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Starting Again

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Summary: The Council gets a call from the president. He needs someone to help get some pencil pushers in Norad into shape. The Counsil sends Faith

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Stargate > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonDamiaFR1533,74313515,22914 Dec 0513 Nov 09No

Starting Again

Stargate owned by people other than myself, Buffy owned by people other than myself. If you want to know who, go look it up. This story is not for profit, and I am gaining nothing but personal fulfillment/enlightenment/enjoyment/(just add a smart soudning word here) from writing it.


"I ... I'm not sure I can ever be as strong as you. I'm not sure I can ever be as wise or as honest as you. You got a bad rap, worse than me even ... and that's saying something. You and me, our souls were sibs before we even met. So I'm taking a page from your book and adding it to mine. I'm gonna fight the good fight. Try and give a bit back to the people I screwed. You did it by joining the scoobies, I'm doing it by .. well I'm not really joining the military am I? I'm just beating them into some semblance of shape. Why it's so important for me to whip up a bunch of pencil pushers in NORAD, I dunno. They say I even get military clearence and shit. Get to go help out and some of the tough stuff. I'm just hoping it's not like that initiative shit B dealt with.

"G-man thinks I'm insane. He's positive I'm acting out or some shit. Thinks I'm going pro-military to stay the dark slayer, ever rebellious or something. Red told him that the president asked specifically and he could learn to deal with it. It was pretty funny actually. B and X decided to stay out of it. They went and taught some of the newbies how to throw an axe to decapitate a vamp. Little D's doing good. She misses you like crazy. We all do. I'll try and come by later, Say hi to everyone,"

The sultry brunette leaned over and placed a kiss on the stone monument. A very simple message was scrawled across the front, etched forever in stone by magic. "Spike and Angel, Brothers of love and hate, Victims of higher powers, and Heroes above all" An ax, a crossbow and a sword were all slightly embedded in stone. It was just another oddity of the Joyce Summers Cleveland School for Gifted Girls.
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