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Cross Your Path

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Summary: Xander meets someone in New York (FFA# 220)

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-CenteredTjinFR1342,65212022,00516 Dec 053 Sep 07Yes

Chapter 4 (Final.)

The showdown would likely have ended in innocent bloodshed had not a black and white form taken that moment to intervene.

As the newcomer slammed into Cletus Cassidy, Xander moved. Leaping towards the red monstrosity, he let loose a heavy right cross that caught the psychopath on the chin.

With a look of abject terror, Xander watched helplessly as the red form refused to let go of his prey as he was launched towards the recently made hole Xander himself had created.

Skidding to a stop, Xander turned towards the hole when a black form shot through the air after his target.


Xander stared through the Plexiglas window at the small forms within and smiled.

“I can’t believe I’m a Dad.”

Turning towards the speaker, Xander nodded at the cop that had been drug into the war between his ‘other self’ and its father.

“Kinda puts it all into perspective doesn’t it.” Xander asked as the man simply nodded.

Between Xander, Black Cat and the enhanced Cop ‘Carnage’ had been soundly beaten and sent back to his own little cell. His symbiote had been locked up and shipped off to the Baxter Building for the super team there to deal with.

“This is what we fight for.”

Looking over, Xander nodded at the leather-clad super-heroine that had saved him.

“How long will I keep this?” Patrick asked softly as he plucked at his clothes carefully and watched as the disturbed area slowly shifted to black before turning back into denim.

“I’m not sure, me and... Goo here haven’t quite gotten the concept of time across to each other yet. Best he can figure is between two and nine rotations around the sun without any further contact with him.” Xander said as he tried to figure out the Goo’s strange form of speech.

“And what if he has further contact?” Black cat asked as she watched the children inside the sanitary room.

“According to him, he can revive your symbiote, adding more time to it.” Xander said as he looked at the man’s concerned face. “That is, if you want to join the super-hero team, if not you can quit any time you want and… ‘Toxin’ here will re-absorb what he gave you.”

“I can quit?”

“If you want to, I’ve known a few that would love that chance.” The young man said.

The cop considered his options before looking over at Xander, “No, if I can help people with this then that’s what I’m going to do.” Officer Mulligan said before looking up at the other two superheroes. “But I think I’m gonna need a name.”

With a laugh, the trio of heroes went to congratulate the new mother.


Finished, hope you all enjoyed the ride.

To clarify Xander got Toxin And Toxin created a Semi-Symbiot for the cop, the Semi-biot can survive for month’s or even years but it will get weak and die eventually without a ‘Recharge’ from Toxin.


The End

You have reached the end of "Cross Your Path". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking