only came by at night, some dark-haired girl who very obviously didn't want to be there, and spent most of the time primping as she huffily talk to- or rather, at- the same person she came to see, and now this old guy wearing a bath robe and pointed hat, who kept peering at a pocket watch, of all things. Maybe he was on his way to a costume party or something. As a prison guard, he was supposed to report anything even remotely suspicious, but to tell the truth, he kind of like her. She had spunk, and always had a smart retort for him, but she wasn't threatening or obscene the way most of the inmates were.

He looked up as Dave set a coffee mug down on the table, and nodded his thanks, gratefully gulping half the scalding liquid in one go, then settling down to savour the caffeine. His attention was jolted back to his task as Captive 4489 loudly exclaimed in a disbelieving, contemptuous tone of voice:

"Yeah, right! You're telling me that some Luckmart guy stole my story about the naked- vamp fighting and the priest, and then wiped my memory? Are you on crack?"

There was a pause as the robed man leaned forward, glancing furtively around, and told her something in a tone of voice too hushed for Sam to hear, but the inmate's reply was easily audible.

"Yeah, yeah, very wicked. But I got to tell you something. You're wacked!"

Standing up, she signalled to Sam the session was over, and without a second glance, dismissed the visitor with a wave of her hand as she headed back into the main room.


Rubbing her arms, Faith hated that that guy had made her doubtful of her own mind. She was wigged- oh, shit, a Buffyism- she was freaked by the meaningful buzz in her stomach telling her it wasn't a lie, but wizards? She would've definitely noticed if some guy waved a skinny stake in her face, and Giles or Wes would've told them about 'wizards' if they existed. They were the brainy type, yeah?


Sam watched as she slumped on the thin couch and fixed her attention on the grainy TV set, which was playing what looked like soap, suppressing a grin of surprise at someone like that watching a cheesy soap.

He wondered who the girl was. She really did get the weirdest people visiting; the guy she had just disdainfully waved away was asking Dave directions to the nearest fireplace.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lockhart's Adventures: Uncovered" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Nov 05.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking