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Slayer's Keeper

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Summary: Buffy goes to Hogwarts at the end of season 2 and mends after killing Angel

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Oliver WoodalwaysanangelgurlFR182059,69742840,7914 May 0314 Mar 06Yes

Chapter 20

Disclaimer: I am not Joss, nor am I J.K. Rowlings or anything else, but me.

Author’s Note: I wanna say sorry that it has taken me so long and that it is short. Thanks for all the reviews and I hope to have a longer update soon!

So I just realized that Chapter 17 wasn't in here, So i posted that as well.. thanks, so reviews for chapter 17-19 were accidently deleted so i could repost! sorry!

Chapter 20

Buffy made her way out of the hall, checking every now and then to make sure that there was no one following her. She reached the dungeons when a hand grabbed her. Instead of screaming like the person thought she would, she bit the hand and turned to glare at him.

“Was that necessary, father?” she asked snidely and Snape nodded slowly. He wanted to see if she had known he was there and if her lack of fear was anything to go by, she had. “What is it?”

“I know that look,” he said softly, “you are planning something and I want to know what it is.” Buffy fidgeted for a moment wondering what she should tell him and then decided truth would be the best option.

“I need your help,” she said slowly, “I know now that Voldemort will never leave me alone, I have the perfect body for him, all the power and healing. I can’t sit around here and wait for him to decide that now would be a good time to attack. I have to do it now,”

“Why now?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, “there is something coming and I’m not sure what it is. I can just feel it and I know that it’s going to be big and I refuse to deal with Voldemort and whatever it is at the same time.” Snape nodded slowly, acknowledging her words, he understands her wanting this to be over and he really couldn’t blame her. “I can’t explain this to you right now, but Malfoy is right behind me and you don’t want him catching us talking.” Leaning up she gave him hug and a kiss on the cheek, “love you dad,”

“Love you too,” he replied, watching as she slipped into the library, he quickly hid in the shadows and watched as Malfoy followed her in moments later.

Inside the library

“This had better be good, Malfoy,” Buffy exclaimed as he came into the library behind her, he jumped for a minute wondering how the hell she knew it was him, “You had better start explaining how the hell you are able to talk to me telepathically.”

“It’s a family trait,” Draco replied as he eyed the slayer who was angrily pacing in the room. She looked like a cage lion and he wondered who was unlucky enough to deserve her wrath, “Luckily it skips every other generation, so my father was not born with it.” Draco thought of all the times that he would have been beaten even more if his father had known what he was thinking. “But that’s not what you really wanted to talk about is it?”

“No,” Buffy stated finally, she looked Draco over and noticed the glamour that seemed to be surrounding his aura. “Finite,” Buffy murmured, she gasped as the spell dropped and she could see the bruises that Draco had received. “He’s mad because you haven’t delivered me to him, isn’t he?”

“Yes,” Draco replied, he didn’t even have to ask who he was, Draco knew without a doubt. He pulled his wand, planning to put the charm back up, but Buffy stopped him. Buffy felt sorrow emit from the boy, because his father did not accept him for who and what he was, and instead the bastard wanted to use his only son as a means to appease a monster. Buffy wanted nothing more than to hurt Lucius at that moment, but she knew that when the time was right it would be Draco that did it and not her, because Draco was learning that his father couldn’t be trusted.

“I can help with that,” Buffy told him, he looked skeptical, but Buffy handed him a vial. Sniffing it, Draco gave a look of disgust and raised an eyebrow at Buffy, “I know it smells horrible, but it will help with everything, I should know since it was made for me after patrols.” Realization dawned on Draco’s face and he immediately drank up, making a revolted look as it went down his throat.

“Thank you,” he croaked out, he could feel it helping him immediately, everything was no longer sore and the cuts and bruises were disappearing. “What is you really wanted to know though?” at Buffy’s look he smirked, “I’m a Slytherin after all. I know when there is an ulterior motive.”

