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Slaying in the Black

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Summary: 20 drabbles/ficlets done at random in the two 'verses based on 20 songs chosen at random. Various ratings and pairings.

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Firefly > GeneralJmariaFR1893,540066,97627 Nov 058 Nov 06No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

May It Be

Title: May It Be
author: jmaria
Series: Slaying in the Black (Buffy/Firefly Fanmix)
Disclaimer: Joss is God, I am not.
Spoilers: the series
Words: 276
Summary: When the night is overcome, you may rise to find the sun - Left only the pieces for me to repair.

May It Be

“When the night is overcome,
you may rise to find the sun.”

Zoe and Jayne pulled the last of the cargo into the hold. Their young client winced as the crate dropped heavily to the floor. Eyes narrowed as her hand slipped to her pocket. Zoe’s finger slipped to her gun, eying the woman cautiously. The woman cocked an eyebrow as she pulled a compact out. Zoe nodded to Jayne as she made her way to the galley.

Mal watched from the shadows as the woman clapped the compact shut, and made her way hurriedly over to the crate. Mal had seen a crate like that before, and it had brought him nothin’ but trouble. The woman sighed heavily as she rose. Light brown hair swept up and curled around the shape of her face, wrist length white gloves, dainty hat - it all added up to one thing : money. Simon nearly ran into Mal as he inspected their new passenger.

“So it’s true?” Simon demanded.

“What’s true, doc?”

“That she’s got - that she’s transporting something alive,” Simon hissed.

“Not alive, not really.”

Mal and Simon glanced over at River, who sat quietly on the catwalk, her hands resting on the bar as she swung her feet back and forth. The woman glanced up at them, her eyes narrowing as she focused on Mal.

“Captain Reynolds, is everything all right?” she asked sharply.

“Yes, Ms. Summers. Your cargo safely tucked away?”

“Yes, thank you, Captain,” her eyes lingered on him for a moment before slipping over to River. Simon quickly made his way to hustle River from the room.

“Sleep well, Spike!” River called over her shoulder, making Mal frown and Ms. Summers gasp in shock.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Slaying in the Black" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Nov 06.

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