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Uncle Jack

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Summary: Xander has never had the best home life. What happens when a long lost relative finds out? Crossover with SG-1. **SLASH in later chapters.**

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherLovesBitchFR182335,97525200215,73128 Nov 0516 Jul 07No

Chapter 12 – Getting to Know You

Chapter 12 – Getting to Know You

Sunnydale High School Library
Sunnydale, CA
Sunday, March 7, 1999, Evening

“Willow, have you been able to find anything?” Giles asks as he comes out of his office, joining the others sitting around the library table while Willow sits in front of the computer with a stack of printouts next to her.

“Quite a bit actually, considering...Xander’s uncle is Jonathan Joseph O’Neill, born October 20, 1952 in Chicago, IL but was raised in Minnesota. His parents – and Xander’s grandparents – are Alan and Cathleen O’Neill. He’s got two sisters and two brothers. He was married and had a son. The kid ended up shooting himself accidentally with the Colonel’s gun. The marriage apparently couldn’t survive that. They divorced in ’97.” Willow looks back down at her printouts. “Okay, after high school, he went to the Air Force Academy. He graduated in 1974 with degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and Military Strategic Studies. He later got a Master’s in engineering. He’s had all sorts of training – you know, commando and special operations type stuff. He’s received a LOT of awards and medals including some Purple Hearts, the Bronze and Silver Stars, the Distinguished Service Medal and the Air Force Cross. They don’t just give those out to anyone.” With a slight frown, Willow adds “He also received the Air Medal for Heroism for his work on ‘analysis of deep space radar telemetry.’ Most of his career for the past 13 years is classified, so obviously that’s a cover of some kind.”

“Yeah and a lame one at that. Seriously who’s gonna buy that? ‘Deep space radar telemetry.’ Give me a break” Faith says disgustedly.

“Well, he is smart. I guess he just doesn’t like to show it.”

“Does kind of explains his friendship with Daniel – his being smart, not the space thing. So, fine, he’s not some Cro-Mag…and he’s highly decorated, still what does that tell us?” Buffy asks.

“Well, basically it tells us he’s a good guy. A bona fide hero even” Willow concludes.

Giles frowns to himself. If Jack O’Neill is a ‘good guy’ and apparently highly skilled, then their previous conversation is even more upsetting. ‘I have to find a way of reassuring the Colonel we’re no threat to Xander. How am I going to do that without revealing the truth?’ Giles contemplates.

Willow continues “Okay, now Dr. Jackson’s bio is, believe it or not, even more interesting…in a disturbing kind of way. He was born on July 8, 1965. When he was eight, his parents, Melburn and Clare Jackson, were crushed to death while setting up an exhibit in the New York Museum of Art. The police report says he witnessed it happen.”

“Gross,” states Cordelia.

“That’s gotta be rough. Especially for a little kid,” adds Oz.

“Yeah and his grandfather didn’t adopt him, so he went into foster care. He attended UCLA when he was sixteen and got doctorates in Anthropology and Linguistics (he speaks about 2 dozen languages). He then attended Chicago’s Oriental Institute, where he got a doctorate in Archeology. His IQ is practically off the charts! Do I sound jealous? ‘Cause I’m not. Well, okay, maybe a little bit.”

“What’s your IQ again?” asks Buffy knowingly.

“Right, okay. I’m feeling better now. Thanks, Buff.”

“Any time,” Buffy says with a smile. The others share the smile also.

“Okay, here’s where it gets really weird. Daniel Jackson died in 1996.”

“Are you sure it was him? It is a rather common name,” Giles points out.

“Oh, it’s him. He stayed dead for a little over a year; then, somehow, miraculously he isn’t dead about a year later in ’97. There’s no record of him during that time. Then, about two months later in October, he dies again. This time it’s only for about a week but still he’s listed as dead.”

“Are we thinking vampire? No, wait, we’ve seen him during the day,” says Faith.

“So what are we thinking?” asks Cordy.

“I’m not sure. I’d need to investigate further. There’s probably some logical explanation but it’s definitely worth looking into.”

“Yes, I quite agree. Keep investigating. Dr. Jackson stated he worked with Col. O’Neill. Did you come across that in your research?” Giles asks.

“Dr. Jackson is a paid consultant for the Air Force based out of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. That’s where NORAD’s located. I’m not sure what he’s ‘consulting’ them about. It looks like he took the job when his academic career pretty much came to a screeching halt after a lecture he gave on ‘The Old Kingdom and the IV Dynasty.’ He put forth some pretty unorthodox theories regarding who really built the pyramids. He hasn’t published any papers since then. Until then he seemed to be well-respected although considered somewhat controversial. He tended not to just accept the established theories instead coming up with his own.”

“Which in the world of academia is pretty much a death sentence,” Giles informs the others.

“Right. He was written off as a nut job by the ‘serious’ academics,” Willow confirmed.

“So if he’s all book smart and not a traditional thinker, is it possible he knows about demons?” Everyone looks at Faith, considering the possibility.

“And if he does know, does that mean Col. Jack knows?” added Buffy.

“No, the Colonel is unaware of the existence of demons” declares Giles.

“How can you be so sure?” Buffy queries.

“Something he said to me yesterday.”

“What did he say?” asks Willow.

“That’s not really important. The point is the Colonel is unaware o-o-of the true nature of the threat in Sunnydale.” The teens all eye Giles curiously, but let it go.

Cordelia clarifies “So, Xander’s uncle is clean and we’re just checking into Dr. Dreamy Blue Eyes, right?”

“’Dr. Dreamy Blue Eyes’?” Buffy laughs.

“Oh, please. Like you didn’t notice how yummy is.”

“She’s got a point, B. I wouldn’t mind being examined by the good doc.”

“He’s not that kind of doctor,” Willow interjects.

“Who cares, Red?”

“Yes, well, Dr. Jackson’s ‘dreaminess’ aside, I think we should all get a good night’s sleep. There’s still school tomorrow.”

They all get up and head out the library as Faith smirks “I know I’ll be having good dreams.”

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