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Summary: As Buffy is working as a waitress in Los Angles, she is kidnapped for as a sacrifice

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Literature > HorrorOwenFR1316,576072,23525 Nov 0525 Nov 05Yes
Author: Owen R Waldron



Summary: As Buffy is working as a waitress in Los Angles, she is kidnapped for as a sacrifice.

Copyrighted: November 2005

Category: Crossover

Ratings: 12A

Spoilers: Buffy Season 2 Episode 22: Becoming Part II/3 Episode 1: Anne

Keywords: Buffy/Bureau 13

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: All rights and properties owned by Joss Whedon, Warner Bros. and Mutant Enemy, etc.

Bureau 13: All creative rights and ownership belong to Nick Pollotta

Any character whose names and descriptions are used are the property of their original owners, and no copy right infringement is intended or meant.

No money can be made from this story. It can be distributed freely so long as it is kept in its entirety, with all notices and copyright information intact


In Generation there is the Chosen One

She alone will stand against the Vampires the demons

She is the Slayer

Excerpt from the first line of the Vampire Slayer Manual


Chapter One

23:00, 10th July 1998

Los Angles, California

Buffy walked out of the staff room at Denys’s Café, where she was currently working slipping her jacket on over her waitress uniform, nodding to Deny who was finishing cashing up.

”See you tomorrow Anne.” Deny stated not looking up.

“Right.” Buffy commented.

Buffy having left Sunnydale after sending Angel to hell, getting her friends & Watcher seriously hurt, being expelled from school & her mother throwing her out of the house after learning that her daughter was a Vampire Slayer. While Buffy knew she couldn’t avoid Sunnydale forever, she just knew she need sometime away to deal with everything that had happened in the last year, or she would flip out & lose it & get someone hurt or killed, & she couldn’t have handle that on top of everything last year. So living under the name Anne she was working in LA for the Summer, while trying to deal with everything that had happened & trying to decide what do to about Sunnydale.

As Buffy walked down the street from the café to the small dingy apartment she was currently renting, she didn’t notice two men getting out of a black van & before Buffy knew what was happening, she felt a pinch at the back of neck. Spinning round to see what it was she found the two men standing there, one of the holding an empty syringe.

“What’s going-“ Buffy begun to demand but before she could finish her vision blurred & she feel unconscious.

The two men smiled grabbing Buffy’s limp body between them & carried her over to the waiting van, where another man stood with the side door open, the two men threw Buffy’s body. It landed besides the bodies of three other teenage girls, all of who were all unconscious at the moment as the three men climbed into the front of the van.

“Well they should be enough along with the others we already have.” The first man commented.

“Agreed.” The second replied. “With the other 9 girls, there will be enough sacrifices for tonight.”

* * *

Unseen to the kidnappers or Buffy was the two women parked in a black car just down the street, that pulled off following the van. The two women were Patricia Ritter a wizard/True Healer & Julia Thorpe an empath, both of whom were members of the Bureau 13’s Angels, Bureau 13 was a cover division of the Justice Department whose agents operated as FBI agents, these agents were trained to deal with supernatural threat & operated independently across America, with the Angels operating most of the time in California.

The Angels were currently spread across LA looking into the disappearance of 9 girls, both Pat & Julia now believed they had a lead with the kidnapping of Buffy.

“Did you read their auras?” Pat asked Julia as she was driving the car.

“Yes, both of them have black aura with a mixture of light green, probably apprentices to a master wizard.” Julia replied removing her Bureau issue sunglasses that allow the wearers to read a person Kirlian aura. “But the girl is the interesting one.”

“What do you mean?” Pat asked as the van turned right with her following.

“Her aura is a mixture of greys & green, they have not got themselves a total innocent.” Julia replied.

“Wonder who she is.” Pat commented. “Contact Ryan & the others, I think we have ourselves a lead.”

“Agreed.” Julia replied activating her Bureau issue watch. “This is Angels 4 to Angels 1, come in Angels 1.”

“This is Angels 1, go ahead Angels 4.” Ryan Williams ex-navy SEAL & team leader of the Angel replied.

“We have a lead on the kidnappers, three men with black aura with touches of light green, just kidnapped a girl off the street.” Julia replied.

“You are following I presume?” Ryan asked.

“Yes sir.” Julia replied. “Will contact when we stop.”

“We will be waiting your contact.” Ryan answered signing off.

