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Long Patrol

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Summary: Xander and Deadboy will end up farther than imaginable, and return to StarGateCommand-explored space with help from the descendants of Kobol

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Long Patrol

Long Patrol

Author: Tohonomike

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, and the BSG and Stargate characters aren’t mine either and any other characters or real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

This is dedicated to those of you who watch the shows.


Xander thought he’d smelled prey, but the scent was lost after he swatted a butterfly out of the way. Looking disinterested in the idea of taking hot dogs from the pair of losers, he turned to his pack.

“Let’s do lunch off campus; find some meat.”

The four smiled and followed their alpha for a lunch period that would have far greater effects than in most universes.

They missed the period after lunch, but had found a butcher shop and simply grabbed food from a delivery vehicle and carried it to behind the thrift store, eating as a couple of delivery trucks pulled up.

Heidi sauntered over to the back of one, and looked back.

“Any one want army surplus stuff?”

Xander tossed down some bloody-looking bones and strode over, the others with him. “I could use something better than the crap at my house. Anyone else?”

The others shook their heads as he grabbed a large duffle with USAF on the outside and they all swaggered back to school. Sending the rest of the pack to classes, Alpha Xander made his way to the library, deciding to shortcut through the back to drop off his gains before going to class himself. He overheard Buffy, Willow and Giles talking about him and the others.

“What happens if the spirits of the hyena stay in them, Giles?” Buffy asked her Watcher. He showed her a book, which Willow couldn’t see.

“What Buffy?”

“It looks like gross…”

“Like what?”

Giles decided to tell her rather than show her, “I-It looks like the body and spirit fight for control, which destroys the body.”

“So what if they’d all ended up in one?” Willow asked, curiosity vying with concern for Xander.

“I-I suppose if the entire pack were in Xander, then as long as they didn’t fight each other, they would remain. Otherwise the pack would kill the body and be unable to transfer out. The spirits might also terminate in such a case.”

Xander listened carefully, because the Watcher with his superior knowledge might save his pack. The survival of the pack was paramount, and Giles had not really been wrong before.

Buffy considered, “So what’s required to make this work? Does it work the same way to reverse it?”

“I-I believe so…according to this book, we need a, a ritual circle, and, um, a hostile act by the one seeking to take the spirits into oneself.”

“How do we get it all back into the hyenas?”

I imagine that i-if they lunged at the person in the ritual ring, they would receive the spirits back.”

Willow considered something…

“Hey, doesn’t that mean there had to be a ritual circle to begin with? I bet that’s why the zookeeper had the area off bounds!”

“Excellent thinking, the zookeeper would be the most likely suspect. Good show, Willow. I’d almost forgotten in focus on reversal.”

Buffy nodded, “So we just need to make sure the circle is intact and get the pack there?”

Giles nodded as Xander backed out the way he’d snuck in.


The pack was not entirely aware of what was going on, but when their alpha led them away from campus, they followed. They reached the zoo not too long after that, and as they found the Hyena House, there wasn’t any sign of the zookeeper.

“Find the zookeeper,” he told Kyle and Heidi, “We’ll wait. Make him bring his magic with him.”

Fifteen minutes later, a scared man was brought in, disheveled and a bit scratched. Kyle sneered.

“He has it; didn’t really want to come until we convinced him.” Xander looked at Kyle and then at the zookeeper.

“I need you to redraw the circle and stay out of it; the Pack must share itself to remain strong. Stand next to each other over at the edge of the circle, and I’ll let you know what to do next,” He turned to the others, “The old alpha in the library told my mates we have to do this to keep string and not become prey. After this, the pack will be one and the danger pass.”

As the zookeeper finished, he looked up at Xander, who managed to force himself to overcome his previous problem with reading symbols, and knew what he had to do. He turned to his pack.

“First, let’s get rid of this problem,” Xander said and kicked the zookeeper in the head, causing him to fall outside of the circle. “Now, I will pull Kyle and Tor hard into the circle, looking them in the eye, then Heidi and Rhonda. Got it?” They nodded.

Xander set the book down and chanted as he grabbed the young men on their shoulders next to each other, pushing them down and behind into the circle, “Yu Ba Sa Ya Na!”

He repeated this for the girls, not realizing that the meaning had changed slightly, from ‘Yu Ba Ya Sa Na!’ Instead of pulling in the Primals, he pulled into himself the hosts, the human minds and souls. He screamed in agony, and threw himself on top of them again, screaming and flailing.

“Yu Sa Ba Na Ya! Yu Ba Ya Sa Na!” and pulled in the Primals as he forced the souls back in trans-possession. The screaming continued as his mind suppressed ALL of the memories and knowledge except his own core self. Struggling up in pain, the zookeeper almost had him, but his now-ingrained instincts caused Xander to swing the man up and into the hyena enclosure behind him by his head as in reaction he once again screamed ‘Yu Ba Ya Sa Na!’ The man’s mind was ripped from him as Xander let go, and the animals pounced, sealing in blood the exchange as complete, something left out of almost all books on the subject.

