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Goin' Dutch

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Summary: YAHF. When Xander dresses as a soldier and discovers Willow's body, what chance does Ethan have against him?

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Goin' Dutch 2

Going Dutch (2/?)
Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, and any other characters or real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. Buffy? Nope. None are mine.


Two miles he chased the man, avoiding kids but sometimes taking out an innocent garbage can in his pursuit, before Ethan lost control of his car and slid side-to-side into a parked car with two really ugly people in it. Ethan knew he only had a few seconds, and since his getaway vehicle was stalled, leapt from his car, drew out a revolver and pointed it at the driver.

“Get out Shorty,” Ethan told Principal Snyder, who complied.

“Let me get my mother out…” he began as he exited, only to have the man smack him in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground.

“I need a little insurance, and the old bat will do nicely,” Ethan sneered as Xander in the police car pulled up. The four-door sedan with an actual V-8 engine peeled out, but Snyder got in the way before Xander could pull away.

“Get out of the way, Snyder!”

“He has my mother! I’m going with you Harris!”

“Get in!” he shouted back and opened the door from inside. With Snyder along, he just now managed to skip a whole hell of a lot of responsibility later. He peeled out, slamming the troll to his seat.

Quickly they caught up, lights now flashing and sirens going, but after the chaotic night that had just occurred, it wasn’t possible to ease around, and several times Ethan almost got away.

Falling behind twice, finally they reached the upper campgrounds for Breaker’s Woods, but were still a minute behind. Some kind of fire explosion spread over the engine, causing the young man to swerve a second one and slide into a Forest Service outhouse. Xander and Snyder scrambled, Xander for the extra weapons, armor, first aid kit in the trunk. He tossed Snyder a revolver.

“Don’t shoot ME, okay? You take the left, I’ll take the right…”

They could see his mom still in the car, and apparently unharmed from this distance in the dark. No sign of the Chaos Mage. Xander waved Snyder closer to the car, while he himself provided coverage. Seconds passed, and Xander backed up close enough to hear the squat man trying to calm her down.

“Is she okay, Principal Snyder?”

“She has some minor cuts and a bruise…” he replied, to which Xander carefully came over and began tending to her.

“How are you ma’am? It’ll be okay… did you see where the crazy man went? North? Great, that helps a lot. You’ll be fine…your son will make sure you get home…he was very brave, ma’am.”

Xander moved back and loaded for bear, the Principal a moment later walking over and unsure of the armed youth.

“What are you doing Harris?”

“HE hurt your mom, sir? And…Willow…” he replied, suppressing the rest, “And he’s also responsible for putting all those drugs in the water that caused so much trouble tonight.”

“You’re going after him?!”


“Mmm, thanks for helping with my mother.”

“It’s okay sir, just tell everyone that Ethan was in the cop car and hit you, and I’m the hostage. He got me right now… and you didn’t have a flashlight and couldn’t leave your mom in case he doubled back.”

“I can do that…”

“Then we’re square, sir.”

“Good luck, Harris. But don’t think when you get back I’ll cut you any slack.”

“As long as it’s a fair cop, sir, I don’t mind too much. Just be fair…”


Ethan Rayne was not a happy man; four times he’d tried to actually avoid the armed maniac pursuing him by racing toward the lines of the police manhunt, only to have the lad intercept him with gunfire and stir up a response from the deputies and others. Ethan was tired, hungry, filthy, was cover with cuts and bruises, his face was scraped from a ricochet, his arse had a now-bandaged gash from a near miss.

And the kid seemed to be getting better. Ethan had the distinct idea, that the boy was herding him back to Sunnydale, and the three groups of demons Ethan had had to blast through with his magic kept him from building enough power to try taking the boy himself. It had been two days since Ethan had jumped the one deputy eating his lunch; the boy had shot up the car before the Englishman could escape, but at least the tuna sandwich had been tasty.


Xander could feel the memories resurge in him, and as he hunted Rayne, they became his skills as much as they’d been Tasker’s, but a big surprise is that he was getting the memories of the guy up ‘til Halloween itself. He wondered if it were two-way, but who could tell. And he still had an Englishman’s bones to grind to make his bread…


Five days had passed in Sunnydale, and the massive hunt for the man who grabbed Xander after causing so much trouble worried the Scooby Gang. So much so that the shock of meeting the Harrises themselves nearly floored them at how such worthless beings could have had a hand in raising Xander. Returning to the library, they’d run into Principal Snyder.

“Any word on Harris?”

“N-No, I’m afraid not.”

“Let me know when you do.”

“Might I inquire as to why?”

“He saved my mother the other night; she’s been asking.” With that the unpleasant man left the group speechless. Billy Fordham, who’d just gotten into town and begun to hang out with the worried group wondered at such close friendship and loyalty. He turned to the redhead.

“Willow? You know the guy, does he usually jump in and save people?”

“Um…yeah, he does.”



The next afternoon found Xander only a couple hundred feet behind Ethan Rayne; Xander had sometimes managed to slip into the police areas and grab more supplies, ammo and radios to improve his chances. Now with his quarry on home turf, he grimaced to find the mage had literally gone underground, into the sewers, at the edge of the cemetery.

“This could get interesting…” he mumbled as he dropped a flare down the hole, and ducked back as it ignited the still-high bio-gas levels down below. Xander leapt down a minute later, in what seemed to be the most likely direction…back towards the man’s shop.

Xander had started out in the tunnel with twenty magazines of five slug for the police shotgun, and still had eight magazines of thirty remaining from the unchanged Halloween weapon. And of course, stakes, knives, and that weird alien spear-thing.

‘I might make it out alive…’


An hour passed, and with the occasional small spell up ahead causing difficulties for the local denizens, Xander slowly caught up with the singed and desperate Ethan Rayne. Unfortunately, trouble once stirred, meant twenty minor demons and fifteen vampires met unhappy ends in the confines of the tunnels, and set off as many secondary fights between demon types in the process. After all, what kind of idiot human would survive long down here?

Finally, as he was down to three and two mags respectively, Xander noted the open manhole above, and carefully ascended the ladder to find himself near some type of club. Looking down the street, only the one place seemed like a possible hiding place.

‘Screw it…’ he thought to himself, ‘They’ll have to deal with me and my guns. He heard gunshots, screams and a scream of rage, then Ethan and a freaky woman in black come out of the club and get into a Desoto. Xander fired, taking out tires as the man turned the corner, and put quite a few holes into the car itself, but it disappeared into the night. A moment later, as he ran to the corner and looked around, he could hear a crash in the distance.

Looking back, he saw vampires start to leave the club in game face, ‘No time, just one mission at a time…’
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