* * *

As Buffy felt herself coming too, she found her arms were bound behind her back, as she opened her eyes her vision was blurred, but as it begun to clear. Buffy found herself, sitting against a wall with 12 other girls all of who were tied up, all of the other girls were still unconscious, looking around her Buffy saw that they were in what looked like a warehouse, & that there were 7 men dressed in robes.

As Buffy observed the men Buffy realised they were preparing for some sort of magic ritual, & given that she & 12 other girls were all tied up & the rest of them were unconscious that they were all some sort of sacrifices.

Buffy figuring she wasn’t ready to be sacrificed nor allow the other girls either, she was going to have to do something about escaping & freeing the girls.

‘Wait.’ A woman voice said in her head.

“What?” Buffy asked.

‘Do not do anything, we are preparing to strike.’ The woman replied in her mind.

“Who said that?” Buffy asked.

‘I am a telepath, & I am broadcasting to you in your mind, don’t react or someone will wonder what is going.’ The woman stated.

‘Who are you?’ Buffy thought.

‘We are friends & we are preparing to get you & the others out.’ The woman stated.

‘You can’t know what you are getting into.’ Buffy stated. ‘If you try to interfere you could be hurt or one of these girls, stay out of this I will try & stop this.’

‘We know what we are doing, the Angels are used to dealing with magic.’ The woman stated in Buffy’s mind.

‘Well sorry I don’t know you, so I will do this myself.’ Buffy stated mentally.

‘Give us a few minutes & we can help.’ The woman stated.

‘You Have to Until I Get Loose of these Bindings.’ Buffy snapped.

Buffy started struggling against the bindings, it turned out the men had only tied her up with rope, so Buffy didn’t have a problem loosening the ropes around her hands. Looking around her Buffy was checking to see how the other girls were, but found them all to still be unconscious, as the ropes around her wrist fell to the ground.

Buffy moaned out loud as if to feign consciousness.

“Go check on that.” The Master Black Wizard stated to an apprentice.

As the apprentice made her way to Buffy.

‘If you can hear me, I am striking within a few minutes.

* * *

Outside of the warehouse the Angels were all sat in the back of a van, telepath Elizabeth Winter for the team who had just been communicating with Buffy sighed hearing the last message.

“Ryan we have to act fast.” Elizabeth stated.

“What is going on?” Ryan asked.

“The girl I have been communicating with, she is about to strike against the wizards.” Elizabeth answered.

“Damn.” Ryan stated. “Can’t you get her under your control.”

“No she has a block against telepathic control, but from what I can see it is not natural.” Elizabeth answered.

“Right then, we better get in there to keep her & the other girls safe alive.” Ryan stated.

The rest of the Angels nodded grabbing their preferred weapons, moved quickly out of the van & moved in a quick formation towards the only entrance to the warehouse. The team surrounded the door each of them checking their weapons before nodding to Ryan who stepped in front of the door & kicked it in before charging in with an Atchison modified 12 gauge shotgun.

* * *

Buffy waited until the apprentice was about the lean over her, Buffy swept her left leg out knocking the apprentice off his feet, as the apprentice was shocked to fall on his butt. Buffy struck out with her left fist winding the apprentice, before being careful to knock the apprentice unconscious.

Quietly searching the apprentice’s robe taking away the wizard’s staff, & a strange atheme sliding the staff behind the other girls. Buffy looked to see that none of the others had noticed her luckily, but before she could do anything else 8 heavily armed men & women barged into the warehouse, opening fire on the wizards.

Buffy had to figure that these were the group that the telepath belonged too, Buffy was actually happy to notice that their weapons had managed to kill three apprentices, before the rest were able to react.

Several of the remaining apprentices rushed towards her & the other girls, already having the wizard’s staff out. Buffy unsure what else she could do waited until they were in reach of her, Buffy grabbed forward grabbing both of the apprentices robes, pulling them both forward slamming her elbows into their faces knocking the apprentices unconscious, before either of the apprentices knew what was happening.

As Buffy looked up she saw the others had managed to handle the remaining apprentices, leaving the Master Wizard on his own, who when realising he was out-numbered & out-gunned disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Buffy shaking her head stood up keeping the atheme she had retrieved in her right hand, & she turned to the others who were standing together.

“So who is the telepath?” Buffy asked neutrally.

“I am.” Elizabeth stated.

“You seem to be able to handle yourself ok.” Ryan stated. “My name is Ryan Williams, & this is my team the Angels.”

“Well thank you for the help.” Buffy replied smiling. “My name is Anne.”