Xander Harris and the others stumbled out and away from each other in confusion.


October 8th, 1997

Xander Harris had actually finished his sophomore year at school doing quite well; school work didn’t seem quite as hard for him, and while he didn’t really study any harder, the answers seemed to come to him almost instinctively. The last quarter of the school year had seen him pull down solid B’s and a couple of A’s, to his and others’ surprise. Principal Flutie was glad to see the young man improve, even thought Vice-Principal Snyder went out of his way to try to discover how the Harris kid was cheating. The former members of his pack within a couple of weeks had returned to normal, though whenever they encountered Xander they showed at least polite deference to their former alpha.

Giles, Willow and Buffy had worried about him, but he’d been able to assure them that as far as he could remember, the problem was taken care of and he seemed to be normal again. And as only bits and pieces of that time slowly came back to him over the months that followed, he’d told them the truth. Only Giles had worried after reading of the zookeeper’s fate, but as nothing untoward followed, he’d soon forgotten it.

That had been at the beginning of April; now, Xander began to wonder if all was what it seemed when in digging out clothes from his closet, he’d found and read the zookeeper’s large tome of animal magic…and understood it.

He was walking to school, and trying to figure out what was different as compared to before the Hyena Incident. He watched as small animals avoided him, and as dogs seemed to show respect if not fear when he’d glare at their barking selves. Xander taken up exercise in a major way and could manage to dust the occasional minion that darted in at Buffy’s back on patrols.

He was really hoping to see Ampata; something about her made his senses go wild like when he was in the adrenaline rush of patrol, though he hadn’t pin-pointed what exactly it was just yet.


Xander danced with Ampata; the day had been weird, with Xander tossing the freaky bodyguard guy down the bleachers and then pressing assault charges against the unconscious man that came from Peru. Ampata had been on edge, but who wouldn’t, but he was still surprised that she was now with him as his date at the Cultural Exchange Dance.

They danced, and as they reached the back of the crowd on the dance floor, they kissed. Xander’s hands moved around her, then froze in place as many things happened: she inadvertently began drawing a very large and powerful amount of energy from deep inside him; the spirit fragments of the pack and the human hosts rushed through Xander’s consciousness, reviving the drawn upon memories into his own mind; Ampata found her own mind sifted through as Xander questioningly mumbled ‘Yu Ba Ya Sa Na’ from memory of the previous sensation and tried to force her away. Ampata found herself super-charged, as somewhere else Rupert Giles had reassembled the casket seal to close the connection between this world and the next. In the forgotten depths of the Andes, an earthquake split open the caldera in which the treasured demanded by Pizarro nearly five centuries past had been hidden with the holiest of relics of the lost Incan Empire. In Sunnydale Jail, the last guardian died as the pact was broken with the gods.

Ampata gasped and fell to the floor, and her and Xander both exclaimed in low, tired voices…

“I’m alive…” “You were dead!”

She puts a hand on her chest and looks at him in awe.

“How? I thought I only had a while…”

Xander looked at her, and deep inside couldn’t feel bad about Rodney Munson, who’d released her. But he still felt uncomfortable about the whole thing.

“I don’t know…” he replied in old quechua, a bit surprised, “And I seem to be able to speak your language. And I can even do that weird knot thing you guys did for writing.”

He sighed and waved her back to the table, where that ‘Oz’ guy seemed to be talking to Willow with a smile. Xander quietly waved to the table behind her as Buffy came in the door. He watched as the Slayer came over.

“You’re the mummy, aren’t you?”

“I was…but Xander somehow made me human again.”

“What?!” Buffy and a turning around Willow declared. Oz looked over and raised an eyebrow. Xander was feeling really…Alpha-LIKE but not feral, so was not in the mood for deception. He turned to Oz.

“Vampires and demons are real; the ‘gangs on drugs’ thing in this town are really vampire attacks; and no one has this many ‘wild animal attacks.’” Xander even used air quotes to emphasize things.

Buffy rolled her eyes and turned to Xander, “Are you what? Going to tell hom I’m the Vampire Slayer next?”

“No Buff, I think you just did,” he smiled as she slapped her forehead with her palm and sat down next to the former mummy. Xander looked at Oz.

“It explains a lot in context, including the reputation your group has for…defusing… trouble.”

Xander smiled, and tried to postpone the inevitable questions, “So Oz, what brings you over to our little group?”


“Consider the speech given.”


Willow turned from Xander to Oz and back again, “What speech?”

“The ‘if he hurts you they won’t find his body’ speech, of course,” Xander smiled, to which Oz sagely nodded.

“Why would he hurt me?”

“Because he wants to dance with you.”


Oz nodded, and compelled a hopeful look to reveal itself to her. Blushing, then getting a nod from Buffy, she nodded and let herself be guided onto the dance floor by a guy known to be in a band. Buffy then turned to the other two.

“How did Xander make you Living Girl?”

“He, he had an energy in him that overwhelmed me, and went through me; suddenly my body wasn’t just warm and full from before, but I’m now breathing for real, and my, my heart is pumping.” The young woman smiled at Xander, but kept her hands together on the table. “I’m human again, and I can’t feel the after world any more. I’m free.”

Buffy decided since upon touching the girl’s wrist and feeling warmth and a pulse, not to resort to violence without Giles’ okay. Then she thought about what had been said.

“Xander? What energy and could you do the same for Angel? Make him human?”

“Um, I think it was leftover from the Hyena thing, and no. We transferred the energy through kissing…so Dead Boy is WAY out of luck.”

Buffy looked crestfallen, and the thought of the two males kissing was a serious ‘yuck’ factor times infinity. They watched Willow and Oz dance a few times, and when Giles came in, explained what they knew.

“I, I believe that was also when I reassembled the seal, so it may have been the combination of events. Xander? Do you feel any differently now?”

“Um, I have a lot of stuff in my head from the ol’ pack, the zoo guy, and now Ampata, here. Knowledge stuff.”

“Fascinating. Might we test that tomorrow at the library?”

“Sure, but now what?” he asked, gesturing in a small wave toward Ampata. “We need like an identification change and find a place to get her started again.”

“Indeed,” Giles considered, and turned to the girl, “Do you have any language or other skills, my dear?”

“I know the five main languages of the Empire, plus Spanish, English and a little Mayan; my village sometimes traded with them.”

“W-well, that’s a good start. Any knowledge of, um, demons and such?”

“Not directly, only in the stories and legends of my region.”

“Oh, that will do. Give me a couple of days, and I’ll see about taking you in with me temporarily. After that, we shall see. I know you and Xander are, um, friendly, but until we can research further, you should avoid contact…in case it would, um…”

“Blow a circuit breaker G-Man?”

“Colorful, but anecdotally correct.”


October 30th, 1997

It had been a busy few weeks, and Xander hadn’t really seen too much of Ampata. Between school and Giles establishing a thorough background for her as his niece, she was rarely available. Luckily, as Giles began physical testing of her, the Watcher began to include Willow and Xander both in the martial arts training he provided the Incan girl as a way to measure results.

For two weeks, Xander was feeling only slightly sore, and he’d even in spite of merely normal skills progress, seemed faster and stronger, with better recovering, than was usual. Giles of course used him as Buffy’s new sparring partner, but to improve Slayer performance Xander was shown defensive maneuvers to extend Buffy’s sparring session progress.

Halloween had seen the school administration recruit heavily for student escorts for younger children. Like the others, Xander had found himself drafted into service. He’d looked through the duffle bag, and found a USAF Major’s uniform, in fairly new condition, with most everything. It seemed to lack medals, awards and patches to show importance, so deep within his half-merged subconscious, the Alpha demanded due recognition if he wanted to impress his current ‘pack’ and possible mates.

And so he found himself in Ethan’s Costume Shoppe earlier than he’d told Buffy and Willow he’d show. Borrowing the horrific excuse of a car owned by Giles to procure costumes for himself, Ampata (who’d decided to keep the name), Giles and Jenny Calendar, with some cash to do so and dire threats if they were a waste, Ampata accompanied him into the establishment, and immediately fell in love with a lady’s dress. Xander rolled his eyes a bit, but went along with it with a smile and a jibe.

“Not going as Inca Princess?”

“No, I thought maybe Jenny might like that. Maybe get some extra bracelets here for her.”

“Okay, get the dress, then, it’ll look good on you.”

“Think so?” she asked, twirling the thing while holding it in front of her.

“Of course. Now I just have to get the Air-Guy stuff and something for Giles.”

A British voice with a very hopeful note spoke as its owner came up beside them, “Ah, the princess dress to draw out the hidden princess. An excellent choice. I couldn’t help but over hear…would Giles be Rupert Giles by any chance? I went to college with one once.”

“Wow, yeah. He sent us here to find costumes. Ampata’s new to the US of A and we thought it would be neat to get with the Halloween merriment.”

“Well, then, do you have anything in particular for him?”

“Well he’s an old fuddy-duddy, so maybe King Arthur?”

Ethan considered it; it wasn’t he best, but maybe with just the right twist…

“Excellent idea, now I believe you wanted the minutiae for a military uniform?”

Xander searched his mind and understood the word minutiae, so he nodded and answered, “Yeah. US Air Force Major. I have it with me, but I wanted to add medals and stuff on it. Badges. That kind of thing. Maybe an M-16 or a bomber jacket?”

“I believe I have a bunch of them; for only ten dollars more, I can affix them properly for you, but it would have to await pickup until an hour after I close.”

“That’s cool; let’s see what you have…”
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