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Real Me

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Summary: After Willow did the spell that activated all the Slayers, she became the enemy to all demons and vampires, so the government put her in Witness Protection. Her new identity is in New York City. Xover with How I Met Your Mother

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Real Me

Real Me

Summary: After Willow did the spell that activated all the Slayers, she became the enemy to all demons and vampires. Since there were many attempts on taking her life, the government put her in Witness Protection. Her new identity is in New York City. Crossover with How I Met Your Mother.

Author's Note: I love Ruth forever for adding ideas to the plot. I apologize to our non-Buffy/How I Met your Mother-loving carpool for having to listen to us. And, on a more plot-related note, Willow obviously did not go to Belize with Kennedy. As usual, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Disclaimer: Think about this for a second. I am in high school. If I actually had invented these two magnificent shows, I would not be wasting my time doing my Spanish homework.


Chapter One: Willow's Decision

Willow Rosenberg's eyes fluttered open. Her vision was slightly blurred. Crap, she immediately thought. She turned her head to her right. There was a figure standing next to her. With another blink of her eyes, she was able to recognize it as Buffy. "Buffy," she whispered.

"Willow, thank God you're ok," Buffy stated as she looked up from her magazine. Seeing as it was a hospital magazine, it was months old. None of that mattered anymore. Willow was alive. She had survived. Again. "Will, this stuff's funny once, maybe twice," she pleaded. "You have to do something."

Willow shook her head as she tried to push herself up from the bed. It was hard. Her chest was in too much pain.

"My point exactly," Buffy said. "Willow, you know how dangerous this lifestyle is."

"And I'm not going to let that stop me from doing the things I'm good at," Willow argued back. "I don't care if one demon is out there or a whole herd of them. As far as they're concerned, I'm the enemy. The bad seed. But if I didn't do that spell, there would be more of them out there."

Buffy once again shook her head in protest. "But because you did that spell, all of the demons and vampires want you dead. You made it easier for their species to die out."

"And that's supposed to be a bad thing?" Willow argued back.

"Well, when you become their target for killing it is!" Buffy exclaimed. "Willow, you can't keep living like this. If you do, it will get you killed. There's no reason for you to have to die for this."

"Exactly," a man said as he approached from behind Buffy. His booming voice caused Buffy to jump in shock. "Miss Summers, visiting hours are over," he stated.

Before Buffy even had a chance to glance at her watch, two other men were escorting her out the door. Buffy knew better than to try and fight it. Doing such would only get her visiting rights for the next. "I'll call you later," she promised as she left the hospital room.

"Miss Rosenberg," the man said as he closed and locked the door. "Have you given any consideration to what we talked about the last time you were here?" He glanced down at her medical file. "That would be the gunshot wound last week to your left arm."

"I have given it some thought, Agent Ericksen, but my answer is still no," Willow said firmly. "I can't leave like this. I can't leave Buffy and Xander. Or Dawnie. Or Kennedy. No," she reiterated. "I can't. I won't, and I can't."

"What choice do you have, Miss Rosenberg?" Agent Ericksen asked her seriously. "The entire staff here knows everything about you, from your birthday down to your insurance ID number. Answer this honestly: In the last month, have you spent more time here or with your friends and family?"

Willow grunted, but she got his point. "Here," she grumbled in response.

"If you go back out there as yourself, you are as good as dead," he stated.

"I-I wouldn't necessarily go that far," Willow began.

Agent Ericksen grabbed her medical file again. "Then how would you explain this? 'May 31st, patient came in with two stab wounds to the lower abdomen. June 13th, patient rushed in with a broken wrist and possible head trauma. June 17th, MVA, saved only by seatbelts and airbags. July 3rd, GSW to the left shoulder. July 14th, and we're back to stabbing on the lower abdomen.' Do you have a death wish or something, Miss Rosenberg?"

Willow grumbled again. She was not angry with Agent Ericksen. He had gotten involved with her case after the second attempt on her life. She was angry at the situation. She was angry because she knew he was right. If she left this hospital, the risk was too high that she would be back in a couple days, only that time she might not be alive.

"When would we leave?" she asked finally.

"U.S. Marshals will be here to escort you within the hour."

"Escort me to where?" Willow asked meekly.

"New York City," Agent Ericksen answered. "Don't worry. Everyone looks familiar there. You'll be safe."
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