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Slayer's Keeper

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Summary: Buffy goes to Hogwarts at the end of season 2 and mends after killing Angel

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Oliver WoodalwaysanangelgurlFR182059,69742840,7924 May 0314 Mar 06Yes

Unexpected Guest and Talking

Disclaimer: I am not Joss, nor am I J.K. Rowlings, but I like to borrow characters for a little while.

Author’s Note: Buffy’s mom is younger, despite the fact that she will not be appearing. I enjoy cliff hangers and I’ll try not to rush! Thanks for the reviews.

Chapter 2: Unexpected Guest and Talking


“Uh.” Buffy said, looking at the man she had thought of as a father for the last several years. “Hi Giles.” She said, a bit sheepishly.

“HI!?” he exclaimed, “After disappearing from Sunnydale, abandoning your calling, leaving your friends and mother worried, you just say hi!” Giles asked and then he rushed forward to give her a hug. Snape took this moment to re-enter.

“Get your slimy hands off of my daughter, Ripper.” Snape told him, walking forward and pulling Buffy out of Giles’ arms. Giles looked shocked, he looked between Snape and Buffy and back again.

“Yo..our daughter?” Giles asked, stuttering slightly. “But how?”

“How do you think?” Snape asked and silently laughed when Giles turned slightly red.

“Yes, I understand that.” He snapped, “I was wondering how you and Joyce got together.” Giles told him, still looking flustered. Buffy eyed Snape, looking very interested to learn this story. “Besides, weren’t you a Death Eater?” Buffy looked confused at the term, but she figured it meant something bad when her father tensed up.

“Yes.” Snape replied. “I met Joyce while I was working for You-know-who and we fell in love. Of course, she was married, so we never made anything of it. One day, when we were supposed to be meeting I got summoned by Him and couldn’t meet her. I got to the meeting and He glorified in telling me how he got rid of my “muggle” lover and he gave explicit details.” Snape gave each detail like a dirty laundry list and Giles felt sorry for the man. “That night I went to Dumbledore and I became a spy.” He turned to look at Buffy, “I never knew about you, if I had I would have looked after you and you would never have left my side.” Giles looked between the two and decided to leave, he turned and left while Snape was talking to Buffy.

“So,” Buffy said, “You’re a spy? For who? What’s a Death Eater? And who is You-Know-Who? Cuase I gotta say that I don’t have a clue in the world about who he is.” Snape sighed, not used to Buffy’s ability to change the subject quickly or to talk so fast.

“I am a spy for Dumbledore. I used to be a Death Eater, which means that I served Voldemort or You-Know-Who. Most people will not say his name, because they are afraid it will bring attention to themselves.” Snape said.

“So, you did lots of bad things?” Buffy asked, trying to figure out what type of man her father was.

“Yes.” Snape said simply and at Buffy’s look, “I will tell you more when you are older.”

“Uh, hello Slayer here.” Buffy reminded him, “I may not live to be much older than I am now.” She watched a flash of pain cross his face at the reminder, he nodded.

“I followed Voldemort,” he began, “I was young and stupid and involved with the wrong crowd. I have murdered people, lots of people, people who did not deserve to die and I killed them in the most painful way possible. I have raped women and murdered children.” Snape continued. “Then I met your mother, she was lovely and so full of life. I wanted to kill that spark that she had, because I didn’t have it. So I got close to her and the day that I was supposed to kill her, I couldn’t bring myself to do it, because she had brought that spark into my life.” Snape looked lost in thought, he wasn’t really paying attention to anyone, he just seemed to be saying it to get it off his chest. “so, I continued to see her in secret, thinking I could keep it away from Voldemort. Then, he called me to the meeting. He told me that he had another Death Eater go and pick up Joyce. He waved his hand and there was a picture of what the Death Eater was doing to her.” Snape looked ready to cry and Buffy got up to hug him, he held onto her tightly, like she was a dream and might go away.

