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Uncle Jack

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Summary: Xander has never had the best home life. What happens when a long lost relative finds out? Crossover with SG-1. **SLASH in later chapters.**

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherLovesBitchFR182335,97525200215,77328 Nov 0516 Jul 07No

Chapter 13 – Love, Exciting and New

AN: The boys get intimate. Some mushiness; nothing graphic, but I wanted to warn everyone. I originally wrote this completely differently, then decided to change it to this. Please review and tell me what you think. It’s my first “love scene” so be kind and gentle…oh, okay, be truthful. If you can do both, even better!

Chapter 13 – Love, Exciting and New

Miss Emily’s Bed and Breakfast
Jack’s Room
Sunnydale, CA
Sunday, March 7, 1999, Evening

“Everything will be okay, Jack. You’ll see. We’ll get through this,” Daniel says softly as he walks up behind Jack, who’s standing stiffly at the window looking out at the seemingly peaceful, quiet town of Sunnydale.

“I wish I could believe that. I just don’t see how it’s possible,” Jack responds just as quietly.

“We do the impossible every day. This will work out.” Daniel reaches out, placing his hand on Jack’s back in a soothing manner.

Jack looks at Daniel’s reflection in the window, as his body relaxes at the gentle touch. “You really believe that?” He turns around to face Daniel directly. “Really?”

Daniel looks him squarely in the eyes and without equivocation, he tells Jack “I really do.”

“How do you always come up with the best case scenario?” Jack asks with a little smile.

“I practice.” They smile at each other.

“Thank you for being here, Daniel. I don’t think I could’ve done this without you. A horde of Jaffa I can handle, actually I’d prefer that, but this…”

“I’ll do anything to help you, Jack. You know that.”

“I know. You’re a good friend.” As Jack stares at Daniel, his breath hitches and he leans forward slowly, placing his right palm at the base of Daniel’s skull cupping it. “A VERY good friend. Daniel…” Jack breaths.

Daniel angles his head to the side and his lips part inviting Jack’s kiss. Daniel is amazed and yet it’s exactly as he imagined: raw passion and tempered restraint, demanding and giving, strong and gentle, simple and complex, just like Jack himself. They finally pull apart when breathing becomes an issue which won’t be denied any longer.


“And you’re the linguist,” Jack says with a face-splitting grin, clearly proud he’s able to reduce Daniel to a simple syllable.


Jack quickly cuts him off saying, “I wanted to do that. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time now but it just never really felt like the right moment before. But it felt right – it FEELS right. Right?” Jack is starting to look a little unsure of himself.

“Right. Definitely right,” Daniel confirms, quickly allaying any fears and continues “I was just going to suggest closing the curtains.”

“Oh. So we’re good here?”

“We’re good. In fact, I’ll bet we can be downright mind-blowing. If that kiss is anything to go by, earth-shattering might be a better word.” Daniel is moving them both toward the bed as he’s speaking. He takes hold of the first button on Jack’s shirt and looks into his eyes questioningly.

They gaze at each other, then Jack says the only word that’s needed “Yes.” In that moment, neither man has a care in the world. No one exists except the two of them. They’re not responsible for saving the world or an SG team or even family. Nothing exists except what they’re feeling at this very instant.

Jack claims another kiss, this one filled with the promise of so much more. Jack’s tongue makes a sudden foray into Daniel’s mouth exploring the new terrain fully before retreating. Daniel quickly follows Jack’s lead and does some exploring himself. They playfully duel, each seeking dominance only to then willingly retreat, allowing the other to take control for awhile.

This is what they’ve been building up to for the past three years. Finally the friendship, the closeness, the indescribable something that’s always been between them comes pouring out in every physical caress, every hungry kiss, every shared whisper, every ecstatic scream. Their lovemaking is an extension of who they are: playful, teasing, demanding, pushing each other to the point of utter frustration, until they reach that moment when each utterly compliments the other and they meld in perfect unison.


Monday, March 8, 1999, Morning

Daniel winces as the morning sun cuts across his closed eyes. The curtain never did get closed last night. Daniel squeezes his eyes more tightly shut, trying to block out the offending rays. He’s about to turn over to completely avoid them, when he feels the weight at his back. Jack. Daniel slowly turns his head, peering over his left shoulder.

“Good morning, camper.”

Daniel expells a laugh as he turns over to face Jack. “Hi. Mornings are never good, Jack. You should that by now.”

“That’s because you never get a good night’s sleep.”

“And who’s fault is that?” Daniel asks with a smirk.

