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Starting Again

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Summary: The Council gets a call from the president. He needs someone to help get some pencil pushers in Norad into shape. The Counsil sends Faith

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Stargate > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonDamiaFR1533,74313515,22914 Dec 0513 Nov 09No

First Day

Faith was bent into a pretzel, but it was far more relaxing than people might think. Most Slayers weren't good at the old school forms of meditation, they needed to move in order to find their Zen place. Tai Chi, sword dancing, and Yoga were Faith's favorites. Which was what she was doing on her first official day at work. The day before had been more of a 'getting to know the place' introductory day. She had her eyes closed and am ipod that was blasting Apocalytica. That didn't stop her from knowing when people started entering the gym. Faith was never good at figuring out time, some Slayers had the gift of an internal clock but all Faith ever knew was sun up and sun down. Anything in between was kind of blurred. She finished her stretching and opened her eyes to stare out at the slightly nervous faces before her.

"Hey," She said as she pulled out the ear buds and took off the arm band that was holding her Ipod. The brunette stood up straight in her black yoga pants and cropped gray tank top with the jolly roger on the front. "I'm Faith, your self defense instructor. I'm supposed to evaluate every civilian on base and assign you to a specific class. I have a list that someone I haven't actually met made up for me that's supposed to help. I guess we'll see how that works out," She grinned a little and felt her chest loosen up when others smiled back at her. They were all older than she was and she had no doubt that they were smarter. It was a little intimidating, but Faith was an old hand at not showing that kind of thing.

The first class wasn't as bad as she had feared it might be. She was supposed to split them into 4 groups based on experience and talent. She classified them as Terrible, Bad, Decent, and Alright. None of them had impressed her, but then they weren't really supposed to, that was why she was there. The next class was about the same, some of them a bit better than she might have expected but most had little to no experience. Her third group was a bit better, most of them had apparently been assigned to off world teams and had learned a bit. By the end of the day she was wired and hoping for a little action. She bounced a bit as she put the armband with her Ipod in it back on, hooking on the ear buds and turning up the music before walking over to the heaviest punching bag they had. That was how the group of Marines found her waling on the punching bag.

"You the new civilian instructor?" One of them asked loudly. She turned down her ipod as she turned around to face them, damp with sweat but not feeling like she'd gotten a real workout.

"That's the rumor," She agreed, looking over the five men grouped in front of her as more men came in. Her training sessions were over and the Gym was open to everyone again. There was another gym a couple levels up that belonged to the SGC as well, but it was a lot smaller and not many people liked to use it.

"You really think you're gonna get the eggheads into shape?" One of them asked, clearly doubtful. He wasn't trying to be mean, he just didn't seem to think much of the civilian portion of the installation.

"That's part of the job description," She agreed affably, ignoring the eyes that were raking over her shapely body. She wasn't interested in anyone that's first reaction was deciding she wasn't all that tough. She could see it in their eyes, the instant dismissal due to her size and gender. It irritated her beyond belief.

"What's your background?" Another asked, watching her with narrowed eyes. He was noting her well defined muscles and still trying to figure out how dangerous she might actually be. She smirked a little, tilting her head scanning him quickly. He was tall and well muscled, but not the bulky muscles the rest of them seemed to have. He was lean. Wiry.

"Krav Maga, Hapkido, Lua, Wing Chun Do, Mui Tai, Tai Chi, Kick Boxing," She stopped listing and raised her eyebrow, "Good enough?" The guy stared at her for a few moments before turning and walking over to a punching bag.

"MMA?" Asked another.

"Not exactly," She grinned and turned back toward the punching bag only to have a hand grip her upper arm. She reacted instantly, the man was on his back and her foot was pressing firmly into his throat as she watched his friends. "Did you need something else?" She asked pleasantly.

"Hoping for a spar," Another man said, his brows furrowed. She was fast, very fast. Teal'c Fast.

"I can do that," She agreed, standing straight and watching as the man rolled away from her quickly. Faith removed her arm band, tossing it into her gym bag and grabbing a pair of lightly padded gloves. She bounced lightly on her toes, her long ponytail mimicing the movement. Her opponent, she hadn't bothered getting his name, was putting on his own gloves and a lot of the military men and women were gathering around to watch. She didn't move from her spot when he came onto the mats. She knew it was rude to stare at him with a smug smirk plastered onto her face, ruder still to consider herself better without actually knowing him. Of course, she was a slayer, she was Faith, and she was allowed to be as rude as she pleased. She wasn't on base to make friends, that was made doubly obvious when Giles informed her that as far as the military was concerned she was as good as an officer and she needed to follow their rules. In fact she'd been read the riot act over the fraternization rules multiple times simply because no one expected her to follow the rules. Hell she didn't expect to fully follow all the rules to the letter, but still.

The man seemed to be waiting for Faith to move first, but she wasn't going to. He threw a loose jab at her face and she dodged without any real effort. She was going to make him chase her, it was fun being chased every now and then. SG-1 was only just released from decontamination from a visit to P3X-194 and Teal'c and Jack were headed toward the gym. Inside they spotted a young brunette woman in civies and a rather large marine going at it in the middle of the floor. Actually the big guy was going at it and the girl was dancing around his fists, sending mocking looks to him and derisive ones at anyone encouraging him to show her how a real man fights.

"Well this is different," Jack commented to Teal'c. The Jaffa simply raised his eyebrows and continued to watch the fight. The marine seemed to lose his temper at the girls dodging technique and moved faster, sending a couple quick combo's at the girl. Jack winced in automatic sympathy before he realized that none of the hits had landed on her. She ducked under one arm and slammed her own gloved fist into his stomach before slamming her knee into the inside of his thigh and her shoulder into his chest, sliding sideways in a quick maneuver that Jack was pretty sure most people weren't fast enough to perform. She skipped backwards and bounced on her feet as she waited for the man to get to his feet again. Once he had she darted forward to punch and kick him in quick staccato movements that seemed almost lazy. She was as graceful as a feline and just as dismissive, the only thing that mattered was what she was doing. She blocked his hits, every one, and some of them looked pretty brutal. She was wearing him down and not looking all that out of breath though she was damp with sweat. He left himself a little too open in the front and she slid forward, slamming an elbow up into his chin and following through with a hard palm thrust into his solar plexus that had him falling back completely out of breath.

"Damn," She looked disappointed more than anything else when he didn't stand back up. The man was panting as though he'd run a marathon he'd forgotten to train for and she was bouncing on her toes wanting to go another round. When he shook himself and tried to shove up on his elbows the girl bent over and held out a hand. The man took it and let her pull him up.

"Guess you'll do," He told her with a chuckle that would have sounded better without the wheezing.

"Good to know," Her expression was dry and she was still bouncing on her toes. Jack saw quite a few people passing money but he didn't say anything. Sometimes a bit of gambling was good for the guys.

"Who's the civilian?" Jack asked a marine that was passing, he kept his eyes on the brunette though.

"The chick the brass hired to beat the scientists into shape," The guy grinned at Jacks surprised expression and wandered off again.

"This is the female that shall be teaching Daniel Jackson," Teal'c tilted his head a bit as he watched the woman carefully for a few moments.

"Gonna ask her for a few rounds T?" Jack asked, a little surprise in his tone.

"I do not yet know," Teal'c intoned after a few more moments. Jack shrugged a little and headed over to the punching bags.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Starting Again" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Nov 09.

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