“I watched as she was raped by five other men and then they killed her. They cut her slowly, while Voldemort made me watch. I watched her bleed to death. Well I thought it was her, but here you are and from what you say she is still alive.” Snape said, holding her tightly. “I was furious, I was angrey at the world and I wanted revenge. So I talked to Dumbledore and he said that I could switch sides and escape being sent to prison.” Snape looked at her, waiting for the revulsion that he knew would be coming. He was shocked when Buffy accepted what he said and she still had not gotten up to leave. “so, I started to spy, but Voldemort fell to someone we had not expected, a young boy. And I came here to teach.”

“Who was the boy? How did he fall?”

“The boy was Harry Potter, Voldemort went to kill the Potters for standing against him, but the Potters were going into hiding, but they were betrayed. So, Voldemort followed and as he was about to kill Harry Potter his mother gave his life for him, making the spell backfire onto Voldemort.” Snape explained, relishing having someone to share everything with and having someone to hold and love. “Around the time that Harry Potter started school here, Voldemort started to rise again in power. He cannot take a form yet, but he still has a form and he is still dangerous.” Snape told her. “Alright, your turn. How long have you been the slayer?”

“Two years. I was called when I was fifteen. Mom and I were living in LA at the time and this British guy approached me and told me that I had a destiny. I faced Lothos, but not before he killed some of my friends and my watcher, so I decided to give up slaying.” She told him. “We moved to Sunnydale, after mom got a divorce..”

“The Mouth of Hell!” Snape exclaimed.

“Yep,” Buffy said, “I moved there and the first day I was met with a dead body in the locker. So, I went to Giles, who had tried to give me a book about vampires earlier and I told him. He asked me if I killed it and I told him that the body wasn’t a vampire and that I wasn’t going to be a slayer anymore. Boy was I wrong.” She stopped to take a deep breath, so that she could collect herself, as memories of Angel assaulted her. “That night I went to the local club, the Bronze, and met Willow and Xander there. But on the way, I could feel someone following me, so I jumped up onto a bar and waited, and he walked into the alley. I knocked him down and asked him why he was following me. He told me that he knew I was the slayer and that he wanted me to help kill them all, he tossed me a cross and disappeared into the night.” She smiled at the memory and touched the cross that she was now wearing; Snape noticed the claddaugh ring that was also on her finger.

“That night, Willow and Xander managed to get caught by vampires, so I went after them and saved them, but they had taken Jessie and I was once again reminded that I couldn’t save everyone.” She stopped talking and looked at Snape, he was looking at her thoughtfully. “So, Giles set up a training schedule and I started being a slayer.”

“Giles is your watcher?” Snape asked, and at Buffy’s nod he continued, “I never thought I would see the day that a Slyterin would be a Watcher, especially Ripper.” He told her and then he thought about it. “What happened to the guy you knocked down?” he asked, she saw her smile slightly and then close up.

“He was a vampire, with a soul and he helped me. We started to date and I made him lose his soul and then sent him to hell.” She told him stiffly, she got up and ran from the room, not noticing her Watcher coming back to talk to her.

“Buffy.” Snape yelled, but she didn’t listen, she continued to run, leaving Snape in the dust and very confused. He turned to Giles, “What happened?”

“That was what I was about to ask you.” Giles told him, “So, your Buffy’s father? Where have you been these last few years?” Ripper asked and Snape knew that voice, but he refused to be intimidated by him.

“I didn’t know about her until yesterday.” Snape told him, “She was telling me about some guy she was involved in and she got upset and ran out.” Snape started hard at Giles, knowing he knew something.

“Yes, well that is her story to tell.” Giles said and turned to leave.

“I have missed enough of her life, please.” Snape pleaded and Giles was shocked, he had never known Snape to plead with anyone about anything.

“You do not say anything to her.” Giles told him and Snape nodded. “She was seeing a vampire, named Angel..”

“The Scourge of Europe?!?” Snape exclaimed, shock evident in his tone.

“Yes.” Giles said simply, annoyed to be interrupted, well at least he knew where Buffy got it from. “He was cursed by gypsy’s with a soul, but the curse had a loop hole. If he had a moment of happiness then Angelus would return.”

“And he had that moment.” Snape guessed. “Oh God!”

“Yes, well he tried to raise Acatha and end the world and she had to send him to Hell and then she ran away.” Giles told him, filling in what few blanks he knew. Giles watched as Snape processed the information, he decided that it was time for him to be alone and turned to leave.

