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Goin' Dutch

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Summary: YAHF. When Xander dresses as a soldier and discovers Willow's body, what chance does Ethan have against him?

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Going Dutch (4/?)

Going Dutch (4/?)
Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, and any other characters or real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. Buffy? Nope. True Lies? None are mine.


November 6th, 1997 – SHS Library

The police left a few minutes before, leaving only a well-dressed couple in their late forties, and of course, Giles, Buffy and Willow. The man looked around the place, and then at Xander.

“Do you know who I am?” the man asked with a faint Austrian accent but no real visible emotion, “Who we are?”

In Russian Xander surprised his friends, who couldn’t understand him, “Yeah, I do. But after that…thing…in the jungle, it’s not as clear. Though I think my dancing’s probably improved.”

“You don’t know what I do now?” the man returned in French.

“Only vaguely,” Xander commented in Portuguese, “Though I’m going to guess this is your wife or partner?”

“Yes,” Harry responded in Farsi, “But I need to know if you’re a security risk.”

“Do you remember what I’ve been doing this past eight months?” Xander smiled after replying in German. Harry nodded. “Then we can keep each others’ secrets.”

In English, Harry nodded, “You did pretty well out there hunting the bastard. Did you get him?”

“No, a score of hostiles got in the way. Only five escaped.”

“You need anything before we report?”

“Training recommendations, maybe a contact number if things go south around here. Emancipation.”

“That your price?”

“No, it isn’t about price; it’s a matter of being able to keep doing what I’ve been doing, but better.”

“In that case, we’ll see what we can do.”

And with that the Taskers left, Snyder passing them as he scurried in.



“Get him?”

“Hurt him. But a bunch of PCP types got in the way.”

“Too bad.”

“How’s your mother, sir?”

“She’s fine. Asked about you. Told me to thank you.”

“Tell her you did. Tell her she’s welcome.”

“Good night, Harris.”

“Good night, sir.”

The Scoobies were floored more by the almost emotionless interaction between Principal and Harris, than the rest of the last week. Xander noticed and smiled.

“Ethan rammed Snyder’s car and kidnapped his mother. I made sure she was released.”



Tuesday, October 13th, 1998 – The Bronze

“So Xander’s meeting us here?” Willow asked Buffy as they each leaned into their boyfriends, Oz and Angel. The males stoically accepted it as their due.

“Yeah Wills, Giles said when he called that Xander’d swing by here when he got back into town.”

“Good, it’s just that he’s been gone almost as long as Angel—right after the Judge thing.”

“Yeah, and I for one am glad that in the space of a week he and Angel are back where they belong.”

Angel smiled slightly; having expected someone her one age to step in when he’d left with the arm and Xander with the head, it was nice to return and be welcomed.

“Yeah,” Oz agreed, remembering how a call from Xander to help him move kept him from getting bit while Jody was still in human rather than werewolf form kept him from becoming one.


Faith had managed to get her Watcher out of Kakistos’ hands before he’d gotten far, but the woman kept fading in and out as they’d driven, hitchhiked, rode in a train car full of automobiles, and eventually bus. They’d done a number on the New England vampires, not just Boston; she’d on a lark ditched her old digs and took a chance sneaking onto the train to New York back in February. She wasn’t going to go through with it, but she’d suddenly felt like she could do it. It surprised her, but it made scrounging easier.

Eventually, after a couple weeks of bad dreams, an English woman had shown up and explained things to her, that she had a purpose. Faith liked that a lot, having meaning to her life again. And so she’d taken training seriously, wouldn’t let up, and had cut a deep swathe through the vampires until Kakistos had had enough. And the gal helping her was an honest to goodness Lady and all. But her mentor told her to avoid a group known as the Watcher’s Council—except Rupert Giles in Sunnydale in the event something happened. And Lara had luckily been saved before the Greek Freak had had time to really get started beyond a simple beating.

Lara was feeling much better, and was currently looking like she was going to make it, but had asked Faith to stop so she could use to lavatory, and so they were now pulling up to a club that seemed to have once been a warehouse. Lara went in as Faith waited across the street in the car.


Xander had finally given in to a temptation and bought himself a sweet old Harley when he was in LA two days before; he’d always thought one might be fun, but after eight months of Omega training as their ‘tripwire’ on the Hellmouth, he’d picked up Harry’s tastes for things dangerous and on the edge that reinforced his own. The two Taskers, or Boris and Doris as he also knew them, had warmed up to the young man, with the oddity developing that as the two were in proximity, they had an empathic-instinctual link like the Xander-Willow one, or the Harry-Helen one. And their knowledge and experiences, the memories, seemed to update. The boss had been worried at first, until the comfortable almost-familial bond the three developed led him to code the boy as Horus—finding out about the Hyena (canine) possession precluded a Morris the Cat codename.

