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Diary of the Lost

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Summary: Dawn finds herself stranded with the rest of the plane's survivors. Here is her recollection and musings.

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Diary of the Lost

Title: Entry One

Series: Diary of the Lost

Author: Jinni (

Rated: FR15

Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things Lost belong to ABC, et al.

Notes: Takes place right around the s1 episode “The Moth”. I haven’t watched much further than that at this point.

Prompt 66 – Rain – at crossovers100

Claim: Dawn

FFA# 2226 – Dawn,Boone


Not even sure what day it is anymore, so this will just be called ‘Entry One’.

I found my bag the other day, about thirty feet or so from the caves, hanging from a branch. The fact that no one saw it before then just makes me wonder a little bit more about this place. My new journal was still in there, the one that I picked up at the airport gift shop – this one, you know. And a couple pens. Some hair ties and a hairbrush – which I’m sharing with everyone. Talk about gross. But that’s just the way it is. Nothing is really ‘mine’ anymore.

We share what we can.

Except this journal. I’m not sharing that. I have to have some way to stay sane and this might be it.

I shouldn’t even have been on the plane, you know. I could blame it on Willow for scheduling the flight, Buffy for insisting I speed up my trip, or the Slayer I was tracking for being elusive. I could blame a lot of people – right up to God if I wanted.

But I don’t. Blaming people isn’t going to get me out of here.

This trip was supposed to be my graduation gift. A present for getting my degree. Oh, sure, I had to hunt for some Slayers that the Council hadn’t been able to contact, but that was fine with me. I was touring the world!

And now I’m here… wherever here is. I don’t think anyone really knows. This place isn’t normal – I know that for a fact. If it was normal, Willow would have found me by now. The Council would have chartered a plane or boat or…something…and we would have all been rescued.

But no one has come.

No one is going to come until whatever is supposed to happen here has happened. Only then will we be allowed to leave.

It’s not that bad. Sure, its rustic and I’m not all that used to sleeping on the ground or with bugs biting the heck out of me, but it’s a lot better now that we’re at the caves. I pity the people that stayed back on the beach – but they have hope and I can’t take that away from them… I don’t want to take it from them. I don’t want anyone to know the things I know, either. So I keep my mouth shut, do what I can to help us all.

And I Watch.

This journal will be a record of what I see while we’re stuck here.

I hope Buffy and the others aren’t worrying themselves sick – but that’s really too much to even wish for. Of course they’re worried. Heck, I’m worried and I know that I’m alive and well.

Had to take a break for a little while.

Boone just came over. He’s a nice guy. Really protective of his sister. Sort of like Buffy is with me. They fight like me and Buffy do, too – in that way that says that they care but sort of hate each other sometimes. That’s how family is. You can’t be nice to someone every second of every day – even when you love them to death.

Him and Shannon are like that.

He came over to tell me that it looks like it might rain. That I should come inside because Jack was just down a the beach and there were clouds rolling in. Dark ones.

Sweet of him to think of me and take the time to let me know, when I haven’t been overly anxious to get to know him or any of the others.

Maybe that needs to change.

There’s something on this island.

Something dangerous.

Color me crazy, but I think we’re going to all need each other to survive.

~*~End Entry One~*~
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