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Goin' Dutch

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Summary: YAHF. When Xander dresses as a soldier and discovers Willow's body, what chance does Ethan have against him?

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Goin' Dutch

Going Dutch (1/?)

Author: Tohonomike

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, and any other characters or real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved.

This a partial response to someone’s challenge about Xander on Halloween seeing the body of Willow, but not the spirit, so he goes after Ethan Rayne. We’ll see how it works out.


Harry “Dutch” Tasker had just survived the damn thing that had killed off his companions, and was suddenly here? ‘Where the Hell am I?’

He pressed a button on the short spear segment, activating it as a scream pierced the night; from the looks of it a group of drunks dressed as pirates were going to harm and do worse to two young women being dragged into an alleyway.

“I don’t think so,” he conversationally raised his voice as he drew his service weapon, leaving the M-16 slung over the arm still holding the spear, “Move away from the girls.”

“Mind ye bizness, now, mate, and we won’t be a-killin’ ya instead o’ some wee fun.” Clearly the leader of the lot.

“The only thing wee is what you have,” Harry retorted, firing a round into the dirt between the lead pirate’s legs, “And I have many more in here waiting for you to make trouble.”

The pirates weren’t sure if there was a pistol that fired more than a single shot, until he fired again. They ran.

“Thanks Xander,” Cordelia hurriedly told him as she started to run off, followed by a Harmony taking in the Xander sights of bulging muscles.

“Yeah, Um, thanks, we owe you,” Harmony told him, then rushed after her pack leader.

“Xander?” Harry wondered, “Must be some strange slang kids these days are using.”

The Spec Ops soldier moved through the town, breaking up fights, preventing crimes from being perpetrated and breaking the necks of several murderers so sick they sucking on the necks of their victims.

“The drugs, it’s got to be drugs,” he murmured as an hour later he walked down the street he’d started on, reading a paper from 1997 when he noticed the body of a young woman under some bushes. Brushing her red hair from her cold face, he felt particularly moved, saddened beyond what he’d expect to. ‘Must be because I miss my own little girl,’ he mused, then arranging her respectfully, moved on as he heard the firing of weapons.

“Stand down soldiers!” he ordered as he reached the end of the street, “What’s going on, here?!”

“Hostiles attacking the locals, sir!” a short private responded, “Providing cover as they flee to safety.”

“Very good, but conserve your ammo, something’s not right about this town. Let’s head in the direction the hostiles fled, maybe there’s more to this than we know.”

Twenty minutes later, and the four soldiers had rescued two more girls after beating down eight more pirates and dragging them across the street to the hospital.

“You ladies, alright?” Harry asked the girls, “Do you need medical assistance?”

“No Xander, but thanks,” Amy told him, Joy nodding along as they then scurried home.

“Any of you know what a Xander is?” Harry asked his soldiers, but they too drew a blank, “Any way, let’s…”

The magic cleared up and the young males looked around a minute, shrugged, and went their separate ways. Xander sat on the curb, the memories settling in as the events of the night came back to him in graphic detail. He watched as across the street the costume shop owner, looking beat up, seemed to be breaking into a car as though someone was after him.

“You!” Xander shouted, getting up and moving toward Ethan, who as he drove off looked at the boy in recognition, “You got Willow killed you son of a bitch!”

Xander chased the car, reaching the corner as it sped away. He made a decision as an idea came to him. Seeing how at the convenience store, the cop had just gone in with his coffee mug, Xander got into the squad car, broke the column, and had the car wired and chasing Ethan within sixty seconds.

“I’ll make it hurt,” he breathed, searching through Tasker’s memories for the best way to inflict a lingering tortuous death on the killer of his Willow.
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