“You seem to know what you are doing.” Ryan commented. “You were lucky they didn’t kill you.”

“I can handle myself thanks.” Buffy stated. “So what did these wizards want with us?”

“Wizards?” Ryan asked.

“Come on the robes, the staffs, this is obvious magic given that I reckon the me & the girls were sacrifices I would guess it was black magic.” Buffy commented.

“You don’t seem surprised.” Julia commented.

“Not really I was involved in hunting vampires for two & half years.” Buffy commented.

“Hunting vampires where?” Ryan asked surprised.

“Small town south of LA here named Sunnydale.” Buffy answered. “So what are you guys, you seem pretty well armed for hunters, I mean wizard’s apprentices I would reckon would have good protection against normal ammo.”

“That can be answered later, first we need to make sure these girls are well & get them back to proper authorities that can help them.” Ryan stated.

“Sure then I will be going then.” Buffy stated.

* * *

It was late afternoon the next day, as Buffy made her way towards Denys’s Café for work, she had called in first thing this morning excusing herself claiming to have a doctor’s appointment. Buffy had managed to slip away from the Angels last night, as they were checking on the other girls, Buffy preferred to remain anonymous as much as she could, as she remembered the police had wanted to talk to her before she left Sunnydale concerning a murder.

Entering the Café she made to move to the staff room, when Ryan & one of the women from last night stepped into her path.

“Good afternoon Anne.” Ryan said smiling. “Or would you rather I call you Buffy, I believe that is your preferred name Miss Summers.”

“What do you want I have to get to work.” Buffy stated.

“As you didn’t give us a chance to explain last night, the Angels work for a covert division of the Justice Department.” Ryan stated as he pulled out his FBI packet.

“Are you telling me that the government knows about the supernatural?” Buffy asked.

“Yes but we would rather not go into detail here.” The woman Patricia ‘Ritter’ replied.

“So what do you want with me?” Buffy asked.

“We need you to come with us & answer some questions.” Ryan answered.

“Fine I need to excuse myself with my boss.” Buffy stated.

“That is already taken care of.” Pat replied indicating to Deny who was talking to several suits. “He does not have any of the proper paperwork for any of his employees, & the conditions here are not good, no there is to be an investigation into it.”

“SO you have cost me my job?” Buffy cursed.


Chapter Two

Ryan led Buffy into the conference room inside the Angels base of operations, they used & owned a brownstone especially converted for their team’s use, the ground floor was basic office, kitchen & conference room. Next floor contained bedrooms for all 8 members of the team, & the top floor the most secure floor of the house contained armoury, & magical equipment.

“Miss Summers please take a seat.” Ryan said indicating to the table where the other members of the team were sat. “May I introduce the Angels, Patricia Ritter a True Healer, Julia Thorpe an Empath, Sara Taylor & Rachel Ryan both of whom are wizards, Father William Trent, Elizabeth & Laura Winters our twins Elizabeth is our telepath & Laura is a telekinetic & I am Ryan Williams team leader & former Navy SEAL.”

“Nice to meet you all.” Buffy answered. “So why am I here?”

“Well we wanted to talk about last night with you.” Julia replied.

“What about last night?” Buffy asked.

“Well lets start with the fact, you weren’t surprised with the actions of last night including the use of magic.” Rachel commented. “Used by myself, Sara or the black wizards.”

“Well it is not the first time I have seen magic or it’s effects.” Buffy stated.

“Yes as you claim to have been hunting vampires for 2 & half years.” Ryan commented. “In a small town called Sunnydale, yet none of our detectors can detect anything, there seemed to be something blocking our scanners to get a solid reading.”

“That would probably be the hellmouth.” Buffy commented.

“Hellmouth, are you telling me there is a hellmouth under Sunnydale?” Father Michael Trent asked.

“The original Spanish Settlers called Sunnydale ‘Boca de Inferno’.” Buffy commented.

“Mouth of Hell.” Rachel replied. “That would explain why the Kirlian detectors couldn’t get a reading on Sunnydale.”

“Yes but it doesn’t tell how you are involved with vampires.” Ryan commented. “According to your files until 2 years ago you lived here in LA with your mother, father & sister, responably nice life a cheerleader in fact until you started getting into trouble, skipping school, causing fights which resulted in you burning down your school gym.”

“That is true.” Buffy commented.

“But what changed for you, why did you cause the trouble?” Ryan asked.