“I wanted to know who knows about Snape being my father?” Buffy responded, sending a smirk of her own. She watched the flash of emotions cross Draco’s face and realized that it was out of his hands, he wouldn’t be able to stop the rumors from getting out, it was a matter of time until the populace would know, “How long do I have?”

“Not long,” Draco replied, “We Slytherins like to make sure there are no secrets in the school. The more trouble we can cause the better.” At Buffy’s look he continued, “If you are being pestered and troubled then you are going to be pushed away, you will be forced to join the dark side.” Buffy nodded slowly, realizing what he was saying. Although Gryffindor is known for its bravery, if this were to come out, than she will be abandoned. Snape was one of the most hated teachers, the most hated actually. No matter how vivacious Buffy was, no matter how well liked, if this came out, no body would want to be her friend, they would be too afraid that she was to become a Death Eater.

“This can work in our favor.” Buffy declared, giving Draco a smirking look. A look suddenly overtaking her, Draco wasn’t sure whether to be relived or worried.

“What can?” Oliver asked, he hadn’t been close enough to hear the two whispering, but if the two of them were going to get into trouble the world would burn. Buffy turned and smiled at her boyfriend, who returned the smile immediately. When he had heard about what had happened the night before he wanted to go running down to her room, but he knew that Snape had been called and that she would be waiting for his return. She had looked so tired when she had come in that morning, like she had spent too many hours arguing. He hadn’t wanted to pressure her to tell him what was going on, but when the Slytherin boy had followed her out, that was it for him.

“We are going on the attack.” Buffy declared and the two boys looked at her waiting for the plan of attack. She pulled them closer and began to describe her plan of attack.

Snape’s room

“You just left,” Joyce said, “I was so worried. I always wondered where Buffy got it from, well now I know. It’s you, she’s just like you, can’t sit still for any reason.” She gave him the disapproving mom look and he had to fight the urge not to squirm under it.

“Well, what did you want me to tell the Dark Lord?” he asked sarcastically, “I am sorry master, but I couldn’t be here on time, because I had to say goodbye to the love of my life?” Joyce’s expression softened slightly at this, “You know the one that was supposed to have died all those years ago? Yes the muggleborn one.” Realization dawned on Joyce, but Snape kept going, “while I am at it, why don’t I put a sign on myself that says I am a spy for the Order and he should kill me immediately?” Joyce began to cry at this, she didn’t want him to die, not since she just got him back. Snape quickly pulled himself out of the rant and gathered her into his arms. “I’m sorry my love,”


The boys gathered around as Buffy began to explain her plan. She was going to have Snape give information to Voldemort to attack during the last Quidditch match of the season. There would be so many people that they would be forced to acknowledge that Voldemort was back. It sounded great in theory but Oliver knew something that no one else did, Buffy had a Hell God after her. What was she going to do when Glory showed up at the match as well. He went to comment but she shook her head, she knew what he was thinking and was already planning for it. He was deeply impressed and saddened at the same time, she was so old, older than her years and had been leading a war that no one should have to.

“What do I need to do?” Malfoy asked, he didn’t catch on to the subtle conversation going on between Buffy and Oliver, he was focused on getting out of the clutches of his father and the Dark Lord.

Snape’s Room

“You could start by telling me the truth,” Joyce said, “How much danger is our daughter in?”

“A lot,” Snape said finally, he did not want to tell her what was going on any more than he wanted Buffy to be in danger, but you didn’t always get what you wanted, “She wants to lure the Dark Lord to the Quidditch match with the promise of her body,”

“Why the Quidditch match?” Joyce asked, it was public, too public for the slayer to do what she needed to do.

“So that there would be so many people the Ministry would be forced to admit that the Dark Lord has returned,” Snape said quietly, she had gotten so many people to believe that the Dark Lord still had followers and the next step was to get people to pop their bubbles of denial and join Hogwarts in reality.

“There’s something else isn’t there?” Joyce asked and Snape nodded, she waited impatiently, determined not to close her eyes and turn her back on her daughter’s world anymore.

