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End Of Days

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Summary: AU Buffy/Dark Angel/Charmed x-over. Buffy and the gang get word of what's happening in Seattle and decide to go help. Once there they get more than they bargained for. MZ, SK, JZ, BA, PL

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Surprise Reunion

Jondy, Zane and their friends arrived in Seattle. They parked their vehicles in an alley near Terminal City and snuck in through the side of the fence. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige just took in their surroundings. "Not the best place but its the only place we're save from the public." Zane said.

"Oh." Piper said snapping out it.

Zane headed for the main building and walked up the stairs. Jondy, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige followed behind him. They ran into Zack on the way up to the second floor. "Where's Max?" Zane asked.

"Hey Zane, Jondy. She's in headquarters. I'll show you the way." Zack said leading the group to hq. "She's in here." Zack said.

Jondy smiled and knocked on the door. Max looked up from her desk. "Oh my god. Jondy, Zane. What are you doing here?" Max asked excitedly.

"We came to help out our baby sister." Zane replied .

Max hugged Zane then Jondy. "Does Zack know you're here?" Max asked.

Jondy smiled rather mischieveously. "Yeah well actually he knew we were coming." Jondy replied.

"Oh well than I'm just going to have a little talk with him." Max teased. "I still can't believe it. You've gotta tell me what's been going on with you two." Max said.

"Well actually we'd like you to meet someone." Zane said sticking his hand out the door and waving for Piper, Phoebe, and Paige to come in.

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige walked into the room. "I'm Piper." Piper said introducing herself.

"I'm Phoebe." Phoebe said walking over to stand next to Piper.

"And I'm Paige." Paige said walking over to Phoebe.

"Well nice to meet you. I'm Max." Max said.

"Same here." Phoebe, Piper and Paige replied.

"But how exactly are they gonna help?" Max asked.

Jondy looked at Piper for approval and Piper just nodded. "Well they're the Charmed Ones. Basically they're the most powerful witches in the world." Jondy replied.

"Yeah we each have our own special powers. I can move things with my mind and because I'm part whiteligher I can also heal and orb." Paige said.

"Orb?" Max asked.

"Yeah." Paige said then orbed behind her.

"Where'd she go?" Max asked.

"Behind you." Paige said.

"Oh ok and the rest of you." Max said.

"I get premonitions, I can levitate, and I'm also whats know as an empath. Basically I can feel what others are feeling." Phoebe said.

"Oh." Max replied.

"We canmake a potion to block it if you'd rather we do that." Phoebe replied.

"We'll see." Max said. "What about you Piper?" Max asked.

"Oh I can freeze things and blow them up." Piper replied.

"Oh ok." Max replied. It was a lot for Max to deal with not that she was afraid she just never imagined it existed.

"Its ok. We had a hard time dealing with it too." Paige said.

"How'd you know?" Max asked.

"It's just a girl thing I guess." Paige replied.

"Oh." Max said.

"Oh yeah and Leo, that's Piper's husband, he's coming later. He still had a few things to deal with." Jondy said.

"Well does he know where to go?" Max asked.

"Well see he's what's known as a whitelighter." Paige said.

"What's a whitelighter?" Max asked.

"Basically they're guarding angels for witches." Piper said.

"Oh." Max said. "Well let me show you guys around." Max added.

"Ok sure." Jondy said. Max led the group out of the office and showed them around TC.

Later that day, Jondy and Zane were outside sitting on a picnic table, Zane had his arm around her, when Jondy heard a familar voice.

"Jondy?" Syl said walking up to her with a smile.

"Oh my god, Syl. What are you doing here?" Jondy asked jumping off the picnic table to hug her sister.

"Krit and I came to see Max. What about you?" Syl asked hugging Jondy.

"Zane and I are here for Max too. Where is Krit?" Jondy asked then saw him walking up behind Syl.

"Hey Jondy." Krit said before Jondy give him a hug too.

"You guys seen Max yet?" Jondy asked.

"Nope we were just going to go find her now." Syl said.

"Yeah where is she anyway?" Krit asked wrapping his arms around Syl.

"I think she said something about going to her office." Zane replied walking up to them.

Buffy and her friends walked up behind Syl and Krit. "Who are they?" Jondy asked.

"Oh they're friends of Syl's." Krit said.

"They're your friends too." Syl said smiling at him.

"Ok so are you going to introduce me or not?" Jondy asked.

"Yeah. This is Buffy." Syl said.

"I'm Willow." Willow said introducing herself.

"That's Xander." Syl said pointing to him. "That's Angel." Syl added.

"I'm Dawn." Dawn said walking up to Buffy.

"Nice to meet you all." Jondy said.

"Where are your friends?" Zane asked Jondy.

"Oh they're around here somewhere." Jondy replied smiling at him. "I'll introduce you guys later." Jondy said to Syl and Krit.

"Cool." Syl said.

"Well we should go find Max. We'll see you guys later." Krit said.

"See ya." Jondy said waving.

Max was in her office when she heard a knock on the door. "Yeah come in." Max said.

