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The Control Series

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Summary: Angelus discovers a new mate in Lady Heather.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasAaronlisaFR133554012,03928 Nov 0528 Nov 05No

The Control Series

Title: Dark Goddess

Pairing: Angelus/Lady Heather

Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon and company. CSI belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer and company.

Notes: Written for tth100 for prompt #54 (goddess). Part one of the Control Series.

The first thing that had drawn him to her was the fact that she wasn’t some insipid blonde like Buffy and Darla had been. After the soul’s fling with the blonde Slayer, Angelus had decided that he had had enough with blondes. And then he had seen her and her colouring was anything but insipid, instead with her black hair, pale skin and ruby-coloured lips, she reminded him of one of the Grimm Brothers’ heroines. In some ways, she did remind him of his Sire with her steely determination and strength. Unlike Darla, he couldn’t see the exquisite Lady Heather kowtowing to someone else, she was far too calm, focused and always in control. He loved to watch her as she dominated others and he could see why people willingly went to her so that they could learn about control, domination and submission. She was like a dark goddess and soon he would possess her and he would teach her a whole new world of control.

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