“Usually Carter’s.” At Daniel’s raised eyebrows, Jack continues “I didn’t mean that you and Carter…um, you know…that you two…because I don’t think that you do…the two of you. I just mean you two are usually up all night working on some doodad or translation or both.” Seeing Daniel’s amused face, Jack finishes with “I hate you.”

“Yeah sure, you betcha!” Daniel laughs as he rolls on top of Jack, straddling him and leaning down for a slow, lingering kiss. When he pulls back, they’re both breathing hard. A satisfied smile on his face, Daniel asks “You were saying?”


Daniel chuckles as he hops off the bed and heads to the small attached bathroom.

“Hey, where are you going?!”


“Shower,” Jack repeats, clearly affronted. In the next instant, he’s up and at the bathroom door before Daniel can close it. “I hear there’s a drought, we should share. You know, to conserve water,” Jack grins.

“I never realized you’re an environmentalist, Jack. Well, water conservation is important and everyone should do their part.” Daniel smirks back as he pulls Jack close.


Jack wraps his arms around Daniel just as he’s trying to put his shirt on effectively trapping him and begins to nuzzle and nip at his neck. Daniel arches his neck giving him better access for a moment before pushing away and turning to face Jack. “Oh no, you don’t. You promised me food and I’m keeping you to it.”

“This is better than food, Daniel. Come on, Daniel, throw me a friggin’ bone.”

“I already did, that’s why you need to feed me. You see, Jack, food turns into energy and energy is required for stamina and we both know what stamina is good for, right?” Daniel says with a smile. “Besides, I’m non-caffeinated, which is never good. So, all things considered I’ve been a real gentleman about this. Now feed me and more importantly get me to coffee.”

Jack quickly grabs his leather bomber jacket and keys and opens the door “Well, come on. Hurry up.” Daniel stares at him suspiciously. “I forgot you were without caffeine. You’re right, you’ve been a real sport. Let’s get you caffeine. Now!”

“I’m not that bad,” Daniel says defensively as he walks pass Jack into the hallway.

“No, of course not,” Jack replies insincerely as he follows him toward the stairs. “Let’s go.”

“Just for that you’re buying me a really big breakfast: waffles, eggs, bacon, you name it.”

“Whatever you want, Daniel. But first, I’m buying you a big cup of extra strength coffee. Hey, you think there’s a coffee shop between here and that little restaurant we saw?”

“Don’t be an ass, Jack.”

“But I thought you liked-” Jack quickly shuts up and straightens away from Daniel as they reach the lobby.

“What were you saying, Jack?” Daniel questions with an innocent expression, except for the eyes which are dancing merrily.


Daniel laughs as he leads the way.


Espresso Pump
Sunnydale, CA

Daniel sits back, pushing his empty plate away from him and grabs his coffee.

“I’ve never seen you eat that much.” Jack is seriously in awe.

“Yeah well, I expended a lot of energy last night…and this morning.” Daniel smiles happily as he takes another sip.

Jack smiles back. He can’t recall ever seeing Daniel this relaxed and content. He’s feeling pretty content at the moment too.

“So, what time do you want to go see Xander?”

Jack looks at his watch and sees that it’s already late morning. “We should probably head over from here.” He’s suddenly not quite as content anymore, the worry creeping back in.


Sunnydale General Hospital
Xander’s Room
Sunnydale, CA

Jack and Daniel walk in just as a deliveryman is walking out.

“Quite a bouquet! Who are they from?”

“I thought they were from you,” Xander says with a frown. “They must have delivered them to the wrong room.”

Jack walks over to the large arrangement and pulls out the little envelope nestled within. “Nope. They’re for you,” he says as he hands it to Xander.

Xander takes the envelope. He opens it and reads the card. “So who are they from?” Jack asks again curiously.

Xander looks up, clearly puzzled. “It doesn’t say. It just says ‘Thank you.’”

“Ooh, a secret admirer. Those are always fun,” Jack grins.

“They’re certainly beautiful,” Daniel adds.

“And huge! That had to cost some green.”

“It doesn’t matter how much it cost, Jack, it’s the sentiment that’s important.”

“I know that. I’m just sayin’ the sentiment wasn’t cheap.”

Daniel does a combination sigh and eye roll. “You’ll have to forgive Jack. He actually was raised in a barn.”

Xander smiles. “I see his point. None of my friends could afford this. Well, except for Giles but he’s not a flowers kind of guy. Cordy could afford it but I don’t think we’re at that point yet, flower friends. Still too much water under the bridge or pass the bridge or…I’m pretty sure there’s a bridge and there’s water, I think. Anyway, I don’t think it was her.” The two men look at each other amused by Xander’s babbling.

Xander looks at the two of them intently, then suddenly turns to Daniel and says “So you’re Uncle Jack’s beau, his special friend.”

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