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Summary: S3 "enemies" Xander is hit harder then Angel thought and all the pain of his life may make him a greater enemy then Faith and Mayor Wilkins or will the white knight stand tall? demon or man (my first fic)

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Anime > YuYu HakushoDarkstarShadowroseFR18511,22633729,6615 Dec 053 Mar 06No

White Knight No Longer (revised)

Disclaimer: All characters Belong to there owners BTVS is owned by Joss Whedon (hope I have that right) and Yu Yu Hakusho is owned by it’s creator and distributor. I own NOTHING so please do not sue me…


Author note1: First off thanks everyone for reviews all the positive stuff and the criticism has really helped my Muse

Author note 2: As for the question about Slayers. No he is not that type of Mazoku in the Chapter Black saga of YYH Yuskae finds out about having blood ties to the super S or S class demons of Demon world and when he died in that saga the demon energy revived him and awakened his demonic blood. King Yama referred to him as a Mazoku I can’t spill everything as it spoil my story so keep on reading


Spoiler warning: None really it starts in season three episode “Enemies” and goes AU from there as my Imagination goes nuts

Feedback: Bad or Good I take it if no one likes or reads this please tell me so I can stop it same with good stuff and if I screw up call me on it

That’s it for me talking I swear!

On with the Show


Chapter 2: White Knight No Longer

Angel’s Mansion

Sunnydale CA

March 16 1999

The room was silent after Xander’s remark. Faith and Angel both taking in the boys startling changes and to a lesser extent the play acting Buffy as well paid attention to her supposed best male friend.

"Yo!! Boy toy! Aren’t you the forceful one, all of a sudden? Guess that roll in the hay we had gave you some balls, huh? What say you and I get down for another round before I kill you? That new body of yours could do kinds of things to this hot bod." Faith said as she walked towards him, smiling all the while

“Maybe later Faithie… Right now I have an appointment with Mister Homicidal Forehead Model.” He retorted crossing his arms. One eye staying on Angel, even as his attention was focused on her.

“Hate to do this Boy Toy, but can’t let you spoil my fun.” She spoke, drawing her knife and letting it fly spinning right at Xander.

He watched it flying like a wheel to end his life. Though to him, it seemed so slow. Like watching it as if it were moving through water or maybe jell-o. Arms still crossed it drew nearer and nearer. Right before it could impact, his right hand shot up grasping the handle and completely stopping it’s momentum. The blade, less then a quarter of an inch from his face, he turned the blade to examine the flat side and then the edge. A lazy smirk upon his lips aimed at the wide-eyed slayer and vampire.

“Guess that’s a no on waiting.” He said and flicked his wrist, sending the dagger like a screaming arrow right at…

“AHHHHHHH!!!!” Angel yelled as the wicked knife entered his left shoulder. Sending his blood flowing as he ripped it from his arm. The sickening sound of skin and flesh being pulled with it sounded in the room. It was then that Buffy revealed herself to be awake, rushing to Angels side.

“What the fucking hell!?!” Faith asked looking to her sister slayer then to Xander.

“Gee what a surprise. He cries mommy and Buffy comes running. Looks like you got tricked Faithie, and I am blocking your only way out… Let’s see if you’re into pain.” He spoke, focusing on the Dark haired beauty, knowing Angel was going nowhere yet.

With a cry of rage Faith charged him. Slayer quickness eating up the distance in almost an instant, her left leg surged upward just as fast, aimed right for his side. Xander’s hand met her ankle, stopping her dead and leaving her balanced on one foot. Suddenly he tugged on it, his body turning a full 360-degree’s and sent her hurling at the far wall. Her body impacting with a sickening crunch sound. Dazed, Faith took a moment to rise and then rush at Xander again. This time, leaping the last few feet. Her body impacting his and forced Xander to the ground under her. As his back touched the floor though, he rolled onto her and forcing her to roll over and become pinned under his weight.

“We must stop meeting like this Faithie… tongues will wag.” He joked sarcastically, staring down at the dark haired beauty trapped below him.

“I never get complaints Boy Toy.” She responded and brought her fists forward at his hips making him roll back and climb to his feet a second before she herself did.

“Maybe when this is over we can catch a movie or, you being a Slayer and all, perhaps a nice walk through a cemetery?” Xander asked, moving in with a lazy punch aimed at her face.

“Asking me out in the middle of a fight… Hmmmmm, gutsy.” She answered, blocking the punch and moving forward at his body.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He responded then and spun around her right side, using the blocked left punch as his pivot. As he got around her to her back, he brought his elbow down at the base of her skull. Then grabbing her by her jacket hurling her at the opposite wall. This time when she struck she did not climb back up. In fact the only way to tell she was alive was the slow movements of her chest as her lungs were taking in air.

Turning towards the loving couple, his hands went to his back drawing the borrowed short swords and began walking towards Angel. Suddenly sprinting forward, he brought his left blade around catching Buffy under her chin with the flat of the sword, the strength behind it knocking her away and sending her to the floor. His right blade slashed out, cutting a deep gash into Angel’s chest, the blood staining his black silk shirt and causing him to dive for his weapons chest.