“Vampire Master named Lothos, he was controlling the vampire population & hunting me.” Buffy answered. “The night I burnt down the school gym, was the night of the last battle against Lothos, I burnt down the gym to destroy the remains of Lothos, his army of vampires & the students that had been attack. I didn’t want to risk them rising.”

“Sensible I suppose if it is true.” Ryan stated. “But why where you fighting vampires, & why where vampires hunting you?”

“Destiny.” Buffy replied. “I am the Vampire Slayer.”

“Watcher’s Council’s pet.” Sara Taylor commented.

“I wouldn’t say I am there pet, I am not the type just to do what they want.” Buffy stated.

“So apart from killing Lothos done anything interesting two years ago?” Ryan asked.

“Stopped 4 apocalypses, defeated the Master of the Order of Aurelias, stopped the Judge, Acathla, sent Angelus to hell.” Buffy stated.

“4 apocalypse?” Father Trent asked seriously.

“Moloch the Corrupter had infect the internet 18 months ago, he could have launched nuclear missiles, when I defeat the Master he had opened the hellmouth.” Buffy replied. “Then the Judge, & I stopped Acathla from sucking the world in hell.”

“Who or what is the Judge?” Julia asked.

“2nd circle demon that could kill humans by look or touch, it took an army to take him down thousands of years ago.” Father Trent answered. “It is said ‘No Weapon Forged’ could destroy him, the army ended up cutting up the Judge boxing him up, & had him shipped to the corners of the world. So how did you defeat the Judge, I doubt you lead an army.”

“Nope we used a rocket launcher to destroy him.” Buffy stated.

“Where the hell did a school student get hold of a rocket launcher?” Ryan demanded.

“Last Halloween a Chaos mage, opened a costume shop where most kids brought there costumes for Halloween.” Buffy replied. “The Chaos mage then invoked Janus changing the costumes into reality, my friend happened to be dressed as a soldier that night having brought a toy gun from the shop, so he had became the soldier for the night. After that night my friend remembered the soldier memories & skills, he used that to sneak into the Sunnydale Armoury, to borrow Rocket Launcher.”

* * *

Bureau 13 Headquarters, Location Unknown

Horace Gordon was sat in his office, reading a report sent to him from Edward Alvarez, concerning the latest mission Tunafish had completed, stopping a vampire taking over & turning an entire small town.

When his communications console activate & Ryan Williams holographic image appeared.

“Ryan what can I do for you, I am still expecting a report from last night.” Horace commented sipping a cup of coffee.

“I think we may have a new recruit.” Ryan commented.

“What level of exposure?” Horace asked.

“She was one of the hostages & helped take down three apprentices without killing them.” Ryan answered.

“How badly hurt was she?” Horace asked.

“No injuries to herself.” Ryan replied. “She played dummy taking down the first & took down the other two as we attack the rest of the apprentices.”

“Ok so she sounds like a good recruit what is her background?” Horace asked.

“She has been battling vampires for 2 & half years sir.” Ryan replied. “& according to her, had a hand in stopping 4 apocalypse attempts.”

“Who was she working for & how old?” Horace asked.

“She is currently in high school sir.” Ryan answered. “& her juvenile record is colourful, but she claims it was all vampire or demon related, which it could be.”

“Are you telling me a high school girl has stopped 4 apocalypses?” Horace asked & Ryan nodded. “What is she Ryan?”

“Vampire Slayer sir.” Ryan answered.

“Watcher’s Council?” Horace asked & Ryan nodded. “Bring her to Bangor Maine, I want to talk to her in person before I decide anything, also what is her name.”

“Elizabeth Anne Summers, prefers the name Buffy.” Ryan replied signing off.

Horace took a moment to gather his thoughts before accessing the communication console to contact his opposite number at The Farm, the British paranormal group.

Within moments Lord Reginald Smythe appeared on-screen current Director of Operations for The Farm.

“Horace old chap, what can The Farm do for Bureau 13 this morning?” Reginald asked.

“All the information The Farm has on the Watcher’s Council including all current assets in the USA, & the file on their current active Slayer, I believe her name is Elizabeth Summers.” Horace replied.

“I will do what I can.” Reginald replied. “I should have the files within a couple of hours.”

“Thank you Reginald.” Horace replied hanging up.

* * *

Los Angles, California

Back at the Angels base of operations, the Angels minus Ryan were talking with Buffy about they had all seen since hunting demons & vampires, but the one thing that interested Buffy was learning more about this Bureau 13.