“She is the Key.” Snape replied, “There was a Hell Goddess who was getting too powerful in her dimensions. Her brothers decided to kick her out and created a human shell for her.”

“What does this have to do with my baby?”

“This Hell Goddess wants to go home,” Snape said, “There is a key that will unlock all dimensions it is protected by monks. These monks fearing that the Goddess was after them took blood from a baby infused this child with the Key.” Realization began to dawn on Joyce, “This child had to be especially strong, someone that could withstand being the key, like a slayer or a potential slayer. The monks hoped that this Goddess would be unable to detect the Key, but if she did this child would be able to protect herself.”

“My baby,” Joyce whispered softly.

“Yes,” Snape replied, “But infusing this potential slayer or slayer had unforeseen consequences, because the monks did not know that this child was a magical child already. By infusing this child with the essence of the key, it strengthened the slayer,”

“Making her basically invincible,”

“Even against bodily invasions,” Snape replied, “Which is why she had such a difficult time when she was infected with an aspect of a demon,”

“Because her body was fighting it,” Joyce replied, “But it almost killed her!”

“Yes,” Snape said, “But the aspect was holding on to where it infected her, Voldemort has no hold on her, cannot control her, and cannot invade her body.”

“How do we know this Hell Goddess won’t attack her when Voldemort does?”

“Because she is within a time limit and the time for the spell is not at hand.”

Gryffindor Tower: Boy’s Room night before

“Potter, Xander, Oz,” Oliver called out and the boys slowed down, “I need to chat with you,”

Gryffindor Tower: Girls Room Night Before

“Willow, Ginny, and Hermione,” Buffy yelled motioning them over, “I need your help,”

Slytherin Tower: Night Before

“Pansy,” Malfoy called, although he would never date her, he did care for her and she was one of the few Slytherins that could be trusted, “Get Blaise, I need your help.”

The Room of Requirment

Everyone entered the room quietly, with Buffy shutting the door behind her.

“As you know,” Buffy began, “we are at war, a war that no one really knows about.”

“What is he doing here?” Harry asked pointing to Malfoy and the other two Slytherins that had been chosen.

“In war, everyone chooses a side, these are the people that know we are at war and are fighting the good fight,” Buffy said with finality, “We do not have a lot of time. Tomorrow is the last Quidditch match, my dad is going to lure Voldemort to the match with the promise of my undying loyalty and the use of my body. I need your help.” She quickly laid the plan out for everyone involved. The looks ranged from shock to disbelief, but in the end Buffy won their belief in her.

Some dank cellar

“My lord,” Snape said, “she is under my control, which means she is under your control,”

“When,” Voldemort hissed, “When can I have her body?”


Room of Requirement

“Focus,” Buffy said as she tested everyone’s shields. She threw blast after blast at them, until everyone was ready, until their shields did not drop. “Alright, let’s go to bed,”

Next day: Quidditch Pitch

“Harry,” Ron said whispering, “have you noticed anything funny about Hermione?”

“What you mean like the bags underneath her eyes or the fact that she is taking so many classes, some of which overlap and yet her professors swear she is at every one?” Harry asked sarcastically, “No I hadn’t noticed,”

“Just checking mate,” Ron replied, before leaving as the horn sounded.

“Here come the Gryffindors!” Lee Jordan yelled as the Gryffindors took the field, “Led by Oliver Wood, this team is sure to kick ass!”

“LEE!” McCongall yelled and Lee cringed, before continuing on.

“Next is the luscious Buffy, who has a body to die for,”

“LEE!” he started to bolt for it, continuing his introduction of Buffy,

“But watch out guys! This hot tamollia is all Oliver Wood’s!” Lee dodged McCongall’s arms and looked to see who was up next, “Spinnett,” was all he got out as McConagall caught him and sat him down next to her, “Potter, Weasley, and Weasley,” he finished quickly. The Slytherin’s were the next to take the field. “Here comes the Slytherin team, led by Flint, the no good,” the mike was snatched out of his hands and he glared at the Transfiguartion teacher, who quirked an eyebrow.