"Hey Max." Syl said.

Max looked up from her desk. "Oh my god Syl." Max said. She ran over and gave her a big hug.

"Hey what about me, don't I get one?" Krit asked.

Max smiled. "Of course." Max said and hugged him.

"What are you guys doing here?" Max asked.

"We came to see our baby sister." Krit replied.

"Did you guys see Zack yet?" Max asked.

"Nope but we saw Jondy and Zane on our way up here." Syl said.

"Really? I bet Jondy was as thrilled as I am right now." Max said.

"Yeah pretty much." Syl replied.

"Oh we'd like you to meet someone." Krit said.

"Oh really, ok." Max said.

Krit waved Buffy and her friends into the room. "I'm Buffy and this my little sister Dawn." Buffy said as she and Dawn walked into the room.

"I'm Willow and that's Xander." Willow said.

"That's Angel." Syl said.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm Max." Max said.

"Same here." Buffy replied.

"So I'm assuming they can help in some way. Right?" Max asked.

"Yeah. See Buffy's a slayer. She's pretty strong like us. Well I'll let her explain." Syl said.

"A slayer?" Max asked.

"Yeah. It's a whole big prophecy thing basically I slay vampires, demons, pretty much anything. If you can think of it I've probably killed it." Buffy replied.

"Oh." Max said. 'First witches now vampires and demons. And I thought my life was messed up.' Max thought to herself.

"Yeah my big sis has seen everything. She even saved the world from a god." Dawn said with a smile.

"Dawn!" Buffy said.

"What it's true." Dawn said.

"Anyways there's lots of us around, slayers I mean, but they don't always know it." Buffy said.

"Ok so what about you Willow, any special powers?" Max asked.

"Well actually I'm a witch." Willow replied.

"Oh ok." Max said. "What about the rest of you?" Max asked.

"Well Xander's good with research and stuff. Dawn she's not a bad fighter." Buffy said.

"And Angel?" Max asked.

Buffy looked at him and he nodded. "Well it's kind of a long and complicated story but he's a vampire, a good one though." Buffy said.

"A vampire but I thought..." Max said before Angel interupted her.

"See I've got a soul. Some gypsies cursed me with one but I'm hundred percent good." Angel interupted.

"See I told you it was complicated." Buffy said.

"Yeah I guess so." Max replied. "We can use all the help we can get." Max added.

"Well good than." Syl said. "So where are we going to sleep?" Syl asked.

"Well I took Jondy's friends to the last room on the right on the third floor. I think the room next to it's free." Max said. "I'll take you if you want." Max offered.

"No I think we can find it." Syl said.

"Where's Zack?" Krit asked.

"I think he's downstairs in the parking garage somewhere." Max replied.

"Ok well I'm gonna go find him." Krit said kissing Syl then leaving to go find Zack.

"Yeah I think we're gonna go too. Maybe take a look around." Syl said.

"Ok but we're gonna have to talk later." Max said.

"Definately." Syl said hugging Max again then left the room.

Krit walked into the main parking garage and spotted Zack beating the crap out of a punching bag. "Take it easy man." Krit said walking up to him.

Zack turned to see who it was. "Oh hey Krit. When'd you get here?" Zack asked.

"Oh not that long ago." Krit replied.

"Oh. You seen Max yet?" Zack asked.

"Yeah just came from there actually." Krit replied. Zack just smiled which was rare for him. "You really love her, don't you?" Krit asked.

"Yeah I do." Zack replied. "I'd do anything to protect her." Zack added.

"Yeah I know the feeling." Krit said.

"Yeah how is Syl anyway?" Zack asked.

"Oh she's fine." Krit said. "She's probably looking for Jondy if you wanna go see her." Krit added.

"Nah its ok I'll see her later." Zack said.

"I think we're just gonna go look around." Willow said to Syl.

"Ok see you later." Syl said giving her friend a hug.

Syl walked outside to look for Jondy. "Syl!" Jondy yelled running up to her.

"Hello to you too." Syl said smiling.

"So spill girl. What's been going on with you? You gotta tell me everything." Jondy said.

"Ok so what do you wanna know?" Syl asked.

"You and Krit, everything." Jondy replied.

"Well I actually found Krit though he'll say he found me." Syl said. Jondy laughed. "Anyways, it was about 4 years ago but it took us a while to deal with all the feelings and stuff." Syl said.

"Really? Same with Zane and I but now I'm lucky if he'll leave my side for more than two seconds." Jondy said laughing.

Syl giggled. "So where is he anyway?" Syl asked.

"Oh he's around here somewhere. I think he went looking for Piper." Jondy replied.

"Oh she one of your friends you were talking about earlier?" Syl asked.

"Yep her and her two sisters Phoebe and Paige. Oh and Piper's husband Leo too." Jondy said. "They're really cool. I think you'll like them." Jondy added.

"Cool can't wait to meet them." Syl said.

"So you wanna go now?" Jondy asked.

"Sure why not." Syl replied.

A/N: any good? let me know.

The End?

You have reached the end of "End Of Days" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Dec 05.

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