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Knight of Angels

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This story is No. 3 in the series "A Willow in Thorns". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Angel moves to Toronto and becomes a police detective

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Television > Forever KnightzillagirlFR151227,53813819,15010 Dec 0529 Dec 07No

Chapter 2 A Slayer Visits The Doctor

The characters of BtVS, Angel, and Forever Knight do not belong to me. (However, I wouldn't mind if they would come and visit.)

Dr. Natalie Lambert discovers that even vampires can have predators. (A Forever Knight/Angel crossover).

Author's Note:
Please read and review.

Chapter 2: A Slayer Visits The Doctor

Dr. Natalie Lambert looked up from her microscope at the sound of the knock. Hmmm, she thought to herself, it can't be Nick so soon. He doesn't knock. “Please come in.”

A petite, athletic blond entered the room. She looked around as if expecting one of the corpses to jump up. Looking at Natalie, she smiled. “Hi... Dr. Lambert? I'm Buffy Summers-Angelus.”

Natalie took her hand and clasped it. The girl had a very firm grip. “Nice to meet you Ms. Angelus. What can I do for you?”

“Oh, please, just call me Buffy. I'm a friend of Davy St. Laurent. I understand he's passed away.”

“Ms... Buffy. We're not a mortuary, I can't just give you access to one of my...”

“Patients?” Buffy said with a smile. She peered in what she hoped was a surreptitious manner at the labels on the drawers. She needed to find Mr. St. Laurent soon....

“Exactly.” Natalie was getting impatient. This girl actually looked as if she was going to start pulling drawers out. “I'm going to have to ask you to leave, or I'll have to call Security.”

Natalie grabbed the girl's arm to escort her out, and was surprised at how firm she was. It was like grabbing concrete or marble. It would take quite some force to move this girl against her will. Natalie reached for the phone to call Security. Just then, the door opened and Nick came in with a very large, very handsome man in a black leather duster. The man's eyes instantly met the girl's and he smiled widely. He reached for her and swept her unresisting body into a passionate embrace. Well, well, what's going on here?

Just then, there was a banging coming from behind her. Oh my God! She thought to herself in terror, it was coming from the inside of one of the drawers. Then, everything happened so fast she wasn't sure what was happening.

Nick became alert as soon as he realized what was happening. First off there's this strange girl, Angel's lover, quite obviously. As soon as he entered Nat's office, he'd felt as if he was a mouse in the same room with a cat. A very deadly cat. What was she? But then the banging from the inside of the drawer. A new vampire! Angel and the girl sprang apart as two halves of a well-oiled machine. What happened next was a surprise, the girl's hand reached behind her back and came out with a wooden stake. Nick shuddered. Nothing I like to see least, he thought.

The drawer sprang open and what appeared to be a young man came out. Like most young fledglings, he was looking around for his first meal. Nick and Angel smiled. They knew this feeling all too well. Nick started to move forward to protect Nat who was edging backwards. The new vampire moved forward towards the young girl. Why wasn't Angel moving? He'd just leaned complacently back against the wall with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. He looked over at Nick and smiled. “Don't worry, Nick. This is one of the best spectator sports you can watch. I just wish it was on pay-per-view.”

As the vampire got within an arm's length of the girl, she performed a roundhouse kick propelling him back against the drawers. Before he could struggle to his feet, the stake had gone in and out of his chest with no effort at all. The vampire burst into an explosion of dust, leaving no proof of his existence.

“Show off.” Angel chided.

The girl spun and looked at him. Then, she looked at Nick and her eyes narrowed. Nick backed up, not knowing why. The only person that ever really frightened was LaCroix's sire and daughter. Suddenly, Angel's hand grabbed the arm holding the stake. “Darling, please. Nick is my new partner. And, judging by his smell, hasn't fed on a human in some time. According to him, he wants to be 'human' again.”

The girl laughed and so did Angel. “Human? Last time, I checked it was a terminal condition.”

