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Summary: S3 "enemies" Xander is hit harder then Angel thought and all the pain of his life may make him a greater enemy then Faith and Mayor Wilkins or will the white knight stand tall? demon or man (my first fic)

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Anime > YuYu HakushoDarkstarShadowroseFR18511,22633729,6615 Dec 053 Mar 06No

Death of a Zeppo

Disclaimer: All characters Belong to their owners. BTVS is owned by Joss Whedon (hope I have that right) and Yu Yu Hakusho is owned by its creator and distributor. I own NOTHING so please do not sue me.


Author Note 1: I have wanted to write a story about Xander for a long time and then I watched the end of the chapter black saga and had an idea come rushing to me

Author Note 2: This is mostly barrowing from the principle of a Mazoku (think that’s right) and how the demon energy and power will arise when killed. Also my inspiration come from stories I have read.


Spoiler warning: None really it starts in season three episode “Enemies” and goes AU from there as my Imagination goes nuts

Feedback: Bad or Good I take it if no one likes or reads this please tell me so I can stop it same with good stuff and if I screw up call me on it

That’s it for me talking I swear!

On with the Show


Chapter One: Death of a Zeppo

Main Street

Sunnydale, CA

March 16, 1999

"I love when you talk, Wesley. I love when you sing, Wesley," Xander muttered to himself, imitating Cordy's voice as he made his way down Sunnydale's deserted main street. "Can you say the words jailbait, Wesley? Sure you can, you Limey bastard." He ignored for the moment the fact that this was California, that Cordelia was eighteen and therefore, she was legal.

Seeing Angel and Faith approaching him, he called out, "Hey guys! Man, where you been? You gotta find Buffy. She's going to her place and stocking up on..."

Without even breaking stride, Angel casually punched Xander in the jaw, sending him careening to the street. Faith didn't even bother looking at the unconscious teen as they continued on their way.

"That guy just bugs me," the vampire commented as they made their way towards Revello Drive without even a backwards glance.

If Angel had been paying attention he would have heard the bones in Xander’s neck snap with the force of the blow or smelled the blood flowing from the young man as the broken glass in the trash cut into his skin.

While the body lay dying the mind was aware and trapped within it’s own hell. The life of Alexander Lavelle Harris could never be accused of being comforting or even loving. It was harsh and cruel. Filled with masks and jokes to disguise the pain that no human should ever feel. Parents that should have been loving and thoughtful, were cruel and abusive raining blows down onto his body, heart and spirit.

“Does anyone care”? He asked floating in the confines of his own mind.

“Your not my son…” Echoed around him in the deep voice of Anthony Harris.

“You should be grateful your father and I took pity on you and adopted you.” Chorused Jessica Harris.


In the alley a the scent of blood caught the wind wafting like a sweet aroma to the stalkers of the night drawing them in with promises of a fresh and free meal.


“Does anyone care?” He whispered after hearing his adoptive parents. It was no secret to him. He was not their son and he thanked god for that every night. But then no one seemed to want him. Not even those who had given him life.

The only answer he received was silence. Floating there in the expanse of his mind, his body curled into the fetal position. He had never felt so cold and alone.





Their voices filled his ears. Shrill instead of comforting. The voices of his supposed friends, each had said something hurtful to him. Had taken something from him and then made him feel small and alone. Cordelia, Willow, Buffy, Giles, Oz, Faith and Angel. None of them really cared. He was just an annoyance to them

“Does anyone care??” he whispered low, like a frightened child.

”Why Should they?”


A blood red energy slowly started to rise around Xander’s aura. Yet no one was there to see it, even as his whole body seemed to pulse with the energy much like a beating heart. In the distance though, the smell had reached someone finally and his yellow eyes looked up from stalking a fresh meal. A smile curling it’s lips.

“Dinner is served.” It spoke. Broad shoulders turning around and large heavy feet clad in boots moving him towards the scent. His skin was unnaturally pale, his form wrapped in an expensive looking tuxedo. Though it was covered in fresh soil as if he had just been digging.

…Or dug himself out.


“Whose there?” Xander’s head whipped around as he spoke, searching for the mysterious voice coming from the blackness

”I am all that you are yet can never be.”