“So someone care to tell me more about Bureau 13?” Buffy asked with a lull in the conversation.

“What do you want to know?” Sara asked.

“Well how did you all end up working for it?” Buffy asked.

“Most of us were encountered through a supernatural encounter, & from there recruited.” Pat replied. “Myself I was in San Francisco for the last big quake, which was caused by a mutant spider I was working as a paramedic at the time, when my healing gift became apparent.”

“So does everyone you encounter get recruited?” Buffy asked slightly nervous.

“No not everyone is suitable for our line of work.” Julia replied. “But there are some we use to watch for supernatural activity, not all Bureau 13 agents are active in the battles against the darkness.”

“Well I suppose that is understandable.” Buffy replied.

Ryan smiled entering the room.

“How it go?” Father Trent asked him.

“Our superior has requested that we take you in for a de-briefing Miss Summers.” Ryan stated.

“Take me in where?” Buffy asked seriously.

“Bangor Maine, our training containment facility.” Ryan stated.

“What do you mean containment?” Buffy asked.

“There are creatures that are too dangerous for normal jails, or that unkillable.” Ryan replied.

“So where is this facility?” Buffy asked.

“We have it contained in a pocket dimension, along with the facility we use to train Bureau 13 agents.” Ryan stated.

“So your boss wants me to come to this facility?” Buffy asked.

“Yes Director Gordon wishes to de-brief you in person.” Ryan answered.

“What if I don’t want to come?” Buffy asked.

“Director Gordon was rather insistent, this is nothing more than a formal de-briefing after that you will be welcome to leave.” Ryan stated.

“Fine but if you try anything I will kick my way out beating anyone who gets in my way.” Buffy stated.

* * *

Bangor Maine Facility, Pocket Dimension

Buffy was sat in the back of what looked like a family transport, but had been specially converted with armoured glass, reinforced shell, armoured tyres, armed with rocket launchers, & mini machine gun.

The van drove into the facility, with what looked like a town with shops & houses.

“This is your containment facility.” Buffy asked surprised.

“No the warehouse on the hill, contains the entrance to the underground containment facility, you won’t be going into there no one aside from activity agents, & researchers enter without being taken to the fire pit in the centre of hell.” Ryan stated. “The rest of this facility is assigned for training Bureau 13 agents, providing housing for the training facility staff, our research staff & all trainees, providing shopping & entertainment facility.”

“Nice.” Buffy commented. “Where are we going?”

“Administration building, Director Gordon has a conference room for things like this.” Pat replied.

“Right then.” Buffy replied.

Within moments Laura Winters pulled the car up outside of an office building, the Angels climbed out of the car with Buffy walking between them as they walked into the building, nodding to several plain clothed officer visible & not visible around the room. Buffy senses were going wild feeling so many different things scattered around the room, she could feel the magical signatures & non human beings hidden from sight, & she begun to realise there were many defence scattered around the room.

Julia nodded & felt Buffy looking around.

“Your sensing it aren’t you?” Julia asked & Buffy nodded. “We need to protect our facilities, we aren’t willing to risk anyone attacking our people, there have been several escapes & we have lost a lot of agents through breakouts, also we don’t want to risk anyone getting close to hurting our agents.”

“Sensible enough, especially when you have your current director here.” Buffy replied.

“Very observenant.” Ryan commented. “Back in 1977 within the span of 4 hours, Bureau 13 lost 80% of all of our agents.”

“Who did it?” Buffy asked seriously.

“We don’t know, we have one of the Bureau’s best agent fully investigating it.” Ryan answered.

Buffy followed the Angels to the elevator, with them all in the elevator & it went upstairs stopping four floors up, stopping & everyone climbed out. Buffy saw a dozen green berets scattered throughout the corridor, & she sensed another half a dozen individuals invisible to the sight of the corridor, the Angels moved down the corridor with Buffy standing between them.

The group reached the end of the corridor stopping, when they reached the door to which two green berets opened the door from the inside of the room. Inside the room was a centre table at the end of the table sat a grey haired man, dressed in a suit with a silver wizard’s staff, he stood as the group entered the room.

“Thank you for coming Ryan.” Horace stated smiling to the Angels, before looking to smiling to Buffy. “Thank you for coming Miss Summers, I do appreciate you sparing sometime to talk to me.”

“I am happy to help sir.” Buffy replied seriously.

“Please take a seat.” Horace replied indicating to a chair on the table opposite him.

Buffy nodded sitting down.

“So what I can do for you?” Buffy asked.

