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21 for 21

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Birthday Insanity Challenge Ficlets". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: 21 ficlets and drabbles with various ratings and shows. Contains both crossovers and noncrossovers, ratings from FR7 to FR21. *12/29/10, revised chapter 20 put in*

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherJmariaFR212212,527057,5689 Dec 0529 Dec 10Yes

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One Tiny Addition (Dawn/Dagonet)

Title: One Tiny Addition

Series: 21 for 21

Author: jmaria

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Joss owns Dawn, Bruckheimer owns Dagonet

Pairing: Dawn/Dagonet

Three: bonzai, pickles, elves

Word Count: 671

Summary: One little thing makes all the difference.

Notes: 21 for 21 is my insane plan to write 21 ficlets for my birthday. . . except that people on lj give me a pairing and three words.

Count: 1/21

Dedication: to fufumira for the characters and the three words

One Tiny Addition

Laying flat on her back was not how she wanted to start her day. Of course, considering her company, it could have been a lot worse. Dawn Summers shoved herself to a sitting position and glared at the big bulky form standing in front of her. She peeked around one muscular leg to glare at the older man in front of her self-named protector.

Rupert Giles looked more annoyed than usual, and one of his precious books was held up as a shield in front of him. Dawn rolled her eyes at him.

“Dagonet, it’s just Giles, you can stand down,” she muttered in ancient Sarmatian.

“I do not trust him. He’s concealing a weapon,” Dagonet replied, his huge broadsword clenched more tightly between his fingers.

“I thought you’d finally convinced him to speak proper English, Dawn,” Giles snapped, stepping one tiny step back.

“It’s kinda hard to do that when I’ve got him freaking out and trying to protect me. It’s not like I set up code words with him. And I told you he’s got this big thing about keeping weapons far away from me,” Dawn sighed in English. She turned back to Dagonet, “Giles isn’t going to bleed me, Dag. You can put the sword down.”

Fifteen minutes later, after calming everyone down, Dawn found herself back at the research table with Vi, who’d offered to help her look in on this situation. The red-head just frowned at the big man’s back as he cleaned his sword again.

“I don’t understand why you put up with him, Dawnie,” Vi sighed.

“Cuz he’s my boss,” Dawn replied.

“Not Mr. Giles, that knight dude.”

“Dag? He’s fine as long as people don’t pop out yelling bonsai or anything. Giles really should know better than that by now. It‘s the second time they‘ve ended up that way. It‘s like they do it to annoy me purposely.”

“You sound like you don’t really want to send this guy back to his own time,” Vi said quietly, watching the other girl’s face.

“What?” Dawn’s head shot up, a blush rising to her cheeks. “Of course I want to send him back where he belongs! He should be back in his own time.”

“You wanna play hide the pickle with him, don’t you?” Vi grinned.

“I swear having a smutty mind must be a genetic trait for all slayers. He’s a thousand years older than me, plus we’ve got the whole language barrier on top of the time barrier.”

“It’s okay, Dawnie. If it were a stunningly gorgeous elf from Middle-Earth, I’d feel the same way,” Vi grinned.

“You mean Orlando Bloom. He’s in your own dimension, Vi,” Dawn sighed, bowing her head back over the text.

“Yeah, but I don’t have him hanging on my every word, now do I? Plus, you speak the guy’s language, Dawn. He tried, and succeeded in killing those vamps that attacked you,” Vi pointed out.

“Lady, is everything all right?” Dawn’s head jerked up at the sound of Dagonet’s voice. Vi stifled a laugh at the expression she made, and Dawn glared at her.

“Everything is fine, Dag. Just talking about finding you a way home, back to the other knights,” Dawn replied, a tinge of sadness in her voice. She would miss him when he was gone. This didn’t go unnoticed by the knight.

“You are surely a gift of the gods, Lady. Any man would surely treasure you, if you were at his side,” Dagonet cupped her face gently before returning to his chores. He stopped himself from adding how much he’d care to be that man.

“Yeah, you really feel nothing towards him,” Vi retorted when Dawn’s face turned beet red. “You’d have to be an idiot to see any attraction between the two of you.”

“Shut up, Vi.” Dawn grunted, turning the pages with more force than necessary.

Vi didn’t need to understand the words the knight had spoken to know that both of them had fallen head over heels for each other.
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