"Xander, it's not what you think. Please, just stop and let me explain..." Angel said, squeezing his injured arm and wincing from the burning in his chest. But he knew it was a lost cause. Xander Harris was here to kill him and nothing was going to stop him from doing so. Under normal circumstances, Angel would not have worried about that, but these were far from normal circumstances. Somewhere along the way, Xander seemed to have acquired impressive martial arts skills; both unarmed and armed along with a tremendous amount of demonic power.

Reaching his weapons, he was able to kick a low table into Xander’s path long enough to grab a cavalry saber from it and get to his feet.

The saber and Xander’s Short Swords met in a shower of sparks. Angel winced from the impact of the blades, only giving a fleeting thought about the strength his opponent was displaying. It quickly became apparent that he was outclassed in both strength and speed. The Swords seemed to be everywhere. When he blocked one, the other would meet his flesh. Angel was using every trick he knew to stay alive, to stay a step ahead. It was around this time however that Buffy pulled herself up from where she landed.

“Xander NO!!” She called trying to call him off her undead lover.

“Buffy YES!!” He mocked and then shoved his right blade into Angel’s gut, the blade coming out his back pointing upward.

Ripping the blade out of Angel’s stomach, Xander let his body drop, having missed the heart and turned walking towards Faith’s unconscious form. Buffy, moved to the fallen vampire’s side.

“He had his Soul.” She spoke once she was sure he was ok

“I don’t care…” Was Xander’s answer, as he sheathed the swords and placed Faith over his shoulder.

“Xander, what are you doing?” Buffy asked watching him heading for the doorway.

“Now that I seem to have powers, you care… I’m touched… Really touched, Slayer.” He responded not answering her and walking out. The sound of his car leaving was soon heard in the dead of night while Buffy tended to Angel.

Outside Restfield Cemetery

Two Hours later

Faith groaned as she came around feeling the comfy padding under her. For a moment it made her want to curl up and go to sleep but then her memory caught up with her. She snapped awake sitting up. Regretting it instantly because of the pain in her neck and the dizziness that engulfed her.

“What the fuck hit me?” She asked herself not really expecting an answer.

“My elbow actually.” Spoke a voice to her right.

Faith cracked her eyes opened and looked, finding herself being in the backseat of Xander’s car, the top down. The man himself was laying on the hood, gazing up at the night sky. His hair still a wild mess of darkened tresses and his chest bare save for the demon markings. Brown eyes seemed locked on the moon and the twinkling stars.

“So working for an evil politician… how’s that going for you?” Xander asked after a moment not turning from the sky.

“You really suck at subtle interrogation Boy Toy. What, B and the others are waiting to turn my ass over to the council?” She retorted as she climbed out of the car.

“Buffy is probably giving Dead Boy a bottle of blood right now. As for the guys, if they listened to me they’re at the library with Giles right now.”

“Oh and you thought you’d bring me out here and I’d thank you for not turning me in?”

“Faith, IF I wanted to rape you, I had ample opportunity to do so on the way over here and after we got here. Hell… I could have slit your throat or dropped you at a vamp’s door if I wanted to be rid of you.” He responded, turning his head to look at her finally.

“Oh? So what… you want me to say thanks or do you want to try and reform me? ‘Cause “NEWS FLASH” Boy Toy, I’m not wearing a white hate anymore.”

He turned back to look at the sky and Faith moved towards the road so she could get back and report to the boss, but his next words stopped her cold.

“Is the Mayor… HIRING???” He queried.

Sunnydale High School Library

Same Time

The Scooby gang sat around the table in the library each flipping through books, once more it seemed in “research mode”. This is how Buffy found them as she came through the double doors. Angel behind her, though decidedly slower after his encounter with Xander at the mansion.

“Giles! Something’s wrong with Xander.” She called to British man who was like a father to her.

“What do you mean Buffy?” He asked, standing just outside his office sipping a cup of tea.

“He showed up at the mansion, Giles. But… he was different. His hair was really long and he had all these markings on his body. He blew the doors off the hinges somehow and then proceeded to beat Faith up and nearly kill Angel.” She said in a rush growing more and more animated as she spoke.

“Uhm… perhaps Buffy, you should explain it from the beginning.” Giles suggested.

All eyes upon her, Buffy moved to sit down with Angel pulling a chair out for her and began telling in great length, the events that had happened. When she had finished, five sets of eyes were blinking at her though; Giles was quick to remove his glasses and began to polish them furiously.

The moment was broken by laughter from both Cordelia and Willow.

“I say! What is so funny, you two?” Giles asked blinking at the socialite and the witch.

“Can’t you tell she is joking Giles? Xander can’t do all that. He can barely stay awake in class, let alone fight a vampire by himself and certainly never hurt Angel. He‘s simply… The Zeppo.” Cordelia responded through bouts of laughter.

