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The Chronicles of Riddick: The Underverse

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Summary: Summary: In order to end the Necromonger threat Riddick must journey to the past where it all began. And gets some help along the way. WARNING SLASH Xander/Riddick. Now with Fanart.

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The Chronicles of Riddick: The Underverse


Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick. B:TVS

AN: Post CR, Post The Zeppo.

Summary: In order to end the Necromonger threat Riddick must journey to the past where it all began. And gets some help along the way.

Diclaimer: WE own nothing. Nothing. Riddick unfortunately belongs to those with far more money, and pull than us. If we had it our way, he'd be tied to Wren's bed. And I'd have JC, damnit. But unfortuantely we realize the sky's blue so this isn't our world.

Warning: Slash

The Chronicles of Riddick: The Underverse

Riddick growled at the Elemental. Aereon sighed, The Riddick was a complex creature. The last of his kind. A killer, a convict. At the moment, Lord Marshal of the Necromongers. At the moment.

"I'm tired. I can't keep doing this," muttered Riddick from where he sprawled across the Lord Marshal's throne. "I never asked for this."

"Yet it is what is," said Aereon, quietly.

Riddick eyed the woman. After two years of her cryptic bullshit, he was ready to strangle her. If he thought it'd do any good she'd have all ready tasted his blade. "I refuse to be hunted any longer."

"You are no longer..."

"Bull," he roared standing. "The moment I became Lord Marshal, I became even more of a prize than before. The Necromongers are revolting because I won't let them continue their campaign. Several contingents have all ready seceded."

"And what are you going to do about it," she asked.

"Fuck," he muttered, pacing. "I am no one's saviour."

"You can not run."

Riddick gaze narrowed, and for a moment the ancient creature trembled at the look in the silver gaze. She above all knew the animal that lay barely leashed beneath the surface.

"I ain't never run in my life," he growled. "But you give me a solution or I'll make a solution."

"I have spoken with the Oracles," she said, floating off.

Riddick dropped back onto the thrown. He hated this mystical shit. Higher powers or whatever, he hated them all. They'd done nothing for him. He never intended to do anything for them.

"The Necromongers can not be stopped," she said after a long silence.

Riddick snorted. That was a no brainer.

When he didn't take the bait, Aereon continued on. "Not in this time," she offered. "The Oracles believe if you were to travel through the Underverse to before this began... stop the first Lord Marshal."

"And how would I do this," asked Riddick, brow quirking. "None of these loathsome creatures have ever seen their blessed Underverse. Hell, I don't even think the fuckers know where it is."

"They don't," began Aereon slowly. "Praise the Powers That Be that it was hidden from them. Or the worlds of man would have been long extinguished."

Riddick stiffened. He'd known the old crone had been keeping things from him. Partially, to appear more mysterious, which if it was for his benefit was wasted, and partially becuase she had her own agenda. But he'd never quite figured out her angle. It looked like it was finally share time.

Riddick stood next to Vaako, staring out into the starfield from the top deck of the flag ship. Once again having given orders to still another uprising.

Vaako glanced at the Lord Marshal. "I believe you're right, sir."

Riddick barely refrained from rolling his eyes. Vaako would agree with anything he said, as long as Dame Vaako wasn't around to goad him into stupidity. "I know I am. So, announce to the minions that I leave for the 'Great Pilgrimage' in a few ship rotations."

"Do you truly believe you shall reach the Underverse," asked Vaako. He'd found that unlike the previous Lord Marshal, the Riddick would answer questions. Well, those he deemed worth his time.

Riddick lifted a single brow, then turned and walked away. Vaako was useful, but in no way truly trust worthy. But then in his experience no one was. He was definitely not about to tell one of the enemy that he was making a trip through the Underverse to stop their New World Order before it began. He couldn't quite believe he was doing it, himself. But it was the only way according to Aereon and her blasted higher powers. He still wasn't sure exactly what the Elemental's agenda was. She'd told him just enough to get him to go through with, and she hadn't lied but there was something she was holding back. Maybe he was paranoid, but there was an old Earth saying, 'It ain't paranoia if they really are out to get you'.

Aereon entered the antechamber of the eldest Elemental. In the shadows the eternally youthful being shifted. The voice came from everywhere, and nowhere. "Have you done what I asked?"

"Yes, though it was a bit difficult," answered Aereon. "The Powers wanted him sent directly to where Samiel was birthed. However, I convinced them to send him where he would receive help."

The aura in the room shifted, and she could have sworn she felt the Eldest's pleasure surge across the air currents.

"Good. Good. Is the Riddick ready?"

Aereon paused before she answered. The Riddick was a complex creature. While she was certain whatever the Eldest had planned would come to fruition, she was just as certain that the Riddick wouldn't play along if he knew he was being manipulated. "I have told him only what the Powers wish him to know."

For a moment Aereon could have sworn she heard the being snort. But certainly not. They were servants of the Powers.

"Oh yes, the Powers. Good. That's exactly what you should have done. You've done well, Aaereon. It's time to gather the others. Opening the Gateway is a delicate matter."

Aereon gave a half bow before retreating, knowing she'd effectively been dismissed.

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