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21st Century Brat

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Summary: Lost on board Serenity, Willow finds her soul mate. Response to FFA#1957 (Willow/River) FEMMESLASH

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Firefly > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)DanKnightFR1511,529123,46825 Nov 0525 Nov 05Yes
Title: 21st Century Brat

Author: DanKnight (


Rating: PG-13 (sexual situations)

Pairing: River/ Willow.

Spoilers: Spoilers for Serenity as well as some minor post season-7 spoilers on Buffy.

Synopsis: Lost on board Serenity, Willow finds her soul mate.

Authors Note: Written for Twisting the Hellmouth’s Fic-For-All #1957

Disclaimer: The character of Willow belongs to Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon, FOX, UPN, WB, and whoever else is involved with Buffy, who’s name I forget. Bottom line, I don’t own her. The characters from Firefly belong to Joss Wheedon, Mutant Enemy, FOX Studios, The Fox network, and others who also aren’t me.

21st Century Brat

By DanKnight.

Willow awoke in her bed and slowly rolled over. As always she saw River lying next to her, the younger woman’s naked body barely concealed by the covers to the bed they shared. The brunette was already awake and had been propped up watching her lover sleep.

“Bout time you woke up sleepy head. I was fearful I would have to start again without you.” River said mischievously as she reached over and stroked the redheads cheek, causing a small shudder from Willow. An effect her intimate touches usually had on the older woman.

Willow wasn’t one to fall asleep after making love. It wasn’t something she had ever done before. But River wore her out every time. The girl was amazing.

Aside from the fact she never got tired, River knew tricks there was no way a woman with her limited experience should know. Willow assumed it had to be tied to her psychic abilities somehow. Maybe she had inadvertently read a bunch of people’s techniques over the years. Although Willow stopped that train of thought, she suddenly had images of her beloved River reading the crew’s dirty thoughts and decided never to dwell on that mystery again.

It had been six months since Willow was sent through the portal during what became her last battle for the Watchers. A portal that she realized sent her over 500 years into the future.

When she showed up in Serenity’s kitchen, during the crews meal time she instantly found a gun pulled on her by an idiotic thug she would later know as Jayne. Then she found herself held prisoner in one of the spare bunks. At the time it had angered the Wiccan, although in hindsight how could they have known that her crazy story was true?

It was River who convinced Mal that what the former Watcher was telling them all was true. She had learned from reading the witches mind and learning of her past filled with danger and things that go bump in the night. Even then the crew didn’t really believe River. Sure, they didn’t doubt her abilities but she was also only recently semi-sane. However, after a few magic tricks up close and personal everyone started to come around to buying into Willow’s story.

At first Willow tried to conjure another portal. But she quickly realized her magic wasn’t as strong anymore. Maybe it was because she was actually in another dimensions that she only thought was the future, maybe it was because she was so far away from the planet Earth. But whatever it was, Willow realized after a lot of trying in vain that she was no longer anywhere near powerful enough to send herself back home.

At first she had tried to find another way home. But the future turned out to be nothing like the movies. No teleporters, no space/time anomalies, and not a time machine in sight. Andrew would be so disappointed.

Still, despite the overwhelming odds Willow refused to give up and let go of the home she had once known. She convinced herself there had to be some way back to her own time. That there was something she hadn’t found.

But then, in her time looking, something else happened, the crew actually started warming up to her. Jayne thought her magic tricks were cool, Willow also had a feeling to her annoyance that the gruff mercenary found the fact she liked girl hot as well. Inara became entranced by her tales of Earth that was. Mal found that weaker or not there were definite advantages to having a Wiccan on board the ship, especially with the problems the Alliance now gave him. Simon appreciated having another intellectual on board for a change, even if her knowledge was a bit dated she picked up fast, and even Zoe had warmed up to her.

But most of all, Willow found herself becoming better and better friends with Kaylee and River. The two girls were thrilled to have another woman so close to their own age and the three of them had become almost inseparable in Willow’s short time with the crew.

It was during that time Willow started to notice River more. Maybe it was the fact she reminded Willow so much of a Slayer, maybe it was her heartfelt tragic past that made the romantic in Willow want to hold the younger woman and make the pain disappear, maybe it was simply loneliness from being so different from everyone else in this new time and place. Or maybe it had been because it had been a long time since Willow had gotten any and River was gorgeous and very, very flexible.

Whatever it was, as time went on Willow started to have less then pure thought about her younger friend. Thoughts that seemed to cross her mind more often every day. Looking back on it she realized that given River’s skills she had to have picked up on it all along. Maybe that was what caused River to start staring at Willow a little longer, giving her a little more attention, always standing a little closer, and becoming more protective of the redhead whenever she was in danger. Not to mention quicker to get Jayne to leave her alone when he started asking perverted questions about her past liaisons.

It was in that time Willow finally realized and accepted there was no way back home. Her powers were clearly gone and “Earth That Was” was no longer within reach, if it even her home 500 years ago. After all, she never would know if the portal from what seemed like a lifetime ago really had covered just time and not dimensions also. It was one of the many mysteries she had to leave behind.

It was the hardest thing Willow ever did, and in her life that was definitely saying something, but Willow excepted that she wasn’t going to be able to get back. She accepted that Serenity was her home now, that she would never see the scoobies or her family again and that she would never know what became of them. That was a harder reality to face then she ever dreamed it could be; but in accepting that reality Willow found peace and she finally left her past behind.

“What are you thinking of?” River asked her lover.

“You know what I’m thinking.” Willow said with a smile.

“I know, but I don’t think Kaylee would want to join in.” River answered seriously.

“Hey!” Willow exclaimed in shock and embarrassment, “I wasn’t thinking anything like…” Before she could finish protesting the brunette began giggling at her girlfriends freaked out reaction.

“You’re such a brat!” Willow said with a grin, realizing River had been messing with her.

“You really don’t miss them though? You’re friends that is?” River asked, now seriously referring to her earlier question.

“Sometimes I do.” Willow answered, “They were a part of my life. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be who I was now, hell I wouldn’t be here.” Willow explained as the brunette listened intently. “They were my family. I think they were closer to me then my own family in most ways”

“I wish I could have met them.” River answered.

“I wish you could have too. They would have all loved you.” The redhead answered back.

“But in a way I’m glad it happened. It brought me here, and I made a new family.” She continued to explain. “And if I hadn’t known them I wouldn’t be with you. And I would have missed out on something amazing then…”

“True, you never would have known the joy of Jane’s unique smell.” River said smiling.

“That...” Willow said as she rolled over on top of River with a smile, “Or of meeting the love of my life.” She said as she leaned in and kissed River, the younger woman wrapping her arms around her from underneath her. After what never seemed long enough they broke the kiss, although Willow did stay on top of her lover, enjoying the combination of being on top and still in her embrace.

”So… this mean we are going to go again?” River said with an eager smile.

”Again?” Willow said in mock protest, “I just recovered from the last time. I’m not a machine.” She said dramatically, although clearly not at all being serious.

“Well I could always… ooohhh” River’s mock threat of leaving the bed was interrupted as the redheads soft hands moved down and already began to do wonderful things to her body. Things the teenage girl never got tired of.

“But I think I can manage.” Willow smirked, enjoying her lover’s reaction as she leaned in to kiss River and prepared for more of the teenagers amazing lovemaking. She then stopped briefly right as River knew it was about to get really good.

“So really…” Willow asked, “You’re sure Kaylee wouldn’t want to join?” Willow smiled with a grin attempting to repay her lovers earlier teasing.

“You really are a brat.” River smiled.


The End

You have reached the end of "21st Century Brat". This story is complete.

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