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Cross Your Path

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Summary: Xander meets someone in New York (FFA# 220)

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-CenteredTjinFR1342,65212022,00516 Dec 053 Sep 07Yes

Chapter 2

Xander grinned as he walked down the street, //Maybe New York isn’t so bad.// he thought to himself before looking around wildly in an attempt to head off whatever disaster he had conjured up.

After several seconds of nothing coming to eat him, he released a sigh at the thought that Murphy may let this one slide. And that’s when the wall exploded in a shower of rubble because a black and white monster battled a red and black creature of some sort and their fight took them out onto the street.

Growling a silent curse at the spirit, Xander started to help the citizens out of the area.

He was helping the last person out when a slimy wet mass struck him in the back of the head. Rubbing the spot, Xander’s hand came back covered in a black and red mess.

Turning back to the fight, Xander stared at the combatants as they fled the area. “Great, four years out of highschool and I still end up being hit by a mutant monster spit-ball.” Xander grumbled as he wiped the goo off on his pants before heading home. “Maybe Willow can tell me what those two are and if I’m going to grow extra arms from being spit on.”


Xander grabbed the ringing phone as he wiped the sleep out of his eyes and refrained from explaining the deference in time zones between New York and England as Willow talked animatedly about the information (Or lack thereof) she had on the two combatants earlier.

Finally managing to get off the phone, Xander wondered again why he was in New York instead of Africa. //Because Giles asked you to be, you dolt.// he answered before stopping himself as something dawned on him. //Okay… one hand scratching head, Check. One hand playing with belly-button, Check. One hand rubbing stubble of five o’clock shadow, check. One hand putting the phone back on it’s jack, Check.// Xander recounted his hands three times before realization sunk in.

“I’mnotgoingtoscreamI’mnotgoingtoscreamI’mnotgoingtoscream.” Xander chanted before opening his eyes and staring at the four hands wiggling their fingers at him.

Outside several passersby looked at the building in fear as screams echoed out of it.


Xander stared at the mirror in shock as he waved all four arms carefully back and forth and desperately tried to convince himself it was a dream.

Closing his eyes Xander tried to think of any demons that would allow spontaneous appendage growth.

Checking off each one that he knew of for one reason or another he finally came to the conclusion that it either wasn’t a demon, or it was one that he didn’t know about.

Finally opening his eyes, Xander resisted the urge to bang his head against the wall as his hands had started playing patty-cake with each other.

“Okaaaay… this has gone beyond freaky and is entering the twilight zone.” Xander mumbled as he regained control of his hands and exited the bathroom wondering how he was going to explain this to Giles.

He had made it to the bedroom when the window exploded inwards.
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