“I would like the full details of your activities for since you begun hunting vampires, who involved you in hunting, who has hunted with you.” Horace stated. “Any other agency involved in this, & what demons, vampires & supernatural entities you have defeated.”

“I have no problem with this.” Buffy commented. “But apart from major threats I cannot give you full details on what I have faced, like how many vampires I have dusted in total something.”

“Not a problem I am not looking for total exact details.” Horace answered.

“Good.” Buffy answered.

* * *

Several hours later Buffy finished going over the details, of the end of the Angelus’s affair.

“That is all of it.” Buffy replied.

“What happened after you sent the vampire to hell?” Horace asked.

“I left Sunnydale, taking a job at Denys & stayed away from vampires & demons before, being kidnapped by the black wizards.” Buffy stated.

“You haven’t had the easiest of times have you.” Horace replied.

“I cannot say I have.” Buffy stated. “So what do you want to happen next?”

“I would like you to stay here for a few days, allow my people to fully de-brief you.” Horace replied. “They can get the full details, from you they will be able to get you remember details you haven’t thought of before.”

“Sounds sensible.” Buffy replied seriously.

“Good.” Horace replied. “I will have my people organise somewhere for you to stay.”

“May I ask a favour?” Buffy asked.

“What do you want?” Horace asked.

“My belongings retrieved from the flea pit apartment in LA.” Buffy answered. “There are things there I do not want to lose.”

“That can easily be done.” Horace replied.

“Thank you for your time sir.” Buffy answered standing.

“No Miss Summers, it is us that owe you a thank you.” Horace stated. “You are the one that fought against darkness without proper support for over 2 years.”

“Very good sir.” Buffy replied.

* * *

Horace exited the conference room nodding passing the soldiers, & moved into a second room with Ryan, Pat & Michael were waiting for him.

“So what do you think we should do?” Horace asked sitting at a table.

“Recruit her.” Ryan replied.

“I am not sure we can pull her out of Sunnydale, she will not want to leave her friends.” Michael stated.

“I agree.” Ryan replied. “But we can recruit her, to work in Sunnydale as an observer for us.”

“That could be done.” Horace commented. “We won’t be able to keep her from hunting, but we could use her to call in back-up when & if the situation gets close to becoming an apocalyptic event.”

“What do you think back-up should be?” Julia asked.

“I will have the two platoons of berets on standby for emergency operations.” Horace replied.

Ryan looked to Pat & Michael who both nodded.

“Sir we would like the Angels put at the top of that list.” Ryan stated.

“You are sure?” Horace asked seriously.

“Positive sir.” Ryan replied.

“Then you will be put on the list, for this action.” Horace answered. “I need for a full quiet investigation into Sunnydale, though Buffy didn’t say it I suspect half the officials including the school board & police department, know of the supernatural & demonic activity in Sunnydale & are actively involved in covering it up.”

“What do you want done sir?” Ryan asked.

“I want agents to investigate Sunnydale.” Horace stated. “I do not want to send a full team in though, it will attract too much attention, we do not want those we are investigating realising what we are up to yet.”

“Agreed sir.” Ryan stated.

* * *

Three days later Buffy having just finished a full de-briefing. with the Bureau 13 researchers & associates, she was currently just waiting smiling drinking a glass of soda as Ryan Williams & Horace Gordon entered the office.

“So you are happy with the reports I have given?” Buffy asked.

“Yes Miss Summers is very complete.” Horace replied. “We would like to make you an offer.”

“What offer?” Buffy asked seriously.

“We want to train you as an agent for Bureau 13.” Horace answered.

“What good would that do?” Buffy asked.

“It would give you the authority to so whatever is necessary, when keeping the world safe from demons etc.” Ryan replied.

“It would also give Bureau 13 full information on activities in Sunnydale which is technically under our protection, as Bureau 13 is meant to protect all of America from supernatural threats.” Horace stated.

“Understood, & I can understand your reasoning.” Buffy replied. “It could be useful, to make sure we have proper back-up in case something went wrong.”

“You would have the Angels & two platoons of Green Berets to back you up, in any situation when you cannot handle it on your own.” Horace replied.

“What if we all failed?” Buffy asked seriously.

“There would be a thermo-nuclear warhead, set-up to destroy Sunnydale destroying the threat.” Horace answered. “The warhead is specifically designed for this situation, it would destroy & close the hellmouth but it would only sink & effect the area of Sunnydale.”

“Sounds good.” Buffy replied. “How do I become an agent?”