"Now Cordelia that’s not all true. He got the missile launcher to blow the judge up. But, I don't think that was Xander. Anyway, he's Xander. Normal, safe, cuddly Xander.” Willow said defending her friend though after she had gotten a nod from Oz.

“It was him...” Angel spoke for the first time since getting there.

“Mister Angel. I must agree with Cordelia. It does not seem like a thing possible for someone like Mister Harris to be capable of doing.” Wesley interjected.

“I smelled him. It was Xander, but he was radiating a Demonic energy. More then I have ever felt before. Almost on par with what they say an ancient one would have.” He retorted staring at the prim Englishman.

“And you say he had markings on his chest and arms?” Giles questioned.

“Yes.” Both Angel and Buffy answered.

“Describe them to me please.”

“Well, the one on his chest looks something like a goats skull with two slashes diagonally parallel to it.. Twin lightening bolts on his forearms, and on the top of his arms where his shoulders meet his body are two symbols. A full moon with a crescent moon supporting it below. I‘ve never seen anything like it.” explained Angel.

Everyone watch Giles move into his office and return with a thick leather bound book with writing on the cover being in a language that only Wesley and he could read. Flipping through it, he came to a page and showed it to those assembled. One side held only the strange edged runes and the other had a picture obviously done long before the invention of the camera.

“IS this it?” Giles gestured to the illustration.

“Yes.” Angel and Buffy both affirmed.

“Good Lord!”

“What is it Giles”

“You don’t think he is, do you, Mister Giles?” Wesley asked looking at the former watcher.

“If what they say is true, then yes I am afraid so.”

“Tell us… What that is a picture of and what it has to do with Xander.” Came from Willow starting to worry for her friend.

He nodded and began speaking.

“This is…”

When he finished and they all went home, none of them found peaceful rest and many did not even find any rest.


Sunnydale High

Next Day

Xander Harris stood upon the roof of the school watching the sky. Those who knew him would never have guessed the man to be dressed as he was in dress shoes green slacks and a green button up shirt his hands currently resting in the pockets his dark hair had returned to it’s normal length sometime during the night and he wore it slicked back a few hairs though hung down over his forehead.

Standing there basking in the warm California sunshine his mind wandered back to the events last night.




Office of Mayor Richard Wilkins III

Same time as library meeting

“So then, Angel was playing possum and you didn’t get the books.” The mayor asked of Faith as she explained what happened with the long haired young man adding in things after the point where she knocked her out.

Faith only nodded, waiting for her boss to blow his stack.

Richard only smiled before he spoke. “Ah well, accidents happen. Just as long as you kids are ok. We’ll get them next time.”

“But boss…. I thought those books were important. What? B and her bunch destroy them?” Faith asked more then a little shocked.

“Then they’d be doing me a favor. Now then Alexander, my Faith tells me you are looking for employment?” Was his response.

Xander responded with a nod.

“You understand how I would be wary of such a possibility, considering your relationship with Miss Summers and her little group. I expect to be able to trust those who work for me.” Sounding for all the world as if he were discussing the weather.

“Sir, I wouldn’t trust me as far as you could throw me. It just isn’t good business to trust someone who turns up out of the blue wanting to switch sides. But, here I am. Take me or leave me.”

“And why the sudden change of heart Alexander?” The Mayor queried.

“Knowing Buff and Captain Forehead, by now they have got a hold of the G-man and the others and told them about my little fun tonight. So if I want to live and not be caught in the middle of this fighting from both sides, I have to choose where I stand. And friends don’t like it when you show up and rip their small intestines out through their stomachs, then hang them with them. For what they put me through, I plan to take each one of them apart. If I do that for you, I can get paid for it.” was the answer given his voice was his old joking tone but laced with the truth of each word.

“Well aren’t you just a little ball of fire? I’ll tell you what. We’ll try this out on a trial basis and see how it works out. Perhaps we will both find this a mutually advantageous proposition, Alexander.” The Mayor gave a nod of his head.

“I’d also really appreciate it, if you could help me find a place to live. There’s going to be terrible tragedy at my old house… bad wiring. You understand.” Xander spoke.

The Mayor simply smiled.


End Flashback


He smirked at the memory of later that night, before turning and heading off the roof. It occurred to him he was far more ruthless and cold then he would normally be. But then before last night he hadn’t been whole.

“Maybe I should thank Dead Boy some how. Some nice blood, spiked with holy water perhaps. Yea… he will like that. Trying to be a good vampire and all.” He thought with a laugh entering the hallways.

People parted in his wake or avoided his eyes. A part of they’re minds recognizing how dangerous he was to them. It was reminiscent of the hyena, yet this was no possession. It was his heritage and for the first time he felt complete.

Opening his locker, he fished around for his English book. Not surprised in the least when he felt the presence of someone behind him.

“Did you draw the short straw?” He asked not turning around.

For the moment, Cordelia Chase said nothing.

Post fic comments: Thanks for the reviews and please keep them coming. Hope you enjoy and like the cliffhanger. ^_^
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