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Summary: Buffy Summer finally has peace in her life, that is…until the man that would be her watcher tells her something that leads to a trip…to Hogwarts.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyelviFR1354,63634520,99326 Nov 0519 May 10No


Note1: Yes, it's another ‘a Scooby is adopted’ fic.
Note2: The first 5 chapters have been a little redone, in the hopes that a makeover will inspire me to continue.
Disclaimer: Nothing HP or BtVS belong to me.


Buffy Summers was tired in every sense of the word.

She had been out all night fighting various things that went bump in the night, and at one point, one very energetic owl. To top it off, when she got home, there had been a stack of bills and two piles of laundry waiting for her.

Her ceiling was currently a faded white, and her walls were a slightly depressing brand of wallpaper that was peeling at the corners. They had moved in several months ago, but they had all been so busy with their lives that no one had gotten around to redecorating.

They had all been so busy lately. Dawn had been busy going to college. Xander had been busy finding work. Willow and Giles had been busy seeing people and filling out paperwork. They had all been so busy going about their lives, that they had forgotten to live.

Buffy remembered the house she'd dreamed about living in. It had been large and clean and filled with laughter and love. This life she was in now was dull and gray and so routine and mundane.

But no more. Buffy sat up. Things were going to change.

She would get things in order.



The extinction of the majority of the watcher’s council had left Rupert Giles with a rather large sum of money. That, combined with the recent passing of both his father and his aunt on his mother’s side, made Rupert Giles a rich man. Not just a rich man, but a ridiculously rich man. He could now do and buy anything he ever fancied.

But Giles had no desire to use his wealth on petty things. He had no urge to go on a whirlwind spree of pampering himself or even the children he had in his care. He only saw one thing that he needed to do. The news of his sudden wealth left him with a difficult decision -whether or not to tell Buffy the truth.

More than twenty years ago, he had witnessed a tragic scene. He saw a beautiful healthy baby girl being taken away from her mother and father because they were too young to raise her as their own.

And about sixteen years later, he looked into the face of a girl that was the vampire slayer. And when he did, he knew that she was the girl that had been taken away from that couple so many years ago.

She was the baby that Lily Evans and James Potter had given up.

And he would tell her so.

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