“Six weeks of training here at this facility, will have you fully qualified as a Bureau 13 agent.” Horace answered.

“I am wanting to be back in Sunnydale, after the beginning of the school year, or as close as I an can get.” Buffy answered. “The Summer in Sunnydale going by last year may have been in a reasonably low, but after the start of the school year, I can’t guarantee my friends can cope alone.”

“It will be close, but I am willing to have a group of green berets move into Sunnydale starting now, & start a low key operation of dealing with threats, & keeping the population safe.” Horace stated. “They would be covert no attention & none of your friends would know.”

“I need time to think about this.” Buffy replied.


Chapter Three

10:00. 4th September 1998

‘Hell House’, Bangor Main Facility

Six weeks later Buffy stood outside the final exam, called by everyone inside Bureau 13 as the ‘Hell House’, all they knew that nothing inside the house was what it seemed & everything was a trap.

Buffy was teaming up with six other graduate from the Bureau 13 class, in which there were 13 other students, the other 6 were 3 wizards Claire Trent, Louise Reed, & James Stevens, 1 half blood feye named Xenati, & a pair of twins William & Wallace Jones.

In front of them stood Professor Burton, head of the Training Department of the Bangor Maine facility.

“Ok you 7 are to enter the house & find a blood red jewel stone.” Professor Burton stated.

“Sounds good.” Buffy commented seriously.

“Don’t get too over confident.” Professor Burton stated.

“I am not.” Buffy replied.

“Good then getting going.” Burton replied disappearing.

The 7 of them prepared her preferred weapons, with Buffy with the sword she gotten from the battle with Acathla, a modified Atchison 12 gauge shotgun, & glock .45 calibre pistol. Buffy had spent days being taught to use the guns, & while as a Slayer she could use any form of bladed, or crossbow, the skill didn’t transfer to modern weaponry. The others preferred their prefer weapons, including wizard’s staff, automatic weapons, blades, shields, & magical bracelets.

While Buffy had formed a close friendships with the rest of the team, she had grown closer with Xenati they were acting like brother & sister.

“You guys ready?” Buffy asked locking her shotgun.

“Yep.” Xenati answered drawing a pair of katanna & the others nodded.

William & Wallace with strength bracelets that increased the strength of the wielders by 10 fold, for up to 24 hours, they then kicked the door in on the house, de-activating the bracelets drawing automatic M60s. They stood guarding for any reactions through the house, as the rest of the team entered the house they then proceeded to open doors, checking into the rooms of lounge, dining room, kitchen, & Cupboard under the stairs.

Within the rooms they found & left multiple traps, avoiding several attacks by un-usual creatures, they were left with the ground floor of clues & traps, including a garbled message on the answering machine. They then stood in the centre of the hallway, all of them watching each other’s back.

“So do we go up or down?” James asked seriously.

“I suggest we lock down the basement & tackle upstairs first.” William commented.

“I agree.” Wallace replied.

“So how about everyone else?” Buffy asked.

“I say we take care of the basement first then deal with upstairs.” Louise replied. “That way we leave ourselves clear from an attack from beneath.”

“I agree.” Claire replied.

“So what do the rest of you say?” William asked seriously.

“Me I will agree with whatever the rest of you decide.” Buffy stated. “So that leaves Xenati with the decision to make.”

“Upstairs.” Xenati stated.

“Then we will seal the basement door.” Claire stated.

Claire & Louise moved over with their steel wizard’s staffs, securing the door from any form of exit & entry, before the team moved towards the stairs with Xenati leading the way. Half way up the stairs Xenati stopped with a false step, indicating to the step for the team they all clearly stepped over the step & reached the corridor at the top. The corridor contained doors & portals side by side, along both sides of the walls.

“Ok people lets do this one by one.” Buffy stated & the team nodded.

Systematically they opened doors along one side, on one occasion having to open the door opposite to allow a locomotive through, some door they found absolutely nothing behind. Some they found riddles & some they found creatures that were friendly & some that needed defeating. But it was the middle door to last door on the right hand side that was interesting, the door had been previously opened to allow the train through, but when opened again they found a statue with the required jewel hovering in the air.

“Score.” William said grabbing the statue.

As soon as the statue left the door frame, a dozen zombies appeared all around them.

“WILLIAM.” Buffy & Xenati screamed in frustration

* * *

Buffy along with the other six were sat in the conference room, they had successfully made their way out of the ‘Hell House’, defeating over 2 dozen zombies & were sat in conference room for de-briefing.

