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Goin' Dutch

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Summary: YAHF. When Xander dresses as a soldier and discovers Willow's body, what chance does Ethan have against him?

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Movies > True LiestohonomikeFR13710,06112437,6655 Dec 0525 Dec 05Yes

Goin' Dutch 3

Going Dutch (3/?)
Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, and any other characters or real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. Buffy? Nope. None are mine.


With hope, he ran further down the street in the direction of the car crash, only to find the strange woman sprawled on the ground, and Ethan ducking into a building in which the alarm went off—a gun store.

‘Damn,’ he thought as he went to check the woman, ‘Lets see if this one’s vamp or human.’

Before reaching over, he noticed he had a small cut, so he wiped a little on the end of a stake, and with the shotgun near the woman’s head, dropped it under her nose. A gunshot fired from the store barely missed him, but it was enough for the vampire to make its move and getaway, fleeing past the gun store instead of away. Xander fired into the store twice, and that bastard Rayne fired twice at the crazy vampires for reasons unknown, striking her a glancing wound to the forehead, and another to the thigh; perhaps he was hoping that between a vamp and the noise he’d get away.


Xander cursed, noting the vampires coming up the street; he fired off his remaining M-16 rounds just to cause leg wounds; only a single blonde vamp seemed to duck into an alley and avoid the hail of lead. Xander then turned and fired twice more into the shop, and realized the vampires must be with Spike, and called out.

“Ethan! If you think shooting that vampire chick is going to save you, think again!” Xander then fired once more, and used the moment to run past Drusilla, who swore and made claw gestures at the store. Making it to the far alley, he could hear a police response.

‘Hmm, I’m going to bet you’re going to risk your shop next, Brit Guy.’


Reaching the back of Ethan’s store, he shook his head at hearing sounds from inside. He checked his now-meager arsenal, a total of eight shot in two magazines, plus the stuff without bullets. As soon as the sounds moved away, he kicked in the back door, dove in and rolled to the side. He could hear cursing in the front room, and fired once through an open door; a man screamed from what sounded like splinters from slug shredding wood.

Two heavy rounds, maybe .45, came through in response, then running feet. Xander dove through the door low, heard the word ‘Arsum!’ shouted and managed to get a shot off in the direction it came from. Another curse, as he himself just avoided a major singeing. The front bell rang as the door opened and another British voice could be heard.

“Alright, wankers…one of you hurt me, Dru, so both of you die.”

“Arsum!” and a shot gun blast, two .45 ACP rounds, and another shotgun blast struck William the Bloody’s entry, and his screams of pain and rage could be easily heard.

Xander fired where he thought Rayne would be, but took out the window, the bell chimed, and rolling in front of the counter he found neither Spike nor Ethan. But he did find the .45 ACP and five rounds left in it. Pocketing it, he scooted out the front door.


The trail was almost impossible to miss; a couple drops of blood here and there meant that Spike could track Ethan, and the blood from Spike’s wounds meant Xander followed him. Nearly an hour later, two fire spells, much swearing and six revolver shots, found the mage near an apartment complex. Spike was much diminished, but more determined than ever, having to stop and kill would-be supplanters. Offing him in his weakened state would still give status to other vamps.

Quickly, Spike raced up to where Ethan was heading, trying to stop him before a mere lack of invitation would stop him. Xander recognized the door and smiled as Ethan pounded on the door of the basement apartment. Spike lined up nicely as the door opened. Ethan threw himself in, Xander fired at a downward angle, taking Spike through the middle spine, the slug continuing through and piercing Angel’s thigh and cracking the femur.

Spike howled as he dropped, and Xander raced down, prepared to off him when the voice of the crazy vampires shrieked nearby. Turning, he fired his last shot slug, striking her, too, shattering her left shoulder and knocking her back. A minion with glasses moved to her as Xander raced down and through Angel’s door, .45 in one hand and alien spear in the other.

“Sorry Dead Boy, no time to talk…” he called, leaving a confused and swearing Angel behind.


He found the back window, and raced back out to find two minions grab Spike, another was going to off Angel until three rounds in the face and throat dusted him and spooked the others. They didn’t know he only had one round left.

“Hit the road bloodsuckers…I’m not in the mood.”

They looked at him, grabbed Spike tighter, and ran. A moment later he helped the vampire that’d won Buffy’s affections, back into the apartment.

“Good thing they didn’t call my bluff; I only had one round left. I could’ve gotten major f***ed up if they’d charged. I’d’ve gotten them, but…”

Angel, wincing, pointed at the fridge, so Xander sighed and grabbed the vamp all four packs.

“Here, heal up.”

“So he didn’t grab you did he?”

“No, I’ve been hunting the bastard for what he did to Willow and others…”

“What? Willow’s fine, Xander…”

“I saw her body…”

“She dressed as a ghost, and when the spell was over, she was okay again.”

“Crap…you mean this has all been for nothing?”

“If it means anything to you, you’ve probably gotten yourself a nasty rep tonight…”


“You shot up the three remaining master vampires known as the ‘Scourge of Europe’ and left them to recover.” Angel stared at the young man; most of the boy seemed gone, but enough there to recognize it was still Xander.

“Okay…sorry about the leg…got any clothes? I suppose I should go tell everyone I escaped from the evil Ethan Rayne…who’d snuck back, tied me up and is now running around Sunnydale…”

“Yeah, I probably have something…check the closet…and only use the clothes on the right…the others are my favorite.”

Xander came back a few minutes later, and rubbed his hands. Angel looked at him.

“That’ll make the tying up story believable, but how did you get them?”

“I tied guns and stuff to my wrists and as arm slings to make it easier to recover the weapons and such.”

“Okay. I want the clothes…and the duster…back.”

“Okay, don’t worry. I’m not ready to become one of the leather guys.”

Xander stood, “Sorry about shooting your leg. I’ll see ya around…Dead Boy.”

“Dressed like that, just get me the clothes back soon, Live Boy.”
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