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Shadow of Things to Come

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Diverging Paths". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Two men met and change their lives forever.

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CSI > CSI MiamiCaliadragonFR71728378,49525 Nov 0525 Nov 05Yes
Title: Shadows of Things to Come


Author: CaliaDragon


Fandom: Buffy/CSI: Miami


Rating: FRA


Warnings: Angst, Crossover, AU


Prompt # 020 Colourless


Pairing: 475 Xander / Horatio Cain (CSI Miami) for TTH


Summary: Two men grieve and find one another changing their lives for the better and in the long run saving the world.


Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine.


Feedback: On list or at


Archive: Any list I send it to, those with prior permission, Sylum Clan and Beyond Canon


Part 1/1




Two men, each alone and lost, stood feet away from one another watching the ocean and wondering who they were supposed to be.  They had both lost so much recently.  One was there to start a new life, while the other was trying to figure out where to go from this day forward. 



The dark-haired man was still a teenager, having just graduated from high school. He was on a road trip to get away from the pain and loss of the last year.  He and his friends had won the battle and barely won the war.  The young man couldn’t say why he was compelled to come here or even why he was standing on the beach looking at the ocean.  He just knew that this was where he needed to be. 



He looked to his left and started at the sight of the red-haired man standing alone on the beach not far from him.  Xander was awed; until that moment, everything in his life, even this beautiful scene was colorless and drab.  There was no color or purpose to his life.  Now, through this stranger, color had returned to his life. 



Unable to help himself, Xander walked to where the man stood.  “Hello,” Xander called softly.



The man turned to look at him and Xander was struck by the pain in the man’s blue eyes.  “Are you okay?” Xander asked gently.



Horatio looked at the boy and to his shock he answered. “No.  I’m not okay,” he said softly before collapsing in on himself in grief.  As the man fell to his knees, Xander caught him in his arms and let him cry.   Xander didn’t know what had caused the man’s grief or why he was falling apart, he just knew that he needed to help him. 



Xander had no idea how long he sat there crooning and rocking the man through his grief before the stranger stopped crying and straightened up.  When the red-head looked up at him, Xander smiled gently at him.  “Are you okay now?” he asked softly.  Horatio was struck by the boy’s kindness and nodded, slowly sitting up.  “What hurt you so bad?” Xander asked.



“Someone I love was shot today.  I nearly lost him and I …” Horatio’s words trailed away. 



“And you don’t know what to do now.” Xander said gently.  Horatio was startled again, but nodded.  “Does this person know that you love them?” Xander asked.



“No, I’ve never told him.” Horatio answered raggedly. 



“There you go, that’s what you do.  You go tell him that you love him and you beg him to start a life with you and when he says yes you never let him go,” Xander told him warmly, while reaching down to gently wipe the tears off the man’s face. 



“Who are you?” Horatio asked softly.



Xander smiled sadly. “Nobody.” The word held such conviction that it hurt Horatio to hear. 



“Come home with me,” Horatio said gently.  “I have a guest room and an empty house.”  



Xander looked at him in confusion and a touch hopefully.  “Really?” he asked. 



Horatio smiled, “Really.”  He stood, drawing the boy up with him.  “I’m Horatio Caine.”



“Xander Harris. Pleased to meet you Horatio.” Xander said with a shy smile.



“The pleasure is mine Xander,” Horatio told him with a smile of his own.  Neither man questioned the strangeness of their meeting or the way that their lives were changed. 



Down the beach, a man in a polyester suit and a fedora smiled crookedly.   At his side, a teenage boy grinned wickedly.  “So that’s the guy that is going to lead Xander to his real Dad?” Jesse asked Whistler as he turned to face the balance demon. 



“Yeah, the kid has a great future ahead of him.” Whistler said with a smile of his own.  He had always liked the brash young knight.  With this little bit of intervention Xander Harris would slip away from the Hellmouth for good.  Because of this, the true Slayer would be returned to Hellmouth when Buffy Summers died fighting Glory.  The First would never be able to come into this reality for good and the Slayer line would not be eradicated. 



The End…For Now


The End

You have reached the end of "Shadow of Things to Come". This story is complete.

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