And with ‘Harry Junior’ on the Hellmouth, with the cover of college student and high school librarian’s intern with an insurance settlement from the cover company, Omega felt itself more secure in the area of weird supernatural nuisances.

Xander’s college for the semester was being covered through a retired agent in the admin office that would be finished translating Harry Tasker’s education and skills into years of tests, correspondence courses and summer internships. This semester left him with a placement at the high school full-time this semester, but only twenty hours weekly thereafter.

With his ‘outfit’ to be delivered to the other apartment in Giles’ duplex tomorrow, the young agent was wondering how the Watcher would react to his new neighbor, and pulled up near the Bronze. He noted a half-dozen possible vampires giving the bouncer and a couple of teenage girls at the door a hard time. Xander shook his head.


Faith watched the guys across the street, then the hot guy on the bike pull up and give the guys a careful eye. The young man couldn’t have been more than a year older than her, but carried himself in almost as predatory a manner as the vampires Faith staked on a regular basis. He wore a pricey trench coat instead of a duster, and the threads he wore were also quality, and from her vantage point, she watched as street-side on his bike he drew out from an almost unnoticeable holster a very big and dark firearm.

“Hey guys! Wait for me!” he called out, briefly confusing everyone that saw him, the bouncer getting nervous at yet another possible threat. She watched as the man kept the gun just out of sight until the thugs smirked at him. She couldn’t hear what was said, but watched as on grabbed the girls, one hit the bouncer and three swaggered toward the new guy, all of the aggressors in vampire ‘game’ face. Faith began getting out of the car, but passed him and down the alley see thought she saw Lara being pushed out the side door by a couple guys. Stakes in both hands, she began moving quickly.

The guy with the bike suddenly took up a position like one she’d seen her father take long ago on the shooting range, and proceed to fire seven rounds in about the six seconds it took her to cross the street.

The first three shots from the .50 DE eliminated femurs on the three swaggerers, taking them to the ground at a range then of ten feet, another round tore through the leader’s right arm, and did serious internal damage before exiting via the stomach, the fifth and sixth tore into the shoulder blades of the vamp that decked the bouncer, and the seventh went into one of the first vamps that seemed to be going for an actual weapon. The round tore up through the groin and rearranged some insides, taking the fight out of the vamp almost immediately.

The young man at once, ejected the spent magazine, leapt toward the door and turned it into a roll as he successfully but not too neatly reloaded his weapon. Faith continued to run by and into the alley, leaving the youth to take in the situation.

The vampire holding the girls immediately put them in front to keep from being torn up by bullets, three were screaming on the ground and the very large vamp that had taken two shoulder-blade-shattering rounds was actually turning to face Xander (five feet away) as the girls shrieked and the bouncer, groggy, slammed a heel into the back of the giant vamp’s knee to distract it.

Xander was definitely put off by the big vamp, and learned the valuable lesson that unless lucky like he’d been, more firepower from longer range might be a better plan. He fired four rounds into the chest of the big vamp, finally dusting the heart through sheer trauma, then finished off the leader with a head shot.

“Okay, ugly, let the girls go, and I’ll let you go.”

“What about those two?” the undamaged vampire asked, indicating the two slowly recovering vamps still on the ground.

“I have two rounds before reloading. If you run fast enough away, you’ll make it. I can’t very well leave two enemies behind me, can I? They might steal my bike.”

The vamp dropped the girls and turned to run. Xander aimed carefully and managed a leg shot that dropped him, then walked over and capped him. He pulled out yet another magazine, reloaded, and finished the other two.

“You three okay?” he asked the bouncer and girls, who nodded numbly, “Good. You never saw me, and they were never here, right? Must have been a car back-firing.”

The bouncer nodded, waving the girls in, “Sure man, and no cover for you whenever you show.”

Xander stooped only to pocket his two empties before moving into the unknown alley situation to find his friends looking amazed at a dark-haired girl and a dark-haired woman, both dressed to kill, literally in this case, he mentally smirked. He walked up, and noticing the looks from his friends in his direction, the newcomers turned also, the younger smirking.

“So, stud, you dust the other six blood suckers?”

He only really had one response, “Dana?”
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