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Crossing Slytherin

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Summary: Written for crossovers100 on LJ. Crossing Slytherin, all the time.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsCalexFR1832,360021,27525 Nov 0525 Nov 05No

Crossing Slytherin

Title: Magic is a Girl’s Best Friend

Author: Calex

Rating: PG - 13

Character: Pansy (Slytherin House)

Fandom: BtVS

Prompt: Black

Disclaimer: Not mine. HP belongs to Rowling, BtVS to Whedon

Notes: Written for crossovers100

“Do you have any other colour in your wardrobe besides black?”

Spike paused in the act of pulling on his t-shirt, raising an eyebrow as he looked at the brunette that was leaning casually against the doorway of his room, arms crossed and lips curved in her ever-present smirk. He shook his head, then pulled the shirt the rest of the way down, tight cotton clinging to the dips and crevices of his muscles. Finishing that, he stalked over to her, a predatory smile on his face, one that most dumb animals would take to note that this was a dangerous animal and therefore get the hell away. She looked unimpressed, though, her own eyebrow inching up as he stalked closer and closer, body poised for the spring….

“You jump on me and I will make sure you’re unable to use your pecker for quite some time, vampire healing or no vampire healing.” Wincing at the cool tone, Spike stopped and pouted at his girlfriend.

“You’d be punishing yourself, love.”

Grinning slightly at his face, she shook her head and smiled wickedly.

“I’m a witch, there are spells for that.”

With that, she turned around and sashayed out, leaving behind her boyfriend staring at her with his jaw dropped. Shaking his head, Spike started grinning. If he didn’t know before, he’d know it now. Pansy Parkinson was not to be messed about with.
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