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Hagrid - Fashion Superstar

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Summary: Our Outsized and Hirsute friend Hagrid has decided to fullfill his second greatest ambition... To make it in the fashion industry! Wiggle wiggle. Co-authored by my demented friend.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Theme: ComedyCassellalangtleFR1353,0310273127 Nov 0518 Jun 06No

Amusement in the Midst of Prose

Amusement in the Midst of Prose

Hermione disengaged moreover congested the oglers twofold and within en transmit pro downy the evolution of monocle crate the anomalous anthology of unproblematic scheduled the ear recitalists not via the elevation of this juncture double and subsequently departed previously deliberate pro a jiffy instant and shall during perpetuity hereafter.

“Ode in situate happy the shutters propinquity to a elevated dreary conventional individual.” alleged Harry, exposed of the cerulean mortal prevail in excess of through a impulsive urge to disintegrate at home to ode, “Thine visual viewers are as immature as a spanking new-fangled marinated toad, thine tresses is as hoary as a gre-ey panel. I inclination thou be quarry, thou art basically celestial, the sheep who is two times of a meagre stockpile.” Harry malformed in a mound winning his atypical thestral.

Hermione’s nostrils burst to the indicate of illusion, and Ron gave a standing ovation and whooped rumbustiously. In merriment of Harry’s phenomenal ode, three tall grey sheep emerged exposed of the firmament and commenced to approach to gusts in excess of whom the limerick was referring to. At that jiffy Ron clinched his oesophagus beneath the apprehension that he had been ungagged. Hermione glowered at this actuality and at that instant in a galaxy far, far away, the teletubbies came out to play. Harry and Hermione, realising that Ron was about to enumerate the intact episode, exhaled noisily and primed for the pits. Their red-headed comrade intook of inhalation at the paramount contemptible judgments that he be on proverbial provisos with were on the trot from last part to conclusion his acquaintances’ psyche and understood:

“PRO THE BE KEEN ON OF MERLIN’S FACIAL HAIR! I FALSE PIETY OBTAIN THIS TO ANY FURTHER EXTENT!” and commenced to blub, “I don’t covet to reiterate kit no more no more. I just want everbody to lurve me. So I won’t recur equipment. As a superior transaction. Fighting fit if you aphorism everything the foremost occasion ‘round I wouldn’t encompass to would I? Huh?huh?huh?”

At this summit assorted angels materialized upon the feathery nice-looking vapours and began to resonate the hallelujah chorus. HAAAALLELUJAH. HAAAAALELUJAH. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Halleheeeylujah.

Harry and Hermione at a snail's lick scuttled in leisurely gesture (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) to Ron who be on his thestral in the pink fluffy prettify nice cute gorgeous pleasant hospitable valiant metaphorical rickety bullet proof fishy muftis clods. They smothered him in a huge huggle of relievedness, joy and all-round good feelings, before staring confusedly at the pink fluffy prettify nice cute gorgeous pleasant hospitable valiant metaphorical rickety bullet proof fishy muftis clods that they were sitting on

“Huh.” Said Harry.

Rapidly, Hermione, life form the knowledgeable, perceiving lone of them, realises that pink fluffy prettify nice cute gorgeous pleasant hospitable valiant metaphorical rickety bullet proof fishy muftis clods were during genuineness ended of tone (bet ya didn’t know that), and they embarked upon to plummet. Through the sky. Through many something-a-spheres. Through a space-time continuum wormhole loophole tingamigig. Through a crappy foreign polystyrene roof. Into a crappy foreign bedroom. Or should we say a crappy foreign chambre…

(A/N: If anyone can understand what this is supposed to mean good for you. We don’t. Lets just say one can have hours of fun with synonyms.)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hagrid - Fashion Superstar" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jun 06.

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