In the room as well the graduates was Ryan Williams, Horace Gordon, Joyce Burton, & Edward Alvarez as leader of Tunafish, they were here to de-brief the graduates & then see what the graduates want to do.

“Ok guys you were successful in passing through the ‘Hell House’.” Professor Burton stated.

“But?” Buffy asked.

“What makes you think there is a but?” Eddie asked seriously.

“From our understanding de-briefing are about praise & critics.” Xenati stated.

“Yes they are.” Horace stated.

“So what did we do wrong?” William asked.

“No I?” Ryan asked.

“I know what I did wrong on one occasion.” William replied. “But there is no I in team.”

“They finally learn it.” Ryan replied.

“So what do you think you did wrong?” Professor Burton asked William.

“I grabbed the statue, before checking there were any traps attached to it.” William replied.

“Yes that is agreed.” Horace replied.

“But even if you have allowed your wizards to check for any traps, the zombies would have appeared.” Eddie stated.

“Sometimes you have to know, that no matter what you do there will always be attacks.” Horace stated.

“Sometimes things can never be planned.” Buffy stated.

* * *

Two days later outside of the boarding house, where Buffy, Xenati, Claire, Louise, James, William & Wallace had been staying during the six weeks, the group of them were gathered along Joyce Burton & Horace Gordon.

“I am happy to present you with your official FBI ID packs.” Horace replied

Professor Burton passed out to Buffy, Claire, James, William & Wallace, Bureau 13 official kits these contained FBI ID packs, Bureau 13 ID cards, Comb Keys, Watches, Kirlian detector sun glasses, a pocket knife, & preferred weapons. Louise was going into the research department, therefore wouldn’t need an FBI or Bureau 13, but are issued with Bureau 13 cards to gain entry, to all Bureau 13 facility.

“You 7 will be great agents, no matter what you do whether you are in research, tactical, & or attack teams.” Joyce stated. “You will serve your Country & this Bureau, with honour & respect.”

The 7 members of the team cheered loudly & hugged, Joyce moved towards Buffy.

“The Director would like to talk to you Miss Summers about your employment & current records.” Professor Burton stated.

“Yes ma’am.” Buffy stated.

* * *

Buffy entered the conference room finding Horace Gordon, along with Ryan Williams, Eddie Alvarez, a soldier & a man in a suit waiting for her.

“Thank you for coming Miss Summers.” Horace said nodding indicating to the table opposite her.

“I now work for you Director Gordon.” Buffy replied. “Of course I will come when ask sir.”

“Miss Summers please Captain Mark Simms, in charge of the two Green Berets platoons, & Lord Richard Smythe Directors of Operations of The Farm, Great Britain’s version of Bureau 13.” Horace stated.

“Nice to meet you. gentlemen.” Buffy replied smiling.

“You as well Miss Summers.” Lord Smythe replied.

“So why are we all here?” Buffy asked seriously.

“Lord Smythe is here to pass you files on everything we know about current Watcher’s Council activities, & things that you will need to understand for this coming year.” Horace replied & Smythe passed the file across to Buffy. “The main thing I would be careful who you trust when you return to Sunnydale, there is a test employed by the Watcher’s Council to eliminate Slayers that are no longer under their control.”

“What is this test?” Buffy asked.

“Cruciamentum, strips a Slayer of everything that make her the Slayer, & forces her to face & attempt to defeat a Master Vampire.” Lord Smythe replied.

“What are the odds of a slayer like that defeating a Master?” Buffy asked seriously.

“4 out of 5 slayers don’t defeat the Masters, & those that do are killed mysteriously within a year.” Lord Smythe replied.

“So in other words you are telling me to watch my back, around Watchers.” Buffy stated.

“Yes.” Horace replied.

“Ok I will do.” Buffy replied. “So what can I do for you Captain?”

“Captain Mark Simms, will be in charge of the two platoons that will come to aid you concerning situations in Sunnydale.” Horace answered.

“Sounds good.” Buffy replied.



12:00, 20th September 1998

Sunnydale, California

Joyce was reaching under her sink, tightening the nuts around the pipes when she heard the front door bell ringing, putting her wrench down she moved out of the kitchen, through the hallway stopping at the door opening it.

Standing behind the front door was her eldest daughter, someone she had not seen since she chucked her out back in June.

“Buffy.” Joyce said in shock.

“Hi mum.” Buffy said smiling.

The End

The End

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