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Knight of Angels

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This story is No. 3 in the series "A Willow in Thorns". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Angel moves to Toronto and becomes a police detective

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Television > Forever KnightzillagirlFR151227,53813819,15010 Dec 0529 Dec 07No

Chapter 1 A New Partner


The characters of BtVS, Angel, and Forever Knight do not belong to me. (However, I wouldn't mind if they would come and visit.)


Angel moves to Toronto and becomes a homicide detective. (A Forever Knight/Angel crossover).

Author's Note:

This story begins about a year after Angel's big climactic battle against the Order of the Black Thorn. In the FK-verse, I've decided that the final episode never happened. Schanke and Captain Cohen have died in the plane crash. However, there is no Tracy, Vachon, or Screed and Janette is still in Toronto.

Chapter 1: A New Partner

“Knight!” Captain Reese bellowed. Not that Nick Knight wouldn't have heard him anyway. He heard the heartbeat of the Captain quite clearly in the midst of the squad room. His preternaturally sensitive hearing. Getting up, he strolled into the Captain's office and found himself surprised to see someone already in the office.

There sitting comfortably in one of the office chairs was a large man dressed in a black leather duster. He smiled enigmatically at Nick, as one who shared a secret. And, so he did. The stranger didn't have a heartbeat, and smelled suspiciously of blood, animal blood.

“Knight.” Captain Reese stood up and gestured to the other chair in the office. Nick sat as the Captain continued. “This is a new detective that's going to join us on the graveyard shift. This is Detective Liam Angelus, from the States, originally.”

“Nice to meet you.” Nick greeted him pleasantly. His hand, as he predicted, was cool to the touch. He had an Irish claddagh ring on his left hand.

“My pleasure. I'm sure we'll find that we have a lot in common. Perhaps you'll join me for a bite to eat one evening.” Angel smiled as he made the last suggestion, making an emphasis on the word 'bite.' He knew full well what his new partner was, and was quite amused in the irony of the entire situation. What were the chances? He asked himself. That out of all the policemen in Toronto he'd get assigned another partner who was undead.

“That's the attitude!” Reese enthused. “In fact, you both do have something in common – an allergy.”

“Really?” Angel said amused. “Detective Knight, are you sensitive to sunlight as well?”

Like he didn't know, Nick thought. It'd probably be interesting to see who was burnt to a crisp first. “Yes. I don't burn so much as combust.”

“Been there. Done that.” Angel replied with a chuckle.

“Great! Great! Seems like you two'll get along just fine, right?” Nick and Angel nodded pleasantly. “Now why you two get along to the ME's and see what good Dr. Lambert has on our murder victim?”

They left and headed towards the parking garage, ill at ease with each other. Like true predators, both men survived by their instincts and skills. Neither really trusted the other.

“Well, isn't this awkward?” Angel ventured as they entered the parking garage. He chuckled as they passed an alcove and scented an all-too familiar smell. “Well, it smells like someone had a good night.”

Nick chuckled to himself. He too had picked up the scent of recent sexual activity. “Johnson, always has a good night, Detective.”

“Angel.” Angel replied with a smile. “I go by Angel. I spent 25 years of my life as Liam, another 150 as Angelus, and the last century as Angel. I'd probably have a hard time answering to anything but that.”

“Angelus.” Nick stated with a cold dread entering his heart. Everybody knew about Angelus. It was hard to be in the vampire community and not hear about him. He looked hesitantly at the young man, by appearance only in his early 20s, but in reality one of the most dangerous vampires of all time. “You're Angelus.”

Angel chuckled at the tone in the other vampire's voice. “Ah, yes, I see my reputation has preceded me. Or shall I say Angelus' reputation?”

“Everyone knows about you. Your bloodthirsty nature is legendary.” Nick spat out. But then something odd occurred to him. The scent he picked up in the Captain's office. Animal blood. Would the dreaded Angelus stoop to animal blood? “You smelled of animal blood. Why?”

“Very good, Detective. Very good.” Angel chuckled, and then looked around as a squad car entered the garage. “Now, personally, I'd rather we didn't have such a public discussion. Shall we go to my car or yours? Probably yours, as I'm still waiting for the police radio to be installed.” Angel suggested as he motioned at his car across the garage.

Nick let out a low whistle of admiration. A 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX convertible. Sweet. “She's a beauty. How's the engine?”

“In top form.” Angel smiled. “One of the truly great inventions of the last three centuries – the convertible.”

Nick had to laugh at that as he motioned Angel towards his 1962 Cadillac convertible. Angel laughed and turned to him, “Yes, yes, a man after my own heart. Largest trunk that ever came out of Detroit.”

Nick laughed again. “Yes, on occasion, I do use it for that. However, I don't think you'd fit.”

“Oh, you never know just what you can do when the alternative is spontaneous combustion.”

They both laughed as they got into Nick's car. This is going to be an interesting partnership. Nick wondered if what Nat was going to say. He turned on the radio as he pulled out of the garage with his new, quite undead partner.
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