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When The Moon Calls Your Heart

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Summary: Sirius Black as met his match with Remus sister?

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sirius BlackStrikerFR1563,091036,40025 Nov 059 Dec 05No

Chapter 1: The Train ride and Wolfie's temper

Chapter 1: The Train Ride and Wolfie's temper

Everyone was rushing to Kings Cross Station to catch the Hogwarts Express. Lilly and James came as did Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black. Being the charmer that Sirius was, he was not going to let Willow go without her first seeing what he can do. In another words, Sirius liked Remus's baby sister, but she some how was not falling for his charms.

They all sat together on the train and poor Willow was forced to sit by Sirius. "Well Luv, looks will be seeing more of one another." Sirius said as he let his hand slidee to Willow's knee to pat it. Willow's eyes changed to Silver and she let a wolf growl deep in her throat. "Put your hand any where else on my person Black, and the school nurse will have to give yoou Skel-Gro for sadi hand! Are we clear?" Willow said with a serious tone to her voice.

When the train came to the station, the students starteed to get off. Then second year students helped the first years gett off the train. "Ferst years, o'ver 'ere!" A big gruff voice said. Willow turned around came face to face with a half giant. "Aiden, now stay with Hagrid and listen to what he says. I'll see you after you are sorted." Remus said as he gave Willow a hug and turned to go with the second years.

Sirius made it point to walk up to Willow. "Well Luv, this is where we part company, for now!" Sirius said as he took Willow in his arms, spun her around, dipped her, and then kissed her on the lips. When they came up for air, Willow's had gone Silver again. She took out her wand. "Experillumous!" Willow shouted. "Do that again Siruis and your balls will be on display." Willow sadi as walked away with the first years. Sirius had been shot through the air and landed at his friends feet. He got to his feet with evil grin on his face. "WOW! That's my kind of Woman!" Sirius said. This was most defently be his year.
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