“Mount your brooms!” Madam Hooch said, everyone got on their brooms, “Three… two… one…!” everyone took off into the air.

“Gryffindor in possession, Spinnett has the quaffle, fake passing to Buffy, who barely dodges a bludger sent her way by that no good slimy snake, Flint.” Lee receives a sharp glare, but continues on, “Flint moves towards summers at an amazing speed, colliding right into her! Buffy grabs a hold of his broom and holds on as he shoots into the sky, I can’t see what’s happening but the broom is going out of control, I think Flint has lost control with the luscious Buffy on board. The broom seems under control and it is descending,” Everyone waited with baited breath as the broom came down, Flint had a grin on his face as an unconscious Buffy hit the ground,

“You son of a bitch!” Oliver yelled, jumping off his broom and reaching Buffy. He cradled her in his arms as he glared at Flint, “If anything happened to her I am going to…”

“You are going to what?” Flint interrupted gloating, “Something is going to happen your precious Buffy, she is going to become the vessel for the Dark Lord,” Flint looked around as though he were waiting for someone to make a move and everyone was wondering who. They didn’t have long to wait as a dark and gloomy feeling seemed to take over the entire place. Everyone gasped in fright as Dementors began to storm the field, taking care of the Professors area first. A loud pop was heard as two men appeared in the Quidditch Pitch. One was a barely formed man who was being held by a man with a ugly white skeleton mask on. With one word the dark mark appeared in the sky, causing students to scream and try to flee, but the dementors were there holding the students in their seats.

“Ahh, my loyal servants,” the man rasped out as others with the skeleton masks appeared in the stadium, “You have arrived in time for my rebirth. You,” he said addressing the masses of students, “are lucky, for tonight you will witness a most glorious event, the rebirth of the Great Lord Voldemort!”

“What’s so great about you?” Ginny asked stepping boldly forward as the others discreetly took out their wands, “You couldn’t even kill a child,” the Dark Lord looked like he was about to respond, but she continued, “I would worry, if I were you,” Ginny told the Deatheaters,

“Why is that, little girl?”

“Why do you trust a man who couldn’t kill a child?” she asked, “The most powerful wizard in the world, as you say, who couldn’t kill a child. It should have been like taking candy from a baby, but he had some difficulty with that,”

“And,” Harry said as he stepped forward, “he couldn’t kill me last year as a ghost or the year before with that weakling Quirrell.” The Deatheaters looked towards their Dark Lord for leadership,

“Kill them,” Voldemort rasped moving towards Buffy. With a flick of his hand Oliver was sent flying, placing his hand on her head he sank his essence into her body. He was too concerned with feeling superior, that he never noticed the small smirk that appeared on Oliver’s face as he slowly came to his feet.

“Surprise!” Buffy exclaimed as she captured his mind within hers. She could feel the shock reverberate through him, because he was her now, wasn’t he? “What? Your surprised?” she asked mockingly, “Didn’t you find it a little odd that dad had turned me so quickly? It’s only been a couple of days,” she smirked, “I can tell by your surprise that you are. Too bad I was expecting a big bad that actually put up a fight,” Shrugging she went to work on expelling him from her mind and body. She cut off his ties to his old body, ensuring that he would be unable to go any where expect for where she wanted him and then meticulously scraped every part of his essence off of her. Crumbling him into a ball she pushed him into the snitch that she held hidden in her hand.

Buffy wasn’t sure how long she was out, but when she woke up Oliver was by her side again. She knew that, although he was stopped, for now at least, he wasn’t dead she found that he had ties still in this world, ones like the diary that she couldn’t contain within the snitch because technically they were not a part of him, now.

“Are you okay?” he asked and she nodded weakly, holding her hand up to show him the snitch that was no longer golden. He took the jar that Hermione had created, an unbreakable one, and placed the snitch inside of it, closing the lid tightly. Looking around she saw that the Deatheaters were advancing on the students, their backs turned to Buffy, all convinced that their Dark Lord would win against a child.

