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Third Law

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Inheritance". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so how will the world react to the actions of the Joker? Fourth in the Inheritance series.

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Home Away From Home


“Welcome to the Watchtower everyone," said Xander as the forms of Batman, Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, Stargirl, and the Flash solidified on the transporter pad.

"I don’t feel so good," said a green looking Stargirl.

"A common side-effect of transportation, you get used to it after a while," said Giles as he removed the helmet of Dr. Fate.

"This place is awesome!" said an excited Flash as he ran from one piece of equipment to another.

"It’s big too," said Xander with a smile. "Forty seven stories up, and twenty stories down. This place has everything from an outer layer of Kryptonian crystals providing power to this place, to a computer system that would make every geek on Earth drown in their own drool."

"You built all this in a week?" asked Wonder Woman.

"More like five and a half days," said Xander with a shrug. "The rest of the time was just waiting for the crystals to remove any unwanted radiation the materials had soaked up from being in space for so long."

"You said these crystals were Kryptonian?" asked Batman as he ran a gloved hand across a crystal window.

"Yep something my grandfather sent with my dad when Krypton was dieing," said Xander. "This was incase my father didn’t reach Earth, but crashed somewhere like Mars. They feed off of solar radiation even better than Kryptonian cells and redirect that energy anywhere we want it, so they’re a great power source as well as protection from any harmful radiation."

"I must admit, this is a bit more than what I had expected," said Giles as he looked around in wonder. "Just why did you build something so large when there are only nine of us?"

"Thought it would be good to have room for expansion," said Xander. "The top five stories are housing for the team for when we need to crash here. The next two stories are for visitors spending the night, and after that we have free space until we get to the fifth floor where the meeting room will be. The third and fourth stories are hanger bays, and the second story is a fully stocked training room."

"What about the lower levels, they seem really fortified," said Flash as he returned from scouting the entire watchtower at super speed.

"The bottom ten levels are a vault where we can store items that are too dangerous to immediately destroy," said Xander.

"Do you really expect to run into something like that?" asked Stargirl.

"The previous JSA did," said Giles. "I believe that the different members of the JSA took turns storing them at their individual bases of operation."

"Yeah, but ten stories worth?" asked the Flash.

"What can I say, I built this to last," said Xander. "Chances are none of us will see the vault fill up, or even get close, but that just means there will be room for those that come after us."

Before anyone could ask more questions the transporter pads activated and six more people appeared. Three of the people everyone already in the room knew, but only Xander and Giles knew the last three.

"Who are you?" Robin said to the short blond that appeared by his side.

"I’m Buffy, now who are you?" asked Buffy.

"I’m Robin," said the sixteen year old boy in his most intimidating voice.

"Isn’t Robyn a girls name?" asked Buffy in complete innocence. Well she thought it was complete innocence, but Xander could just imagine a couple of cartoon devil horns growing out of her head as she tried to antagonize the costumed teenager.

"R-O-B-I-N, like the bird," said Robin through clenched teeth. "Did the bleach kill one too many brain cells last time you did your hair?"

"I think we should put a stop to this," said Giles he got ready to put on the helmet of Dr. Fate.

"I don’t," said Xander with a grin. "Bruce the third over there is getting way too arrogant for his own good. If he’s like this when he takes over the role of Batman he’ll get a lot of innocent people killed before he dies. The problem is he is the product of two generations of excellent fighters, so it’s been difficult for his parents to find a way to deflate his ego."

"And nothing deflates a males ego quite like sparing with a Slayer," said Giles with a matching grin on his face.

"That was my thinking. Of course after Gotham, Wonder Woman was a possibility too, but his parents wanted someone who wouldn’t pound him into a goo like substance," said Xander as he nodded to where both Batman and Huntress were staying off to one side.

"On the bright side though it seems that Stargirl, Batgirl, and Cordelia are getting along," observed Giles.

"Courtney is a cheerleader while both Cassandra and Cordelia are strong independent women who seem to have similar tastes in fashion," said Xander as he tried not to stare at the two dark clad beauties.

"Yet another reason to try to find out exactly what Ms Kyle and Bast said to her during our time in the underworld," said Giles. "Though I think we may have a problem getting Willow away from the computer system."

"Good idea. Uh-oh, looks like the boy is about to throw the first punch," said Xander just before Robin tried to show Buffy that he was the better fighter.

"You were right, the child is an exceptional fighter, he almost connected on his first try," said Giles right before Buffy threw Robin across the room.

"Oh look, he still thinks he has a shot of wining," said Xander as Robin got up and approached the Slayer in a full combat stance. "Maybe I should move this to the training room so nothing gets damaged."

"Sounds like a good idea," said Giles right before he found himself in the training room along with everyone else. "Did you just move everyone here while we blinked?"

"Bart helped," said Xander with a nod to the blond young man that was now standing alongside Giles and Xander.

"So who was the one that moved the young ladies?" asked Giles as he looked at the trio of teenage girls.

"I did," said Bart. "Xander said something about survival instincts and wouldn’t touch them so I brought them up."

"My exact words were, ‘I have developed enough survival instincts in this area, so I’m not even going to touch them,’" said Xander. "I planned to just leave them a note, that way they could follow if they wanted. I figured that was the best way to avoid three very angry women."

"Why would they be angry?" asked Bart as he glanced towards the source of the triple death glares he was receiving.

"Because you took away their choice," said Giles. "Always allow a woman to retain the ability to choose. This applies to the big things like choosing a career to the small things like choosing her meal when you are together on a date."

"So by moving them instead of letting them decide if they wanted to come or not…"

"You condemned yourself to at least a week worth of death glares," said Xander as Robin rushed Buffy in a fit of frustration.

"Crap," said Bart as he began to squirm under the anger filled stares he was receiving.

"Better you than us my boy," said Giles as Robin launched a flurry of attacks that Buffy easily blocked.

"You know this is starting to feel just like old times," said Xander as Buffy knocked out Robin with a single punch to the face. It wasn’t hard for Xander to liken this sparing session to the ones Batman and Wonder Woman had engaged in back in the 1940’s. Of course those lasted a bit longer because while the third Bruce Wayne had the moves, he didn’t come close to having the drive of his grandfather.

All in all the meeting had gone just how Xander had planned. Bird Boy had been humbled, and everyone was acting more like a family than a group of people they had to work with to save lives. If this kept up maybe they had a shot of saving the world when the need arose, maybe.


Authors End Note: Okay people I need your help! I have no idea what the next story should be about, or any other stories in this series. If you have any plots you would like to see me do tell me so my muse will get a jump start, this also goes for any DC characters you would like to see in this series.

If push comes to shove I think I have enough in me to write an ending story that wraps everything up, but I don’t want to write it unless I have to. So please let me know that you enjoy my series by giving me as much constructive feedback as you can now that I really need it.

Thank you for reading.

The End

You have reached the end of "Third Law". This story is complete.

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