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American Girl in London

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Summary: An unexpected meeting turns into more than either imagined.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Hermione Granger(Past Donor)kayleyFR71215,597910245,79519 Dec 0528 Dec 11No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Rituals Don't Always Work As Planned

A/N: I know, it's been ages since I updated. Things have just been too hectic for me recently. I am still planning on updating most of my stories, hopefully soon.


Draco was ready. He had his protection detail around him to ensure nothing could interfere in the last few moments he would be vulnerable. The Box of Gavrok and the ritual were on the table in front of him. The time was slowly ticking down to the window of time he could do the spell. Little did he know it would be too late.

Ethan was standing behind Draco and began chanting under his breath. He had to time the completion of the spell at the exact time it would take Draco to complete his. The difference was, the long complicated spell he had to say compared to Draco eating as many of the supposed Gavrok spiders. As long as he timed it correctly, Draco would believe that the ritual had worked.

It was time, finally! Draco carefully opened the box and pulled the first spider out. It didn’t look too different to a normal spider to the normal eye, but the first part of the spell casting Ethan had done was a glamour to make Draco see what he wanted him to. Draco bit into the spider and scrunched his face up. It was disgusting and crunchy and horrid. He shook his head, sacrifices and all that. He reached for the next.


Buffy, Hermione, Faith and Harry suddenly appeared in the room closest to the ritual with no one around. Willow had teleported them in once she knew it would be a safe room. On the other side of the mansion, their backup had appeared in another room and cautiously made their way towards the ritual. Seconds after the two groups had appeared Willow, herself appeared with Vi and Kennedy.

Buffy’s group made it the short distance without issue; with her and Faith knocking out anyone who appeared in the hallway. They couldn’t risk that Hermione and Harry’s magic would be detected until the last moment. Once they were positioned at the door, Faith shot a quick question telepathically to Willow, who would enter shortly after the battle had started.

Once they got the all clear, all hell broke loose as they entered the room. Spells were flying all around as the backup team entered moments after the primary team. Both groups were protecting each other. Soon after, Willow’s team entered and barriers were being cast around the main groups and around Ethan, although his had an added bonus. He wouldn’t be able to escape.


Draco frowned at the chaos around him. This wasn’t supposed to happen! He was Draco. He was all powerful, well he would be soon. He grabbed the box and hid under the table, trying to stuff his face with as many spiders as he could to complete the ritual while the groups were busy trying to destroy each other. Although he had to admit that he was feeling quite sick after eating the handful of spiders he had. Maybe though it was a sign of the changes he was undergoing. He just had to keep going and hope he finished in time.

Ethan, in the meantime, realised that it was too late to escape. He felt the barrier around him and knew that Willow would be blocking his chance. But at the same time, he knew he was going to survive. Giles would never allow his Slayer to become a killer and the other one was one he knew was working towards redemption. He’d only be arrested and he knew he could escape from jail again. He recited the final line of the spell, the line which gave the timeframe for how long Draco could be invulnerable for. He adjusted it for the fact that the Slayers were already in the room and it didn’t need to last more than a few minutes instead of the half hour he had originally planned.

With that, Draco screamed as he felt the power wash over him. Then he stood and prepared to battle those who thought they could stop him.


Harry and Hermione noticed Draco standing before anyone else did and immediately began to cast different spells to capture him. Immediately they noticed that the spells weren’t working the way they should be.

“Oh, that tickles!” Draco gloated at them.

“Buffy! It’s not working!” Hermione called, and with that, the two older Slayers started working their way over to Draco. They punched and kicked anyone and everyone in their way. Draco looked at them and began to cast a spell, only to have it blocked by Willow.

Then suddenly, Draco hit the ground, moaning. Rona was standing behind him, having been able to sneak up while Buffy and Faith were distracting him. She had hit him with the hilt of her sword. Sims was just behind her, wand out and already casting the spell for binding him. A series of ‘pops’ sounded shortly after, as Waites signalled the all clear and Mad Eye led his team in. Suddenly Draco’s protection detail found themselves out gunned by Aurors and wisely began to lower their wands.

Ethan found himself still detained in the barrier that Willow created as the group disappeared for the cleanup. When they reappeared, Ethan was face to face with Giles.

“Oh, so you got my note did you?” Ethan asked, only to receive a punch to the face. He smiled up at Giles, blood on his face. “You’re welcome.”

“You’ll be staying here for the moment before the appropriate authorities come to pick you up,” Giles advised, noticing Ethan’s smile getting wider. His next line wiped the smile off Ethan’s face. “The Aurors will be transporting you to Azkaban once they have finished with the arrests of Draco and his men.”


Once the headache of the arresting was completed, Harry and Hermione headed for the Council headquarters. Sims, Waites and Mad Eye would be heading over once they dropped the reports off to the relevant people.

Hermione immediately found herself in Buffy’s arms and she returned the hug. The pair quickly whispered to each other, ensuring that they were both unharmed from the battle, promising time together as soon as the meeting between groups had finished.

The End?

You have reached the end of "American Girl in London" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Dec 11.

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