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Fandom Dawning

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Summary: Multiple fandoms, multiple Dawn. Written for tth100_2. Mostly Dawn/Draco (Writing Slythering House for crossovers100)

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsCalexFR1869,4600115,16825 Nov 0523 Jun 06No

Shades of Grey (3/?)

Title: Shades of Grey (3/?)

Author: Calex

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine. Joss’s and JKR’s.

Crossover: Harry Potter (Slytherin House) with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Dawn)

Notes: For crossovers100  (prompt: friends) and tth100_2 (prompt: choices)


She still came to see him regularly, despite her blow up at him when he woke up. He found himself pondering on the mystery that was Dawn Summers as she kept on coming, usually sitting with him while he slept the day away reading some kind of book or other. Sometimes he’d be awake, but he’d pretend at sleep while he felt those hesitant, feather-like touches that traced his features, touched his hair. She would sit leaning on his bed, chin propped up on her hands and watch him when she thought he was unaware, and he always made sure to keep his breathing level and steady.


He found that Rupert Giles, Dawn’s sister’s Watcher, was now the Head of the Watcher’s Council, which was why they were once again in England. Found out that the Watcher’s Council had had prior knowledge of the Wizarding world and were keeping an eye on things. He found out that they knew about the threat of Voldemort, but kept away from Wizarding business, as long as muggles were left unharmed, knew how they prepared themselves to help in the war.


He learnt that he was in a school of training of some sort, for the Slayers. There were multiple, now, not the One girl in all the world that he had learnt about in school, the one he’d thought to be a myth. He was in a large manor home filled with super powered teenaged girls, witches, demons, a bleached blond souled vampire, several Watchers… and a few seers. It was the seers that had prompted them to his existence, and he found out from Dawn how one of the seers had received a vision of him in the woods, and that was why they came. They knew of his family before, from Rupert Giles’ further research into the Wizarding World and Voldemort’s alleged supporters.


He saw only Dawn, who always stayed by him, a muggle doctor and two Wiccan Healers who helped him with their magic. It was a lonely existence, but then again when had he ever truly been part of a group? With a group, certainly, but not really part of anything. It was that damnable Malfoy pride, again. They had wanted him to think that he was better than everyone else, that he was above everyone. How could anyone ever make friends if he thought that those friends were beneath him? And as useful as minions were, they were ever so tiring.


Salazar, he was tired. Oh so tired. The aches healed slowly, but he still had memories. They couldn’t take that away from him and in some ways, he didn’t want them to. He wanted to keep the memories, no matter how painful they were, wanted to keep them as reminders, to keep them so that he never fell back to what he was before.


They never spoke, though. Not since that day. They sat quietly in the same confined space, but never spoke so while he learnt new things there were always other things that he could have learnt, other things that could’ve been useful… only the two of them just wouldn’t open their mouths and give in. And sometimes he found himself wanting to, desperately. He was ever so curious about these people, what they do. What they’d done. It was something to say that your daily work was to save people. That they fought the forces of darkness and for several years they had prevailed. Not to say that they didn’t have casualties, because they did. Only that despite those casualties, they had gone on and they fought. He wanted to know why. Why would they when they had lost so much to a cause that they never had a choice about.


It could be plain curiosity, it could be that he was looking for some answers about what he could do in the future, in the face of his rebellion against the path that had been set for him. So he should ask, should gather intelligence…


Dawn entered the room, holding another book. Two, actually. She sat in her usual chair and tossed one of the books on the bedside table next to him. Then she opened her book and started to read. Draco just blinked. Then he looked down. He gingerly picked it up, opened to the first page. Blinked when he saw the title. It was another Watcher’s Diary but… it wasn’t Buffy’s. It was for a Slayer named Faith. A Faith that had been mentioned in the diary he had been reading before. Blinking again, he looked up to find Dawn watching him with an inscrutable look on her face.


“What – ” he stopped. Licked his lips feeling his throat suddenly dry. “What’s this?”


“Another Watcher’s Diary. I’d figured you’d finished the other one.”


“I have but… Faith?”


“You read about her,” Dawn said, unnecessarily. At his exasperated look, a reluctant grin curved her lips. “Thought you two might have a little something in common instead of you and my sister the hero. That would be Harry, right? Your archenemy or whatever.”


“Yes,” he agreed, voice suddenly soft. “I suppose Scarhead would have more in common with the girl who died twice.”


“The girl-who-died-twice and the boy-who-lived,” the grin quirked at her lips again. “Picture the headlines now.” Draco just snorted, but his eyes went back to the diary, made no move to pick it up. Dawn just sighed. “Look, I just thought… it might be, you know, useful or something.”


“Useful?” he asked, quietly. “Useful for what, exactly?”


“I don’t know?” she shrugged, helplessly. “It seemed to make sense in my head before. Faith… she’s been through a hell of a lot. Some good, a hell of a lot of it was bad. Really bad. But we always remind ourselves that it wasn’t all bad, you know?”


He looked at her again, trying to gouged what she was thinking. Her face revealed nothing, just a blankness. Sighing, he picked up the book, ran his fingers over the pages. The Dark Slayer, as she was known. The same Dark Slayer that he knew was in Cleveland, guarding the new Hellmouth. The same Dark Slayer that was looking for redemption for all the bad that she had done. His lips quirked. Made sense, indeed. So he looked up at Dawn, nodded to her.


“Thank you.”


She looked taken aback, like she hadn’t expected that. But then she smiled at him and… well. That smile had such lightness to it. It was so genuine. No one had ever really smiled at him with any truth, before. It was the Malfoy-ness to his nature, and the natures of all the other Slytherins. He was to be coddled, the possible next right hand man to the Dark Lord, if his father had his way. He had fans, minions. The word “friends” never came into the equation and yet because he had thanked her, Dawn smiled at him like, dare he even think it, a friend might. Hesitantly, he smiled at her as well. A genuine smile. That only made her own smile widen.


“People always have a choice,” she reminded him, gently. “Sometimes they don’t know what it is until later, or sometimes it doesn’t seem like it at all. But people always have a choice.”


“Are you going to help me find mine?”


“If we can.” She shrugged, easily. “The way we figure it, there has to be a reason why there was that vision of you. If you were the run of the mill baddie, you’d have died, but for some reason the PTB wants you ass saved. So there’s a higher purpose for you, Draco Malfoy and if there’s something all of us know is that you can’t run away from that higher purpose. You’ve had a taste of one of your choices. I guess this is another one of ‘em.”


“Fighting for the side of the light?”


“Maybe.” She sighed. Covered his hand with hers. “It’s not going to be easy.”


“It never is,” he agreed, quietly. His hand turned, under hers. To his surprise, he slid his fingers between hers, clasped her hand. It was delicate against his, long and elegant. He brought their entwined hands up, saw the smudges of ink. He smiled at that. Then his face grew sober once more. “I can’t go back.”


“Not to them,” she shook her head. “Not to there, yet. But you might, one day.”


“So what am I to do until then, Miss Summers?”


“I don’t know,” she smiled, teasingly. “Be my slave, help me feed an army of Slayers in Training, research the next apocalypse…” His nails dug into her palm slightly at that, and she laughed. “Why don’t you heal up first and then we make plans?”


“That seems to be the best course of action,” he said, gravely. But he was smiling as he said it, a smile that for once reached his eyes.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Fandom Dawning" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jun 06.

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