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A Study on Vampires

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Summary: Ever wonder how long a Buffy vampire would last against characters from Dungeons and Dragons. A friend of mine asked me this question.

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Games > Dungeons and DragonsDarkElfFR1321,529043,1994 Dec 054 Dec 05No

Round 2

Round 2: Wizard

"This is very unusual."

This figure, if he was human, probably would have fit in well at most clubs. His hair was short and spiky and a firery red color. Across his face stretched a piece of jewelry that crossed between his pierced nose and ear. His ears had multiple piercings all with impressive pieces of jewelry. His shirt was a deep red and his flowing pants were a deep purple. His boots were black but of very fine make, and there seemed to be gemstones on the inside and outside of the heels. He wore gloves hat were fingerless and made of good black leather. As said, he would probably fit in at most clubs rather well. If he was human. But considering he was about 3 feet tall with a body still properly proportioned and with ears that were slightly pointed he was most likely not human.

The vampires that were coming to surround him, though he looked like a nice snack since he was all alone.

"Gentleman, I am not sure where I am at and that tends to leave me rather weary of groups of men who surround me. So I suggest you back off. I wouldn't want to harm you if unescesary."
"I don't see how you could hurt any of us short stuff."

The vamps at this point revealed their true faces.

"Ah, I see. Well, then. Are you sure I can't simply bribe you to leave me alone."

The small man reached into a pouch at his hip and pulled out a golden circlet.

"This for example is quite valuable."

He then places it on his head.

"It can also do this."

The gemstone on the front of the circlet began to glow a bright red color and with a flash a beam of coherent light flys from the gem to strike the lead vampire square in the chest, and in a flash he exploded in a cloud of dust.

"Oh, that was odd. that wasn't a disintegrate spell. It seams you are vampires."

His hands move in a blur as he mumbles in a strange arcane tounge. And two stakes appeared in his hand. And then with a few more mumbled words the stakes shot from his hands striking two more of the vamps who promptly exploded.

The remaining three vampires stared at the small figure.

"Tell me gentleman, would you like to see my most potent spell."

His hands blurred again as more of the arcane language spilled forth.

And then his body began to change. His form began to shift. He grew taller. Much taller. And his skin began to lighten. Great feathery wings sprouted from his back. His hair seemed to recede into his head. When all was done a towering figure with tourquois skin, and great white wings stood before them floating several inches off the ground.

The vamps were so stunned by the image before them that they didn't even think of running. Running was as far from their minds as it could get.

The glowing figure stood before them for a few moments, then it struck. Its great fist flew fast and true and impacted with the head of one of the remaining vamps. Its head literally seperated from its body. Its body dusted soon after. Just as the other two tried to run both fists shot out catching both in the back. The fists punched straight through.

And as the dust settled to the ground the larger body began to fade back to the small figure who had stood before.

"well I doubt they will be missed."

With that her turned to survey his surroundings once again. Which is when he caught sight of a very confused looking young man.

"Hello there young man. Perhaps you can help me. I am quite curious where I am."

"Uh, you are in Sunnydale, California. How did you do all that."

"Magic, my young friend."

"Uh who are you?"

"Why I am Eldon Thorngage. Archmage and servant of the Lady of Mysteries. And you?"


"Well Mister Xander. I must be going. I believe I have stayed too long in this realm."

He then turned from Xander and once more spoke in the strange language he had been using. And a massive portal opened before him. It lasted just long enough for him to walk through before disapearing.

Xander stared at the space where the portal had been for several seconds.

"The guys are never gonna believe this."

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Study on Vampires" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Dec 05.

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