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Where DO We Go From Here?

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Summary: Buffy and Co. turn up in LA to find Spike undead and kicking. Add Angel, and we have a love triangle made up of the twice dead, the undead, and the undeader, and that's not counting Faith. But they're going to have to pull together: A new evil is rising

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaSabiaFR15610,431022,21623 Nov 0523 Nov 05No

Banter and A Blurt

For disclaimer, rating, etc. see Chapter 1

Author's Notes: Please, review and tell me what you think of how I did the characters! Do they seem- well, in character?

The next day, the group all woke at different times, dashing into Angel's office to snatch a doughnut from the basket, and then going about their business- some going to the airy lounge/kitchenette Wolfram and Hart had left at their disposal, some going shopping (cough Cordelia cough All those fashions she missed... nooooooo!) and as for Buffy, she was surfing the 'net for boarding schools. She was still determined that Dawn should get the decent education she'd missed, what with Slayage and apocalypses (apocalypsi?). Faith, however, had slept in until nearly eleven o'clock and was poking half-heartedly through the plain sugared doughnuts that were all that was left. Angel had been at a meeting the entire morning, and as he returned, caught her in the act of wrapping an extra doughnut in a napkin and slipping it in her pocket. She froze guiltily, and Angel couldn't help grinning at her expression. He sat down at his desk as Spike sauntered in, head down with uncharacteristic grumpiness. "Bloody uncivil hour this is," he complained. "Your people were using the room next door to practice magic dynamite, it sounded like. Look at the frickin' time!"

Faith let herself fall sideways across a low armchair, her legs dangling over the armrest. "Life's a bitch, and then you die, and unlife's a bastard," she commented with a smirk.

The platinum-haired vampires draped himself over the couch opposite her, and regarded her seriously. "Yeah, well, you don't know what hell on Earth is until Buffy finds out you're in love with her. Wait 'til the shit hits the fan. Then you'll see. "

He paused, and Faith could see the thoughts traveling through his head behind his eyes, before a certain excited gleam came into them. "You're sharing a frickin' bed with her. How do you resist? Seein' her strip off into those sexy lil' undies she wearing, seein' her after she takes a shower, and comes back glowy and damp, and you just wanna pull her to you and kiss her 'till she passes out- either that, or bend her over the bed..."

He drifted off, his mind in the gutter, but a look in his eyes close to worship. Faith snorted. "It's hard as hell, yeah, but it'd be so much worse if she found out. Which she never will," she added, her hand dropping to the stake tucked in her waistband in a way which reminded Spike this wasn't one of the untrained Slayers, but a street-wise, experienced one.

"Well, as much as I like this little daydreaming fest, I don't think Buffy would appreciate you undressing her in your mind. And I don't appreciate you doing it in my office, either." Angel spoke up, and not a moment too soon.

Buffy walked in, her eyes zoning in on the doughnuts. She dashed across the room to them, and hungrily took a massive bite out of the one remaining custard, bewilderedly brushing off the dirty look Faith shot her when she realized she'd missed it. It was only when Spike remarked, "Interestin' use for Slayer speed, luv," that Buffy looked up from her breakfast.

She scowled at him. "School-searching is a lot harder than it lots, but I have a bunch that look good. I printed off the prospectuses so that Dawnie can pick one out later. I think I deserve a doughnut."

She plopped down on the corner of the couch, suddenly highly aware of Spike next to her. All she'd have to do was reach out, and there he was... All lean muscle and platinum-blonde hair. And he was coming closer... it looked like he was going to kiss her, and she was so wrapped up in staring into his eyes that she jerked when he poked her ribs suspiciously. "You skipped brekky again, di'n't you?"

She flushed, and the other occupants in the room hungrily devoured the prettiness of the pink in her cheeks with their gazes.

Spike scowled at her. "You're wasting away, you... you... GIRL!"

"Oh, no, Angel, Faith, tell him off! He called me a... a... GIRL!" she mocked, faking sobs.

Spike scowled some more, but a bit of humour crept into the lines of his mouth. "Yeah, well, I don't like to see my girl as thin as a rake."

The group fell, once again, silent, with the implication in Spike's words. Finally, Angel couldn't bear it any longer, and exclaimed tensely, "Buffy, make up your mind!"

Faith, playing the middler, as much as she would rather have been one of the contesters for Buffy's love, send Angel a reproachful look and said with newfound Faithy gentleness and unFaithy compassion and tact, "Buffy, speak your mind. They love you, and will love you no matter who you love."

Buffy blushed, and tugged her hair embarrassedly until eventually she just blurted out. "Both."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Where DO We Go From Here?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Nov 05.

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