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The Choice

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Summary: Xander is not what he appears and when Angel loses his soul again secrets come out. Slash X/A(us)

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Angel/XanderRivanaFR1844,50602424,2262 Dec 0519 Dec 05No

Dressing for War...

Xander winced at the screeching voice. With exaggerated pain he rubbed the ear closest to his ex.

“Cordy, please. Enough with the overwhelming trust in me. I’m going all mushy inside, really and when you’re at it. Please calm the fuck down.

They were all silent after that little outburst and Xander sighed.

“Sorry. Now as I was saying. Because the spell might put Angel in a compromising position within the court he needs to be someplace else at the moment that his soul is reinstated. Angelus is not easily persuaded to do anything that isn’t directly in line with the plans he himself has made so I will need to pull out all the stops to make this work. Which, considering who we’re talking about, means promising sex and a worthy mate. Not to mention granting him victory as Angelus’s never gotten his end in with me, if you pardon the expression. So I will seduce Angelus into a room at the Hyperion, tie him up hopefully and then perform the spell to make his soul permanent once and for all. Now, how about that? It’s probably going to be a bit dangerous so you’d all be safer back here really, but I felt I should let you know.”

The silence lingered on and Xander was starting to feel a bit nervous. What? It wasn’t that bad of an idea.

“I’m done, you can talk now.”

He made an impatient gesture with his hand.

Finally it was Wesley who cleared his throat before being the first one to speak up.

“Yes well, I’m sure we are all just a bit shocked. At least I must say that I am. I had no idea that you had ever been in any sort of…romantic relationship with Angel or Angelus and to my knowledge you have never shown any affinity towards magic…?”

Xander nodded.

“I understand that you and Cordelia might find this a bit confusing. Frankly you were never supposed to have found out about me and my magic, at least not for a while yet, but that’s the way it is. I was born into a magical family, to say the least. I’ve always known about what goes bump in the night. Angel and I, well, that’s complicated as for Angelus, he tried to convince me to become his, but was of course unsuccessful. So, I know magic and I can make Angel’s soul permanent, that’s all you need to know right now and all I feel comfortable telling you at this point.”

“Alexander LaVelle Harris!”

Xander closed his eyes and counted to ten before opening them again and answering his ex girlfriend’s indignant shout.

“Yes Cordy?”

“Don’t you ‘yes, Cordy’ me buster, what the hell are you talking about. You’re gay? What about us? Oh I so knew you were just too freakin’ nice to be straight. And Angel? You better not have been messing with Buffy’s bo behind her back. And oh my god, what about that love spell? And if you think we’ll be staying here while you go off and maybe get yourself killed mister you’ve got another thing coming!”

He smiled. He couldn’t help himself. He’d really missed her. Cordy, was just, Cordy. There was no other woman quite like her.

“Sorry?" He grinned and used the puppy dog eyes which got her smiling before she could help herself Still got it, Xanny boy. Then she opened her mouth to speak, but Xander beat her to it.

"Now! How about you show me a room where I can change into ah…something more appropriate.”

Cordy stood there gaping at him for a moment before closing her mouth briefly, then taking a deep breath and…

“Cordy, look I know this is a lot to take in, but every minute we waste right now means more people dead and more vampires coming together in the Hyperion. So please, could you at least save it for a later time?”

“Fine.” She gritted out.

Never let it be said that Cordelia Chase didn’t know how to prioritize. Sure sometimes she had a weird sense of what was important, but saving lives was always at the top of the list. Well, somewhere in the top 5 at least.

Xander was showed to the bathroom were he quickly changed out of his everyday-hanging-out-with-the-friends clothes to something else entirely He didn’t get to use this stuff often, not since the summer at any rate, but now was a different story.

Black, tight jeans, black silk shirt, silver ear ring in his left ear with a mountain crystal hanging suspended within a circle, from the circle traveled a short chain to a fastening mechanism that clung tightly to the top of his ear and adorned with a small amethyst. He also wore a silver pentacle on a thin silver chain around his neck, black leather wrist guards with throwing knives lined with wood and silver, black leather belt with a silver buckle of intricate design. On the belt he wore a dagger, also lined with wood and silver and enchanted by his mother for a merciful kill, but a torturous wound and in the back of his pants he shoved a black 33. Magnum. On the belt he also hung a leather pouch with the necessary ingredients for the spell. There was also a small cantina filled with holy water, holy to pagans that is -blessed by a coven in San Francisco. Lastly he got into his black leather boots, the right one had a sheet in it where he stuck a jewel encrusted dagger, he shrugged into a black leather coat that hung to slightly above his knees. Messing up his hair a bit he finally felt presentable, oh, but mustn’t forget: Xander bent down to his case one more time and grabbed a small jewelerry box which he put into his left hand pocket. Now. Now there wasn’t any more to do, so he had to leave. His chance to stall the job was over, time to get down and dirty. Suppressing a sigh Xander looked into the mirror one more time and sent in a predatory grin, making his eyes twinkle. Yep -still got it.


“So, are you staying or going?”

He spoke as soon as he’d cleared the bathroom door and strode out into the living room area while waiting for a reply. With a pleased smile he noticed that the people in the room were all gathered at the door, weapons in hand.

“Guess that means I’ve got myself an honor guard.”

Xander nodded at them and moved to open the door.

“Is there any more to this plan mr. Harris?”

His eyes flickered appreciatively to the ex watcher. He’d grown up. Who’d have thunk it

“Wish I could say yes, but we’ll have to play this by ear. This is not a situation I’ll be able to control to any large degree. What I want is basically for you to be my back up. Which means you’ll have to come right into the dragon’s lair with me. That or you can all stay outside and wait for my sign to join me or run for your lives.”

“No way in hell are you going in there alone Xand, I don’t care what kind of mojo you can work.”

Cordy’s voice was followed by Gun’s

“Yeah man, this may not be the hell mouth, but we ain’t some useless cowards either.”

And then Wes’.


Fred simply nodded with a fierce look on her face.

These were some cool people. Hopefully they’d all survive so he’d get to get to know them some more, Xander thought as he smiled and nodded.

“Never doubted it. You’re good people. Just don’t get killed, alright? Apart from that -I want you to look and act dangerous when we get in there. Don‘t start anything, but don‘t take shit lying down either. You’re hunters, but you’ve got a truce now because of me. You’re acting my honor guard, but you’re also there to discuss terms. This is still your city. Ah hell…but if you can avoid it -don‘t talk at all ok?”

He gave a sheepish smile.

“I really have no idea if I’ve got the politics of this down right. I hope so, but…yeah. So. You good to go? Good. Let’s hit it.”

With this Xander lead the way outside and the group of hunters headed over to the Hyperion and the new Aurelian court.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Choice" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Dec 05.

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