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Crossing Slytherin

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Summary: Written for crossovers100 on LJ. Crossing Slytherin, all the time.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsCalexFR1832,360021,27525 Nov 0525 Nov 05No

Back To The Far Future

Title: Back To The Far Future
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Slytherin House (Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini)
Prompt: Months
Word Count: 830
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: I’ve been reading the transcripts for Firefly (since my DVDs still haven’t arrived) to get a feel for River’s “voice” and the one thing I realised? She’s not as crazy as she seems. I mean, the way she talks is almost lucid. There’s a more obscure and complex form to it, but otherwise she’s pretty much lucid. The other thing I realised was how little she speaks.

Hell. Hell, bugger, fuck and bollocks.

Sighing, Blaise looked at the mess that had befallen upon them, shaking his head almost sadly as he saw the piles of wood from crates, torn clothing, piled up bodies. Shouts filled the air, the meaty sound of flesh meeting flesh and… a giggle? Intrigued, he looked up and found the figure of a certain blond in a headlock by a towering mountain of a man, teeth gritted in effort as his best kicked out and hit any available body part. The giggle came from a rather wraith-like beauty, long dark hair falling in a tangle of waves from a pale, exotic looking face dominated by a pair of rather large but beautiful eyes. Things were looking up.

“Draco, do stop your fooling around with the rather large ape man and finish this, will you?” His best friend took advantage of said ape-man’s confusion and felled him with a swipe to his legs. The man fell, but brought Draco with him. Draco did something with his body that made Blaise’s eyebrows raise with consideration, but then winced as the blond landed his knee none-too-gently at the man’s crotch. There was a rather loud howl of pain as the ape man cradled his family jewels and unhanded the blond, who now clambered to his feet, dusting his hands and looking quite dishevelled. Blaise just shook his head at his friend’s antics. “Always one to make a dramatic entrance, aren’t you?”

“Piss. Off.” Draco bit out, eyes narrowed at his still impeccably dressed and comfortably lounging best friend. He picked up his wand which had fallen and stopped by the figure of the girl that Blaise had been rather thoroughly looking over. “Are you alright? I do so hope that I didn’t manage to hurt you in my little scuffle with the mountain troll.” Blaise just raised his eyebrow, but wasn’t too surprised. There was some kind of fragility to the girl, a strange sense of instability, like a bird with a broken wing. Draco, for all his posturing, was always gentle with things that were hurt, and his mother had always instilled upon him manners and politeness, especially to women. He might have barked just as badly to the mudb- to Hermione, but he never bit, not like he was with Potter and Weasley male, it just wasn’t his way. The little one smiled up at him through her hair.

“The girl remains unhurt and offers thanks for concern.” She looked towards the man on the floor, blood staining the corner of his mouth red. “Jayne-bird looks better in red.”

Blaise’s eyebrow shot up at that. Her eyes were lucid, but he had a feeling this wasn’t usual with the girl. Not all there in the head, then. Slightly more off the bend than Loony, but it was alright. He’d had a taste of the broken and he’d found that it suited him, to an extent. Although…. His eyebrow shot up and his lips curved in slight amusement. By the way Drake was acting, it might not be plausible. The blond man took her hand and pressed a gentle kiss to her fingertips, which made the girl blush red in surprised pleasure. Blaise shook his head, charmer. Always was, Draco. He knew how to get the birds, even though he acted like a ruddy prick at times. He was right pretty, with the soft blond hair, icy grey eyes and sharp, aristocratic features. Always could get the prettiest girl hanging on his arm, but it was always the chase that excited him, he got bored after they bit. Clearing his throat a little, he watched as annoyance bloomed on his friend’s face and chuckled. But he froze when he saw the little crazy bird looking at him with a knowing smile on her lips. He cleared his throat again, blinking.

“Uh, pardon the intrusion, miss. I know my friend here can be rather lacking in manners, sometimes. Right violent sort, he is. Startled that lot right good, I saw. Pity he didn’t let me get a chance to explain, ey? You couldn’t possibly, uh, tell us what year this is, could you?” Blaise was slightly worried. Looking around him at the spaceship, spaceship, he figured that things might’ve gone slightly awry. Might’ve turned that time turner a bit too much. He didn’t know what was going to happen in the future, but he didn’t think the world would change so much in five years. Nodding slightly at him, she gave him a vacant smile.

“It has been thirty thousand two hundred and twenty two spans of the moon on the earth-that-was.” Blaise and Draco looked at each other for a beat, Blaise with his eyebrow raised and Draco with that look on his face that said his smart little brain was working overtime to see what that meant. Blaise knew the exact moment Draco had worked it out, because his eyes went wide.

“It’s 2519?!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Crossing Slytherin" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Nov 05.

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