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Anything for my Baby

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Summary: Dawn finds herself pregnant with a prophecy hanging over her head. On Giles's advice, Dawn and Faith board Oceanic Flight 815, hoping to outrun the prophecy.

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All For You

As always, i own nothing and no one. I admit to messing with the plot. Updates to this story will definitely be slowing down. My husband is on course so i am home alone with the baby for four months, plus i have a deadline for my second book.

but keep reading and reviewing and checking for updates.

It was around noon when Jack appeared, he squatted in the sand between Dawn and Claire and smiled at them.

"How much water have you two had to drink today?" Jack asked quickly.

"I've had two bottles." Claire replied, standing unsteadily. "Thanks so much for reminding my bladder of that fact." She waddled towards the trees and Jack and Dawn were alone.

"You doing ok?" Jack peered at Dawn. "You look a little flushed."

"I'm fine. Just getting a little burnt." Dawn replied. "Havn't found our luggage that has my clothes in it yet, so no hat. I've had a bottle of water so far, working on my second. The bleedings not huge, but its not miniscule either." She waved at the area of beach that they had claimed for themselves. "I have reusable pads in my luggage so I'm ok."

"Just take it easy, drink lots of water and don't strain yourself. You need anything just give a shout." Jack stood and headed down the beach to where Locke was moving bodies. Dawn leaned back at stared up at the bright sky. She bit back a sigh and returned to the open suitcase before her.

"If you want to be alone, I can go somewhere else." Claire offered, standing over and slightly behind Dawn.

"No." Dawn said quickly. "No. I mean, I'm not ready for a lot of alone time."

"I don't want to bother you." Claire said, sitting again. "I'm worried that you'll get upset with me, because of the baby."

"The crash wasn't your fault, so why should I get mad at you?" Dawn retorted quickly, holding up a tattered shirt to examine it. She tossed it into the 'good for bandages' pile. "I am upset, juts not in general. I feel kind of.." Dawn trailed off and she stared out to sea for along moment. "Frozen. I can't stop thinking about what my sister will say."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Claire asked, tossing what had probably been pants before the accident into the almost wearable pile.

"My sister is really strong." Dawn said. "Our whole family, is full of strong people. I feel really weak."

"Whats your family like?" Claire questioned, trying to edge the subject away from Dawns loss.

"Well theres Buffy, my sister. Shes really strong, smart but still occasionally ditzy. She is the vice-principal of the school we all work at. Theres Xander, who's like my older brother. Hes a goof ball, but he knows a lot. Hes our head engineer. Giles is like well, hes Giles. He runs the organization that owns our school. Willow is really smart, shes written a bunch of computer programs and stuff." Dawn rambled, as they storted clothes.

"What about your parents?" Claire asked, "Are Giles and Willow related to you?"

"My Dad lives in Spain, with various secretaries. My mom died when I was 15. Giles and Willow are family. The best kind, the ones you get to choose." Dawn sighed, tossing a tattered burnt thing onto the "no way in hell pile'.

"No boyfriend?" Claire asked absentmindedly, and then winced. "Sorry."

"We broke up a while ago. He got into heavy drugs, Pcp's. He's in rehab in LA now, but he didn't even know I was pregnant." Dawn shrugged. "Its ok. What about you? Was your boyfriend on the plane?"

"He left." Claire said flatly. "When I was 5 months along. Said he couldn't do it anymore."

"He sounds like a jerk." Dawn suggested wryly.

"At the least." Claire smiled tightly.

"I've got a bunch of stuff you can have." Dawn said, changing the topic. "I found a baby shop in Sidney that does handmade things, I've got a bag full of Diapers, clothes, blankets. You can have them."
Claire looked away, and then nodded.

"Thanks. When we get out of here.. I'll put them to good use." Claire said smiling brightly.

"You think we're gonna get rescued?" Came a voice from over and behind them. It was Locke. "Its been 2 days since the crash. They'd be here by now, if they were coming."

"Thanks for the optimism." Dawn snapped.

"We need to start thinking about survival. And taking care of the bodies." Locke went on, ignoring Dawns comment.

"Your moving them to the fuselage. Isn't that good enough?" Claire asked.

"For now. For now." Locke replied, and then moved past them, leaving behind the scent of blood and death. Claire paled and grabbed at her suddenly sick stomach.

"Theres something off about that guy." Dawn said softly. Claire nodded.

The rest of the day passed in a haze of sorting. They finished going though the unclaimed and damaged luggage, and had a large amount of still usable clothes, as well as lots of clothes that could be used as bandages, and a decent sized pile of things that were totally wrecked.

It was nighttime. The moon hung over head and glimmered on the water. People were talking quietly, or sleeping.

Dawn was wide awake. She could feel someone watching her from the darkness of the trees. It had been almost an hour since she'd first felt the eyes on her, and it was past annoying. So Dawn stood, stretched and headed slowly towards the trees.

She stood just past the tree line and waited. The woods before her rustled and she could see several small figures spill out to stand at her feet.

"Mistress." One of the figures piped up. "The hag and the slayer sent us to tell ye that they'd not be back for a few days."

"The hag?"Dawn questioned, peering down at the tiny figures in the darkness.

"Och aye lass." One of the voices answered. "The lassie with all the red hair. The Red Hag."

"Angus, the hag said t'call her Willow." One of the other voices pointed out.

"Oh, Willow is the hag?" Dawn asked, feeling the urge to giggle.

"Och aye. We're to keep an eye out for ye while they are away." The voice that was now labled as Angus said gruffly.

"And if I need you?" Dawn questioned.

"Just call out fer Angus and we'll be right there." The small voice replied.

"I'm going to go sleep then." Dawn announced, and turned to go.

"Dawn lass?" Came one of the voices, it was high and uncertain. "I'm some sorry bout the wee Bairn."

"We all are." Came the rest of the voices. Dawn bit back the urge to sob.

"Thanks." Dawn muttered. She staggered out onto the relative brightness of the beach where she came face to face with Hurley.

"Did you hear voices?" Hurley asked, peering at the woods behind her.

"I was talking to myself." Dawn replied.

"Oh, ok then. Goodnight." Hurley muttered.



The next morning sped by. Dawn and Claire lazed around the beach, drinking water and talking about nothing in particular. It was shortly after a lunch of bright and delicious fish, supplied by Jin that the group returned from their trip to try and get a signal.

"Ah excuse me? Dawn?" came a voice. Dawn blinked up at Charlie. "Willow and Faith won't be back for a while."

"Why?" Dawn asked.

"Well there was a polar bear." Charlie started, but Dawn cut him off.

"A polar bear?" She spat, "Yeah right. This is a tropical island. Polar bears live in the north."

"No really. It was a giant polar bear. Faith and Sawyer killed it." Charlie went on. "Faith said something about wanting a fur coat. So they stayed there."

"Ok then." Dawn said slowly. "Thanks for telling me. Wheres Sawyer?"

"I think he was in the plane with Jack and all the dead people." Charlie suggested.

"Thanks." Dawn said and stood. "I'll be back in a bit Claire." Then she headed for the fuselage.

end this part, as always please review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Anything for my Baby" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Mar 06.

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