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Anything for my Baby

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Summary: Dawn finds herself pregnant with a prophecy hanging over her head. On Giles's advice, Dawn and Faith board Oceanic Flight 815, hoping to outrun the prophecy.

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Television > LostblackfireFR18810,64702912,12718 Dec 0523 Mar 06No

into the great wide open

I own neither Buffy or Lost. As such i'm only playing in someone elses world.
Thanks to everyone who reviewed, and please keep r and r-ing.

It had all started with Xander, Faith mused, staring out the airplane window to the tarmac below. Now she was sitting on a plane she knew would crash and leave her stranded in the middle of who knew where, but at least, she'd hadn't been so crazy as to volunteer.

"Hey Faith, do me a favor?" Xander asked, popping his head into the study where Faith was watching tv.

"Whats up Xand?" Faith asked, not taking her gaze off the tv.

"You know I'm doing that survivor course thing right?" Xander bounced onto the couch.

"Yeah, Giles said you and one other person had to take the three courses. What about it?" Faith muttered, sliding a look at him with out turning her head.

"You want to be the other person?" Xander pouted. "Buffy can't, Willow won't go because she says there'll be frogs, and Dawn's got school."

"What about Andrew?" Faith raised an eyebrow.

"Hes got a Star Trek convention to go to." Xander replied. "Besides, I do not want to spend 2 months stuck in the bush in random places with him."

"So why me?" Faith turned from the tv to face him.

"I thought it might be fun for you." Xander confessed. "Plus we'll be in Haiwaii, and Austrailia and I just like the thought.."

"Of seeing me in a bikini." Faith finished for him. Xander nodded, grinning shamelessly.

"And you already did the prerequistite Witchy botany course with Willow." Xander added. "She said you did really well with learning the three spells for identification."

"I'll do it." Faith said after a moment of quiet thought. "But after the course in Haiwaii, we have a little vacation. Surfing, and tanning and what not."


They'd had her little vacation, and even though it was short, Faith was almost bored by the lack of Slayage. She only seen and killed two vamps, and all the demons on the islands seemed friendly. Months had passed until Buffy pulled her aside, eyes troubled, and told her about the prophecy.


"Faith." Buffy said quietly, standing in the doorway of the schools work out room. Faith stopped hitting the punching bag, and turned to face her sister slayer.

"Whats up B? World endage already?" Faith asked, tossing her hair over her shoulder.

"Not at the moment, but soon." Buffy said grimly, stepping into the room and closing the door behind her. "There's a propechy."

"So who dies this time, you or me?" Faith grinned and stretched slowly.

"We all do." Buffy replied, wrapping her arms around her stomach.

"Come on B, we've done this a million times already. We just recall everybody and take it on with an army." Faith smiled at Buffy. "It'll be easy, just another tuesday night."

"Glory will be reborn." Buffy said tonelessly, shifting restlessly. "And we'll all die."

"Buffy cheer up. You beat that hellbitch before, and now theres even more of us to fight her." Faith tried, starting to worry about Buffy.

"Dawnies pregnant." Buffy added. "Glory will be reborn through my sister."

"What?" Faith stammered. "Dawnies pregnant with what now?"

"The prophecy says that Glorificus will be reborn through the key, and recive the powers of the stars, then use them to destroy the world to recreate it in her own image. Only it says it in mostly Latin, and with alot more big words." Buffy sighed. "Giles and Dawn have been working on it for a while. The same prophecy pops up in over 15 countries, and they all say the same thing."

"I have to admit that I'm pretty much freaked out at the thought of Dawnie popping out a hell baby." Faith said softly, putting her hand gently on Buffys shoulder. "But there are options, right? Dawnie could have an abortion. No pregnancy equals no Baby, equals no Glory."

"Dawnie won't." Buffy shifted and looked down. "She keeps saying we can't be sure that it will be Glory, and that its just a baby and she can't do it." Buffy looked back up. "And I can't say that I even like that as a choice. What if its not Glory? What if we're reading the prophecy wrong? What if Dawn has an abortion and Glory shows up anyway?"

"Could we use protection spells? Could Willow use a spell to look at the baby now and see if its Glory?" Faith asked, pulling her hand back to start pacing back and forth.

"Willow already looked, and she says so far its just a baby." Buffy explained.

"Don't worry Buffy. We will beat this thing." Faith promised.


Eventually they had found out that it was really more of a possession. The baby was safe, up until it was born. So Willow had reasoned, 'What if no one can find the baby?'. They'd swung right back into research mode, and hunted for an answered. Then one day Giles had found one.


"I did a vision quest." Giles had annouced to the table full of people with their noses buried in books, notes and various scrolls. He took off his glasses and began to clean them. "We have an option that we should be able to make work." Everyone stared at Giles. "For Glory not to be able to find Dawn and the baby, no one can know where they are. What we need for that is a very very powerful chaos spell."

"And that means we need Eathan Rayne?" Willow asked, seeing where this was going.

"Indeed." Giles answered dryly. "Theres going to be a plane crash. And Dawn will be in it."

"I thought you said 'lose', not kill." Dawn mumbled.

"No one said you would die." Giles almost snapped. "In fact from the vision, most of the passangers seem to survive. Among them, will be Dawn, as I said. But I saw someone else there." Giles put his glasses back on, and stared at Faith, who felt a shiver run down her back. "Faith was there too."


So now Faith was sitting on a Cursed airplane, watching Eathan Rayne scurry back towards the airport, his job done. The airplane pulled back from the terminal, and Faith fought the urge to run to the door, pull it open and jump out. She would have to trust in the protection charms Willow and Giles had made. She knew they would survive, and that more than likely, so would their luggage. Dawn grabbed her hand, with a grip so strong it actually hurt.

"We'll be fine Dawn." Faith said shortly. "You know we'll be fine."

"I'll be scared till were on the ground and in one peice." Dawn retorted. Faith turned and was amused to see that Dawn had her eyes shut.

"Gonna keep your eyes closed for the whole trip?" Faith asked.

"Until we're in the air, other wise I'd listen to this urge I have to rip the door open and jump out." Dawn answered, her voice light.

"I know how you feel." Faith replied. "But the Plane is already moving to fast to jump without at least hurting ourselves."

"Broken legs heal." Dawn answered shortly. Faith felt her stomach jump as the nose of the plane tilted up, and then they were in the air.

End Part Two
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