“Right as rain,” she said standing, she noticed that certain students moved to a perimeter like station, like it was planned, “We need to go to the Slytherin side,” she told him, Ginny and Harry had Gryffindor, Blaise and Pansy had Syltherin, Malfoy and Ron had Ravenclaw, Xander and Oz had Hufflepuff, and Willow and Hermione had the teachers. Oliver made a face but they made their way over to the Slytherin side, he understood that Buffy wanted to be were everyone could see her for this attack, “One… Two… Three! EXPECTO PATRONUM!” The dementors were faced with multiple Patronus charms, not all were cast perfectly but enough so that they were forced back. The DeathEaters stopped as they realized their biggest asset was fleeing. They turned to retrieve their dark lord when they realized nothing was left of him and the girl was standing there with her wand raised, “One… Two… Three! STUPEFY!” Deatheaters went down all over the place, students started raining in simple charms that they had learned while the outside perimeter kept a Protego shield raised around the class.

“You did it!” Harry yelled, “You killed him!”

“No,” Buffy commented, “He is still alive I will not be the one to kill him, no matter how much I want to,” she knew that Harry had his destiny and she would be able to help him, but not in that final moment. That final moment would be his, “You have your destiny,”

“I don’t want it,” Harry spat out.

“It doesn’t matter if you want it or not, you have your destiny and the more you ignore it the more unprepared you will be and the more innocent people that we will lose to that madman,” Buffy told him, before they could continue they heard a rustle, as Flint tried to make a run for it, “STUPEFY!” They laughed as he fell face down into the muddy ground. “Serves him right.”

“This is the Aurors, everyone put down their wands,” The students cautiously put down their wands, while the perimeter students kept up their Protego shields, until told other wise by Buffy. The Aurors took the field, moving towards the downed Deatheaters and checking them. After performing a Incarcerous spell on the downed men, the Aurors turned to the students, “Please put down your wands,”

“How do we know who you are?” Buffy asked and the other nodded, they had come to far protecting the students to allow the chance that these might not be Aurors. “Prove to us that you are Aurors,”

“How?” one of them asked stepping forward, this girl reminded him of his mentor Auror.

“Tell me something only an Auror would know,” Buffy demanded nodding to Harry who was whispering in her ear, before retaking his place, “Tell me where Harry stayed at the beginning of this year and why?”

“He was at the Leaky Pub,” an pink haired girl said, “Because he had accidentally blown up his aunt.”

“Alright,” Buffy said nodding to the students who lowered their wands and the spells dropped, “Willow, Hermione, Ginny get to the teachers. They need choclate and bed rest. Harry and Ron take Gryffindor to the Great Hall with…” she trailed off looking at the pink haired Auror,


“with Tonks,” Buffy continued, “Blaise and Pansy take Slytherin to the Great Hall with…” she looked to Tonks for help,


“with Moody. Xander and Oz take Hufflepuff with..”


“Right and Oliver and Draco take Ravenclaw to the Great Hall with..”


“Alright,” Buffy said, “you have your assignments.” The students turned to go to their towers, “Remember that we just chased off the dementors they may come back, keep one protector in front and the other in back, keep your shield charms up and be wary of any shadow. I want a report when you have reached the Great Hall, send a signal flare into the air. If I do not see one within five minutes, I will come looking for you. Dismissed.” The students quickly fell into line with their protectors and one Auror. Buffy turned to face the Aurors that were left after the last student had left.

“Buffy,” Willow called and her friend turned to her, “we need to get them out of here, they aren’t conscious.” Buffy nodded and made her way over to Willow, grabbing a hold of two of the teachers she popped out and was back within moments, this time she took Willow and another teacher. Then Ginny and anther teacher and then Hermione and another teacher. This continued until the last of the teachers had appeared into the hospital wing. Buffy returned to the field,

“So,” Buffy said quietly, “what is going to happen to them?”

