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Cross Your Path

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Summary: Xander meets someone in New York (FFA# 220)

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Cross your Path

BtVS or Any Marvel Characters

(FFA# 220)


Cross your path


Xander hated New York.

Ducking under the vampire’s swing he brought his foot down on the monster’s knee.

Ignoring it’s screams as he turned to the other one, Xander readied himself to stop the charge when a metal bolt appeared from the chest of the vampire before jerking it up into the darkness.

Xander swallowed as a rain of dust fell from the vampires last know location a second later.

The snarl a second later reminded him of his former dance partner as he spun and placed the stake into the vampire’s unbeating heart.

As the dust settled Xander felt the hair on the back of his neck start to tingle.

“I’m not going to turn around so you can scare me.” Xander said as he realized something else was in the alley.

“Ooh, you just have to spoil all my fun.” A feminine voice that purred as his savior walked out of the shadows.

Aside from a few tufts of white fur and she was entirely in black leather.

Swallowing an excess amount of saliva as she stalked around him, Xander put on his best smile. “Well… thanks for the help and all but.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “Who are you?” he asked before thinking about it a moment. “And please don’t kill me?” He added as he thought of all the other females he had run into.

Smirking to herself as she circled him, Felicia watched his reactions to her moves. //He keeps himself centered with only one eye.// she realized as she absently listened to him talk. “Why were you fighting those two.” She demanded ignoring his questions,

“Hey, they attacked me and even though I’m really grateful you dusted that one you still haven’t answered my questions.”

Deciding not to antagonize him, Felicia smiled. “I’m called Black Cat.” She said when he suddenly stiffened.

“Ummm…. I really hate to go off topic, but would you know anything about a guy about my height with four metal arms scaling a building while a guy in red and… whatever tries to knock him off?” Xander said pointing out the fight behind her.

Confirming his words with her own eyes, ignoring the internal screams at not having noticed it herself first, Felicia turned back to warn the one eyed stranger off. And stared at the now empty dead end alley.

//I really hate it when people do that,// she growled before running to help Spiderman.

Behind her Xander twisted the ring he had on and slowly shimmered back into view. It really was a shame it only had the power to keep him invisible for a few minutes each day.

Looking at the ring for a second Xander growled at Andrew again. “Just because you have a ring that makes you invisible you don’t need to put Elvish script around it.” He grumbled again as he headed towards his apartment.

Maybe Willow would help him look up Info on this Black Cat person.
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