“What do you mean? Are you something left over from the Hyena?” he asked. The voice was cryptic, yet he felt himself grow warmer with it’s words.

”Nay I have always been here with you. Inside of you. I am not some second rate possession. I am all that you are, yet can never be.”

”Now answer me. Why should they care?”

“Because I am their friend and because I am their son.” He called back to the voice.

And it simply laughed.

“What’s so funny? I care for them.. I would die for them.. I have bled for them! Why shouldn’t they care, oh wise voice? Why is it none of them truly care when I give them my all? When I ruin my life for them or take their punches and barbs? TELL ME!” He was growing angry and frustrated. The questions had bothered him since he was young and had returned with Jesses death and every new turn his life seemed to take…he still had no answers.

”You are weak. This is why you are hurt. Friends naturally flock to those with strength and naturally surround themselves with power. The Slayer, your witchy best friend the Watcher and the Souled Vampire. Compared to them, you are nothing. They have no use for you and thus feel they have to protect you. you’re a burden as you have been to everyone your entire life… yet now you will die cold and alone. As you have always been in your heart.”

“I’m dying”? He asked with wide eyes.

”Yes and with nothing to show for it. Pathetic, worthless and alone.”

“I don’t want to die. There is so much I have to do.” He spoke up in defense of his life.

”What pray tell do you have to do? Apologize to your supposed friends? Lick the slayers feet or watch your lost love fawn over a man, much the same way Buffy does Angel? There is nothing, Alexander. You will die here. Your friends will forget you and move on. They are nothing and you cling to them.”

Scenes flow through Xander’s mind of the times he was abused by his parents. Of the times Cordelia made fun of him, even when they were going out. How Willow had turned her back on him and thus left him the only one blamed for the Fluke. Jenny Calander’s face burned through his mind along with the guilt he held about her death. It seemed to him that everyone who might ever have genuinely cared for him had been killed or taken away from him. It was still such a short list

His birth parents


Jenny Calendar

Slowly a raw anger began to fill his mind at all that he had suffered and those who had died. He might die but if he was going to, he wanted it to be fighting. Not because of a pot shot taken by Angelus

”If you were to live, what would you do? What would be your purpose?”

“REVENGE!!!” He screamed shaking the walls of his mind and shattering a barrier that had existed since the very day of his birth.

”I am all that you are and yet cannot be….no longer.”


The vampire got closer, spotting the boy’s body a few feet away laying in the garbage and stalked towards it. Being freshly risen he had no idea that the body was radiating demonic energy or that the right hand had just curled into a fist.

“I don’t usually go for guys but waste not, want not.” He spoke and reached down to grasp the boy’s shirt and haul him up.

As he pulled Xander up, his eyes snapped open revealing blazing chocolate colored orbs filled with the rage and power that would scare any demon or man. His right hand snapped up grabbing the arm holding him and pulled with all his strength. The arm of the vampire came clean out of the socket, muscle tissue and tendons tearing and ripping, sending blood, spraying out like a fountain. Moving with inhuman speed, Xander spun around into a roundhouse kick aimed for his opponents head and watched with detached fascination as the vampire’s head separated from it’s shoulders and was sent hurling down the street. The head and the body crumbling into dust in several separate places along the way.

Xander dusted himself off and looked at his bloody clothes. Beneath them where once was a human in average shape, now beat hardened muscles. Lean and coiled much like that of a runner or swimmer. Throwing the bloody shirt away, he turned and began to walk towards the library. If he was going to face Angelus, he would need a few tools.


Author Note: ok so the first part might be a little under written but on with show


If any of the Scooby gang had been lethargic or bored, it ended the second the double doors flew open and Xander stepped in. The quiet of the library was literally shattered when the doors were pushed open hitting the walls with a loud *BANG*. Which caused Cordelia to jump a bit in her seat. If the sound did not shock them, the look on the face of the founder of their little group, would.

Xander was bare from the waist up showing muscles that at least two of the people present could attest to not being there recently and enhanced him from an average good looking guy to almost drool worthy. But it was his eyes that gave them true pause. Where humor had once lurked, now was an inner darkness and mystery. Tinged with raw hatred and rage. He ignored their looks though and moved to the book cage and entered it. Going for the cache of weapons they kept for patrols. Looking through the assortment of melee and ranged items, he selected a pair of short swords. Testing their edge with his finger, he nodded and sheathed them. Strapping them onto his back so they rested in an X shape. Next, he took a pair of the fingerless gloves used in Buffy’s training sessions and a knife, placing it in a thigh sheath and strapping it to his right leg for easy access. He then simply turned and walked out into the library proper to see the staring eyes of his friends.

“Angelus is back.” Was all he said, and turned heading for the doors

"But... But how...? I mean... he had his soul..." Spoken by the gamine faced Willow.

“That’s not important now, Willow. What is important is that Faith was with him when his fist hit me. I am going to handle this. Find Giles and warn him.” He answered though his voice was cold and he did not turn to look at them.

"Who died and left you in charge, fashion reject? Wesley is the Watcher and that means he's in charge here." Cordelia interjected.

“Hesitating last time, got… how many people killed?? I am not going to wait and see what he does this time, just so Twinkle Toes here can feel important. Now shut up, pack up, get your shapely ass moving, get Giles and come back here."

They sat there and stared at the young man before them, seeming more like a warrior then a goofball. Wesley’s face was turning purple in indignation while he sputtered. Both Willow and Cordelia were shocked. When the blue haired Oz rose from his chair, taking Willow’s hand and heading for his van, it spurred them all into moving. They each passed Xander on their way out and were almost stopped, but the cold fire burning in his eyes kept them going. For a moment they did not know if it was for Angelus or themselves.


Angel's mansion

"Okay, let's get the books someplace safe," Buffy said as she led Faith and Angel into what served as the vampire's living room. "Where are they?"

"Actually, there's been a slight change in plan, Buff," Angel announced as Faith moved off to one side and watched with a small smirk on her face.

"Buff? You just called... What's the matter with you?" The blonde Slayer asked, a look of alarm on her lovely features as she turned to face her boyfriend.

"Nothing," Angel replied as his face shifted to again reveal his vampiric features. "Matter of act, I haven't felt this good in a long time."

"Angel?" Buffy asked uncertainly.

"You know, I never properly thanked you for sending me to hell," Angel sneered at the bewildered blonde.

"No," Buffy shook her head in denial of what appeared to be happening.

"Yeah," Angel smirked back, "and I'm just wondering where do I start? Card? Fruit basket? Evisceration?" He lunged forward and grabbed hold of her arms with the last comment.

"No," Buffy repeated herself, a horrified look on her face.

"Yeah, I know what you're thinking," Angel sneered at her. "Maybe there's still some good deep down inside of me that remembers and loves you. If only you could reach me. Then again, we have this little thing called reality."

Buffy broke away from the vampire, a look of loathing on her face.

"No! I'll kill you before I let you touch me. Faith, we need to get out of here, now!" The older Slayer informed her mystical sibling.

"Speak for yourself, B. Me, I like it here." The brunette replied, causing Buffy to glance over at the smirking Slayer.

As she did so, Angel growled, attracting Buffy's attention to him again, and as she looked back, he punched her in the face, causing her to drop to the floor.

A low humming sound much like a generator was heard and a blue light seemed to flash under the front doors. All was still for a moment as Faith and Angel turned their attention to it, and then *BOOM!!!* The doors exploded off their hinges, being blown across the room and kicking up dust into the air, forming an obscuring mist. Faith’s slayer sense was going off the chart. Not even Kakistos had the kind of demonic aura whatever was behind that dust cloud, was giving off. Angel too, could sense it in all his years, soul or no soul, he had learned a lot about demons and the place the old ones were sent. This power was just like theirs. The power of a pure demon, or one with that kind of blood within them. For the first time in a long time, he felt fear.

As the dust settled down their eyes fell upon a man with long unruly hair, dark as a moonless night. His eyes were a chocolate brown, tinged around the edges with jade. His chest and arms were bare of coverings and bore demonic markings. A pair of black fingerless gloves and twin short swords rested on his back covered his hands. A Blood-red aura flowed around him, casting eerie shadows on his face and ripped jeans. But it was his words that told them who it was that truly stood before them.

“Care to call me a White Knight now… Dead Boy?”


Post fic comments: This is my first fanfic attempt, so be brutal. If people review it and it’s taken well enough, I’ll continue it.

Read and Review ^_^
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