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4 Letter Challenge; We're what?!

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Summary: FaithUnbreakable's challenge. Faith and Jayne wake up together

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Firefly > Faith-CenterednannabelleFR211549091,71419 Dec 0519 Dec 05Yes

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Hope you enjoy. My first drabble. :) Reviews are always shiny.

Here are my letters and what I chose them to mean: FJWV5


Faith stretched, shying from the sun coming through the window. Without opening her eyes, she rolled to the edge of the bed to stand. Only, there was a warm body in the way. ‘Damn girl, you got lucky last night!’ she thought to herself. She quickly checked and sure enough, she had that low down soreness that only comes from a night of wild sex. She tried to remember who she’d hooked up with the night before. She remembered entering a pub with Spike. She remembered setting herself up at the bar as Spike danced with some cute little number. Oh, and shots. Lots and lots of shots. What planet were they even on? Or were they on a moon? Persephone? Had they made it to Persephone? She decided to find out, so she gave the man next to her a violent shove.

“Gorram it, wife! What ya shovin’ me for?” Jayne Cobb yelled.

“Hey, what planet are we…did you say wife?!” Faith shrieked.

Jayne sat up and stared at the woman he’d married last night. “You mean you don’t remember?”

“You’re shittin’ me, right? No way I’m married. I didn’t live 500 years single, only to get married in a drunken fit!”

Jayne stood up and pulled his pants on. As he positioned the three guns he’d brought out last night back on his body, he turned back to the petite brunette. “500 years? Don’t tell me you’re another moon-brain.”

“What is that, you’re callin’ me crazy? Do you even know what I am?” Faith paced angrily through the small room. They appeared to be in a hotel room.

“Yeah, you’re a slayer. It was pretty obvious when you fought off half the bar after your bar dance.”

Faith groaned as she slid down onto the bed. Vague memories were coming back to her. “Uh, it’s coming back to me. Who had the Velcro cuffs?”

Jayne grinned his trademark cocky grin, “That’d be you. Do you have any idea how much Velcro is worth? That’s something not seen ‘round here often. But they sure were fun!”

At that, Faith’s trademark cocky grin came out, “They are, right? Wanna try ‘em out again?”

Jayne growled as he crawled across the bed towards her. When he reached he face he leaned in slowly and met her lips with his. Faith’s toes curled as his tongue swept through her mouth. His hands shoved under her shirt and roughly grabbed her breasts. Faith moaned in pleasure and she quickly unbuckled his pants and shoved them down. Neither of them needed much in the way of foreplay, so Jayne thrust heavily into her heat. The two wrestled for dominance, rolling to be on top. Eventually Faith rolled them so that she took Jayne’s weight as they rolled off the bed onto the floor, then neatly hooked her leg around his as she pulled herself on top. She rode him for the final moments, sighing as they both climaxed loudly. Sweating, she laid across his chest, laughing.

“So, you’re not upset about bein’ married no more?” Jayne asked sleepily.

“Eh, after 500 years, you learn to go with it.”

The End

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