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When The Moon Calls Your Heart

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Summary: Sirius Black as met his match with Remus sister?

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sirius BlackStrikerFR1563,091036,40025 Nov 059 Dec 05No

Chapter 5: Wolfie and the Marauders get even

Chapter 5: Wolfie and the Marauders get even

It 2 long months since Willow had been sent to the Hospital wing to recover from her Quidditch game accident. Severus Snape had become best friends with Willow and hated to see her hurt. The day of the Quidditch game when Willow fell off her broom by being hit by a blugger. He, like Sirius, believed that she was dead. He was relifed to see her move. The night that Sirius and Willow had told each other that they loved one another, Severus had showed up after Sirius had lefted. Severus had told Willow that he nearly killed Edward Flint for the studip trick that he pulled. Willow had convinced Sly as she called Severus, that killing wouldn't nescerary. Severus agreed to let her and the boys could handle it.

Now Willow stood in front of the doors to the Great Hall. As the doors opened, the murmer among the house tables stopped. It was dead silence. You could hear a pin drop around the room. As Willow started to walk in, the Gyffindor table stood and clapped and whistled, the Slytherin table, then Ravenclaw, and the Hufflepuff. Edward Flint was shocked that she was still alive. As Willow walked to her seat beside Sirius and the rest of the guys, she noticed the death looks that Gilderoy Lockheart was giving Edward. "Well Gilderoy, I think I know paid Edward to cause my accident." Willow thought.

Not 2 minutes after she said hello to her friends and brother, she sat beside Sirius and gave him a kiss. When she sat down, there was a loud scream form the Slytherin table. "SPIDERS,SPIDERS, I HATE SPIDERS! GET THEM AWAY FROM ME! UHHHHH, THERE IN MY HAIR! GET THEM OUT, GET THEM AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEE.......!" Edward screamed as ran out of the Great Hall yelling like a Banchie. Everyone was laughing so hard that they tears in their eyes and stitches in their sides. Willow looked at the Slytherin table to see every one of Edwards house mates laughing. Severus was laughing so hard, he had his left arm on the table with his head on top of it with right hand bang on the table.

Willow looked at Sirius. "So luv, you wouldn't know anything thing about that?" Willow asked snikering as she asked. "Well Silver, it seems that a bunch of Spiders became attracted to Edward all on their own." Sirius said with a calm expression. When Willow saw that she couldn't keep a straight face. While all the laughing was going on, Gilderoy Lockheart managed to sneek out with out being noticed. "You guys that was just plain mean." Willow said trying to keep a straight face. "That was bloody funny." Willow said as she burst out laughing again.

Willow and the guys got up and turned to leave. "I have to go back to common room to get my book bag." Willow said as kissed Sirius goodbye. "I'll meet at our first class." Willow said as she walked toward the Common room. But half away from the guys, Willow was grabbed from behind. "Well I guess if want something done right you have to do it yourself." Willow's attacker said in her ear. Willow knew the guys weren't very far away. Willow did the only thing she knew. Willow let out a big scream. Not far away the stopped and turned. They all looked a one another. "Willow." They said in unison as the took off to help Willow. Sirius looked at Remus. The guys ahd mange to stop to pick up where she may be. Sirius sat on the window sil. "If anything happenes to her Remus, I'll never," Sirius said as jumped off the window sil an staggered, "I'll never forgive myself." As Sirus fell to the floor and began to sob with all his heart. Some how he couldn't loose Willow he just couldn't.

The End?

You have reached the end of "When The Moon Calls Your Heart" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Dec 05.

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