“They will be taken into custody and placed in Azkaban, where they will receive the Dementor’s kiss.”

“The Dementors are not on our side anymore,” Buffy said and the Auror shook his head as though she were a stupid child,

“Of course they are,”

“No,” she replied, “They have been here attacking these students and I am sure if you check into Azkaban you will find that most of your Deatheaters are gone, as well as the Dementors.” The Auror shook his head at the child and went to explain to her that the Dementors were good, when he felt happiness shrinking from him, he could feel it leaving his body. “Cold, isn’t it?” Buffy asked, “Feeling all your happiness sucked out of you, while they close in, should I let them get closer so that you can tell if they are on our side?”

“NO!” the man exclaimed shakily, moving to turn around,

“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Buffy exclaimed and the Auror could feel happiness return. “Still think they are on our side?”

“No,” a soft voice was heard, “they are on my side, my little key.” Buffy turned around she could feel her blood freeze, she was sure Glory would not have shown until it was close to the time, unless the time frame had moved up. Buffy stepped back and ran into Anlon who had flown down and landed behind her during the slight altercation. She felt relief flood through her, if Anlon was there that meant Glory could not take her, she wasn’t ready to go, not yet, not ever.

“What do you want here, Hell beast?” Glory jumped, because she had not seen or heard the creature arrive behind Buffy, but it had arrived at some point. She seethed as she watched the creature protect her Key. She had hoped by bringing along the Dementors the creature would be distracted and unable to protect her Key. She wondered what she could do to get this creature to let this child go.

“I have come for my Key,” Glory responded and the creature smirked at her, if they could smirk. “There will come a time when you will not be protecting my little key,” Glory replied before she too disappeared.

“How did you know to come here?” Buffy asked Anlon, after she had hugged him for keeping her safe.

“That would be me,” Hermione replied stepping forward, she had seen what had happened to Buffy after her altercation with Glory and knew that she had to do something to stop it.

“But how?” Buffy asked, “I just put you into the hospital with the teachers. I just saw you,”

“This is a time turner,” Hermione replied holding up the clock that Buffy had assumed was a watch or something, “It allows me to fold back time and…” she noticed the glazed look Buffy got and sighed, “It allows me to go back in time and I can change things,” Buffy nodded,

“You need to tell the boys,” Buffy said and Hermione nodded, she didn’t want to, but she knew that the boys would wonder how she did it as well.

“I know and I will, tonight,” Hermione replied, spinning the turner and disappearing.

“Let’s get to the castle,” Buffy said as though nothing out of the ordinary had just happened, “Before anything else can arrive.” The others nodded, while Buffy began her disappearing act once again, grabbing a hold of the Aurors one by one, until everyone was safe inside the school.

“Buffy!” Buffy spun to see her mom running towards her, without a thought she took off running to her mom, who gathered her in a hug. Buffy smiled as she felt her mom’s arms come around her.

“Let’s go, mom,” Buffy said pulling her mom to the Great Hall where the different students were assembled. “I want a report,” Joyce watched as her daughter systematically checked that each group of students had arrived to the Great Hall without incidence. When she had gotten the report on the students she checked on the teachers in the Hospital wing. Joyce couldn’t help but compare her daughter to a general in a army of several students and it seemed that they were winning the war. She chuckled softly as her daughter ordered the Aurors around and although they seemed disgruntled about this, they did what she bid.

Everyone jumped in fright as the doors to the Great Hall exploded inward, as though kicked by a large force. Buffy and the others whirled to attention, wands at the ready as a lone figure walked into the room. Buffy took in the woman as she walked into the hall, she was taller than Buffy, but hey who wasn’t? She had dark brown hair, straight, and her persona just screamed dangerous!

“Hey, B!” the young woman exclaimed taking in all the witches and wizards, “The name’s Faith, vampire slayer reporting for duty!” There was a gasp heard around the room, there was only supposed to be one at a time! “My watcher sent me, said something about a dark power rising.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Slayer's Keeper". This story is complete.

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