Angel laughed. “Quite. I guess he's in the stage known as denial. I don't know about the woman, though. She really doesn't seem too surprised at the existence of us.”

“The woman has a name, Dr. Natalie Lambert.” Natalie huffed. “And, finding a cure is just a matter of time. We just need to apply proper scientific principles.”

“Dr. Lambert,” Buffy admonished. “You really shouldn't give a patient false hope. So, you're not evil?”

“N-no.” Nick stammered. “Just w-what are you?”

Angel looked at the other vampire in shock. He'd thought him to be older than himself but a good two or three centuries, but to not know the Slayer on sight. He shook his head in disbelief. Looking at Buffy, he smiled. “See, Buffy, there are actually vamps out there who don't know you.”

“Ugh! This is SO bad for my self-esteem. I thought they ALL cowered in my presence. You must be pretty young, if you're so ignorant.”

Nick laughed at that. “Well, I don't really think so. I was brought across in 1228, making me over 800 years old.”

Buffy whistled at that. Looking at Angel, she asked, “You want to tell him or shall I?”

“Oh, I'll do it. Nick Knight, allow me to introduce Buffy Summers, the Slayer. You've heard of that, I hope?”

Nick fell backwards against the door, in a mixture of shock, fear, and dread. No wonder I feel this way. “You're not talking about, I mean, how does it go? One girl is born to every generation, with the strength and skill to fight the vampires...”

“She is the chosen One, yadda yadda yadda.” Buffy snorted. “I mean, do I always have to listen to that? Chosen One! Yeah, chosen to have NO social life. Chosen to spend her nights traipsing through cemeteries and sewers! AARRGH!!”

Angel pulled her back against him and nuzzled her neck. That's when Nick saw it. A scar! A claiming mark! Angel wasn't just her lover, he had claimed her as his mate! A Slayer! He shook his head in disbelief. “Sweetie, calm down. WE met when you were starting out. You had a social life.”

“Honey, I'm not sure if I'd count patrolling through the cemeteries and the sewer with your undead boyfriend as a social life. Especially, after what happened on my birthday.” She shivered at the memory.

“Don't worry, baby. Angelus is NOT coming back. And, let me tell you how nice it is NOT to listen to him complain about just how boring Mr. Broody Soul can be.”

“Well, I happen to think you're very sexy when you brood. No one can do it quite like you.”

“Thank you. It must be the memory of all those killings.”

“Don't forget all those stalkings, rapes, and tortures.”

“Hey! Just for the record, Angelus never 'hated' any of his victims. As Xander would say, a fish's got to swim, a bird's got to fly."

“Yeah, Angelus sure did like playing with his food.”

Angel shrugged his shoulders at the memory of the last three centuries.

“W-what??” Natalie gasped.

Nick grinned and patted Natalie's hand. “Angelus' reputation is legendary. Even vampires like LaCroix gave him a wide berth. Anyway, Det. Angelus here swears he hasn't fed from a human in some time. Nat, this is my new partner.”

Natalie and Buffy exchanged glances and started laughing. They laughed harder and harder until they were doubled over, clutching their stomachs. Natalie recovered first, “W-what are the chances?”

“Exactly what I thought.” Nick claimed. “I personally think the Captain put us together because of our allergy.”

“Allergy?” Buffy asked. “What? Garlic? Holy water?”

“No,” laughed Angel. “Our, shall we say, extreme sensitivity to sunlight. I burn terribly, you know.”

“Honey,” teased Buffy. “You don't burn, you explode.”

“I did say it was extreme, didn't I?”

All four of them laughed at that. Natalie looked at the three of them, “Well, I think life, or the unlife, in Toronto is certainly going to get interesting. So, Nick, when are you going to introduce these two to LaCroix and Jannette?”

Nick shuddered and shivered at the thought. That'll certainly be interesting, just what would my jaded sire think of this?
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