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Anything for my Baby

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Summary: Dawn finds herself pregnant with a prophecy hanging over her head. On Giles's advice, Dawn and Faith board Oceanic Flight 815, hoping to outrun the prophecy.

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Television > LostblackfireFR18810,64702912,12018 Dec 0523 Mar 06No

Anything for my Baby

Obviously I am not Joss Whedon. (unless he’s suddenly become a 22 Canadian mom) and I’m pretty sure I’m not whoever owns Lost. So I’ll just say that I’m playing with the characters for the plain and simple fun of it. Please review. If you hate it- tell me. If you love it-tell me. Please!

It had been such a tiny tiny mistake. But the consequences were huge. As always there was a prophecy, waiting to jump on them and ruin their lives. So for forgetting that antibiotics tended to cancel out birth control, Dawn was pregnant, and pretty much on the run from her family and friends, with a doom prophecy hanging over her head. But at least, she wasn't alone.

Arguing with the baggage clerk was Faith, insisting that they had paid for three seats, so they shouldn't have to pay for extra luggage. Dawn ignored them, because it was obvious what would happen. Faith would win the argument, just like she did with the clerk in London, the clerk in Madrid, and the clerk in Adelaide. Dawn waited patiently, occasionally shifting as the added weight of her 6 month stomach caused her discomfort. Finally, Faith appeared by her side, smirking happily.

"His boss sided with me." Faith grinned, leaning down to grab the 3 carryon bags.

"I'm oddly not surprised." Dawn muttered, allowing Faith to lead the way towards the security gates.

"No worries Dawnie. I'm here to take care of you and the little guy." Faith soothed, stopping short of colliding with a yellow dog, which was trying to escape his owner’s attempts to put the dog into a crate.

"You don't know it’s a boy." Dawn sighed, bumping into Faiths elbow at the sudden stop. "Can we get moving? I need to eat, and the baby is kicking my bladder."

"Moving on." Faith announced, darting around the dog. "Doesn't the whole 'needing to pee every 5 minutes' thing get annoying?"

"More than you could ever guess Faith." Dawn answered, rubbing her side.

"More than being trapped in a room with a sex deprived Anya?" Faith teased as they joined the line to get through security. Dawn smiled sadly, and then winced as the baby delivered a strong kick to her spleen.

"You know I miss her sex talk." Dawn said, glaring at her stomach.

"Yeah me too." Faith admitted. "It was weird, but after the first few times, it got to be almost normal."

"I miss normal." Dawn pouted. "I miss Buffy whining about her lack of a sex life. I miss Xander pretending to walk into walls to cheer people up. I miss Giles cleaning his glasses."

"We're next Dawnie." Faith interrupts, passing the bags over to the guard. "I've got permits for everything in the red bag."

"Anything that can't go through the scanner?" The guard replies, holding his hand out for Faiths paperwork.

"Nothing in the other two bags." Faith replies, hauling out her WCI paperwork and her carry permits. "I'm going to have the red bag checked as we board."

"Awful lot of weapons in here." The guard says, shooting Faith an odd look. "But your paperwork checks out. As long as you keep to Airport protocol, there’ll be no problems."

The scanner begins to beep as Dawn walks through, and the other guard sighs.

"Hands out to the sides, legs apart." The guard orders, pointing to a spot off to the side of the machines. He swishes the wand over her arms and legs, and it goes off at her left ankle. "I'm going to have to check this." He pulls up Dawns jeans to reveal a heavy chain.

"What is it?" Dawn asks, leaning forward to see over her stomach.

"Just an ankle bracelet." The guard replies standing with a sigh.

"Pregnancy makes her forgetful." Faith interjects standing on the other side of the walkthrough scanner.

"Then you should remember for her." The guard snaps.

"Hey Larry come see this stuff." The other guard calls, and Larry, the guard with the wand, heads for the baggage scanner.

"Its just first aid stuff." Larry scowls dismissively, peering at the screen. “A lot of first aid stuff.” He waves Faith through. "A little paranoid?"

"It’s my girl’s first pregnancy. I just want to have everything covered." Faith smiles, moving to reclaim their bags. Larry blinks, and before a perverted grin can spread across his face, Faith is leading Dawn away.

"Did you have to say that?" Dawn hissed at Faith. "Now he'll be having perverted mental images of us."

"I'd apologize, but, really not sorry here." Faith grinned shamelessly. "So let’s get to our departure lounge so we can get you settled."

"And then you’re going to go and find me chocolate." Dawn grinned right back. "Lots and lots and lots of chocolate."

"You pregnant ladies." Faith huffs, tossing their bags on a group of chairs. "Always with the food."

"Attention, Oceanic Flight 815 is now boarding first class passengers." The loudspeaker chimes.

"Chocolate now." Dawn orders. "It’s my last chance for a while." Faith pauses and looks down at Dawn.

"Are you sure that this is the best thing?" Faith asks.

"Willow said this would buy us enough time for things to change, and for Giles to find more research." Dawn reminded Faith. "We'll be fine." Faith headed down the concourse for the nearest magazine shop, and Dawn stared at the people in the lounge around her. How many of them would be dead before tomorrow? "We'll be fine." Dawn said again, rubbing her hand gently over her protruding stomach.

End part 1.
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