“No, Wait!” Snape called out. “Tell me what she is like.” Giles nodded and sat down next to Snape.

“She is very stubborn and impatient, but she is bright, extremely bright.” Giles said, as a smile played across his face. “She is able to think on her feet and an adept fighter, she has been through allot and she has her moments of being mature, but she is definitely full of life.” Giles said and Snape smiled. They continued to talk, Giles telling Buffy stories and Snape telling Giles what had happened in the wizard world since he had left.


Buffy ran through the hallways at Hogwart’s unsure of where she was going, but knowing that she had to go somewhere. She settled on going to the Forbidden Forest and killing something, many something’s.

Buffy entered the forest and felt the darkness over take her. She could feel everything magical and non-magical moving towards her. She could distinguish the bad from the good and she could tell that the good were not sure if they should come near her or not. She could feel something that was pure light coming towards her, she assumed that it was a unicorn, from what Dumbledore had told her about them.

Three unicorns entered the clearing and circled around her, they ran foraward and neighed, each wanting attention and to be petted. Buffy was taken aback, because they weren’t supposed to come up to her, but she didn’t care, she petted them and she could feel them trying to comfort her. She smiled at them and let them rub up against her, when they all tensed; she sent the unicorns off and waited for whatever it was to come forward.

Buffy was shocked when a large, iridescent and multicolored dragon flew into the clearing. It allowed bright red flames to escape from its mouth as it tried to scorch Buffy. She was still in shock, but she had enough sense to dodge out of the way and duck behind a rock. She cursed herself for being so stupid as to not have brought some type of weapon to fight with, not that she had been thinking clearly anyways.

As Buffy was thinking what to do, the dragon had found something new to play with. It stood about six feet tall; the front was an eagle, while the hind was the body of a lion, with great gaping wings. It seemed to be discussing with the dragon and flying out of the dragon’s reach. This went on for a while, before the dragon bowed to the Griffin and took off into the air, leaving Buffy and the Griffin alone.

The Griffin approached Buffy and sat down and seemed to motion for Buffy to get on it’s back. Buffy approached the great beast cautiously and petted him. It seemed to like that, because it leaned into her touch. Buffy smiled and tentatively got on it’s back, the Griffin spread it’s wings and took off into the air flying towards Hogwart’s.

Buffy loved being in the air, she felt so free like she hadn’t had the year from hell and that she was a normal girl. Well, as normal as Buffy got. The Griffin sensed her mood and flew circles around Hogwart’s before landing in front of Dumbledore, Giles, and Snape.

“Buffy!” Giles and Snape exclaimed together, after giving a brief look at each other, Snape continued. “There is a dragon loose.”

“Ya, I already met him.” She said, she petted the Griffin and she heard a shocked gasp as everyone finally realized what had brought Buffy home.

“Is that?” Snape asked.

“Good Lord!” Giles exclaimed.

“Yes, it is a Griffin.” Dumbledore told them.

“But what is it doing with Buffy?” Snape asked, turning to face the headmaster.

“Well, Griffins protect treasure and Buffy is something that needs to be protected.” Dumbledore told them, before turning and leaving. Buffy continued to pet the Griffin.

“So, you’re a Griffin and you’re here to protect me?” She asked, half expecting it to answer.

“Yes.” It told her. “I am Anlon (champion).”

“So, thanks for saving me and I’ll see you around?” she asked.

“Yes, for I will not be leaving until you are safe.” Anlon told her, “Dumbledore shall allow me to stay here.” Dumbledore came back outside and looked at Anlon.

“You can sleep in the room next to Buffy’s. I gave her, her own room, so you should just have to move in.” Dumbledore told Anlon. “Although you cannot go to her classes with her.” Everyone made their way inside. Snape kept looking back at Anlon, still not trusting him anywhere near his Buffy, but he decided that she might need all the protection she could get. Giles was walking, when he suddenly stopped and caused everyone to run into him.

“What did you mean that Buffy was a treasure that needed to be protected?” Giles asked, eyeing Buffy and Dumbledore.
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