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Summary: What did Daniel Jackson do while learning how to use his power? Of course he had to get into some situations that were interesting to say the least....

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Stargate > General > Theme: HumorthesithspawnFR1323,1421156,22023 Dec 0519 Jul 06Yes

To the rescue-Daniel style


Stargate SG-1/Angel Crossover

Disclaimer: I don't own Angel or Stargate.

Author's Notes: Here’s the result of my latest whimsyJ I do not know the kind of powers they gave him in the show, what he is capable of here is my own invention. Please Read and Review.

Summary: What did Dr. Daniel Jackson do after he Ascended, while he was learning to use his new powers. Of course, he has to get into some situations that are…interesting.

To the Rescue-Daniel style

“Fine, you guys take the thirty thousand to the right-I’ll take the rest,” proclaimed Gunn optimistically, hefting his hubcap axe as they prepared for the onslaught of the minions of the Senior Partners.

It was readily apparent to the surviving members of the Fang gang that killing off all the members of the Circle of the Black Thorn had really pissed them off. The alley they were in the proverbial dark dank one and the downpour of the heavens only added to the lethal atmosphere. They arrayed themselves behind Angel as he took a step in front of them to meet the coming onslaught of demons, in the thrall of the Senior Partners.

The demons coming at them were like a walking tide of mindless destruction, smashing anything that found itself in their path.

Angel hefted his sword in readiness, “I don’t know about-” his words were abruptly cut off as a portion of the air in front of him started to shimmer and glow. He took a step back in bewilderment.

The demons also saw the light and their headless headlong charge slowed down as the glow turned into a white brilliance, even the dragon came to hover above the street to watch this unexpected phenomenon.

In a few short seconds, the light grew into a large ball of white energy and as the demons and the Fang gang watched, it started to sprout white tendrils that turned into long languid tentacles.

By this time, the demons had realized that whatever this thing was it was it probably wasn’t a good omen for them. Their minds began jumping to very bad conclusions (at least from their point of view) as orb of light suddenly started to contract in onto itself. This in addition to the sheer unadulterated power they were feeling emanating from it was making them very jittery.

Their jitters started to turn into fear, it started to build up steadily among the demon hoard but when the light began to take on a humanoid shape, their fear spiked into terror and they turned around and fled for as far as they could think, either this thing was some higher being come to intervene or else this was some supernatural warrior sent from the heavens to aid Angel and the others…for all they knew this could have been the Archangel Michael come down to aid the PTB’s chosen champions.

No matter what it was, they believed themselves cosmically screwed if they stayed.

By the time the creature of light had finished shifting into its new humanoid form, the alley was empty of demons…at least of evil demons.

Angel and the others looked on in amazement-one moment they were facing certain death and then suddenly it looked like the PTB had gotten off of their cosmic incorporeal butts and decided to help them.

Angel stared at the creature in shock he could feel Angelus in a corner of his mind quivering in fear, he shared a concerned/amazed look with Spike and could see that the peroxide blonde was also feeling the same thing as him.

“Damn man and I was so looking forward to the smackdown-I was smoking today…hell I could have taken them all by myself,” boasted Gunn loudly.

“Be silent mortal, show respect to your betters!” exclaimed Illyria arrogantly.

The creature had finished its transformation and turned around to face the Fang gang. This apparent higher being turned curios blue eyes upon the others in the now deserted alley.

He adjusted his glasses and raised his hand in a half-wave, “Uh…hi? I don’t suppose you can tell me where I am?” he asked sheepishly.

Illyria stared at him for a second before turning back to Gunn, “Never mind,” she said in a very miffed tone.

“Uh hi…thanks for the save,” Angel replied in a confused tone. If the PTBs didn’t send this creature, then…what the hell was this creature?! “Uh, you’re in LA.”

The creature masquerading as a human blinked in surprise, “LA? Damn, I’m so far off where I wanted to be-it’s not funny,” he said

“Look mate,” began Spike, “If the powers that screw didn’t send you, then what the bloody hell are you?”

Angel glared at him, “Spike be polite to our saviour.”

“Uh, that’s not to say that I’m not thankful that you showed up and sacred away those pantsy minions of the Senior Partners,” Spike quickly added.

“Uh, thanks…I think,” the creature said unsure of how to react to Spike.

“This may be a dumb question, but what are you?” Angel asked the creature.

“Oh sorry, I’m Doctor Daniel Jackson,” the creature, Daniel said.

“A doc huh? A doc of what?” demanded Gunn.

“I’m an archaeologist, I specialize in Egyptology,” Daniel answered simply.

The Fang gang blinked at him. They stared at him with blank expressions on their faces-though in Illyria’s case it was a blanker than usual expression.

Daniel returned their stares uncomfortably as the silence between them continued to grow.

Eventually the silence was broken as Spike closed his eyes and groaned, “Bollocks…saved by a geek in glasses?  I’m never going to leave this one down…bloody hell, I’d rather be saved by the whelp,” he unhappily stated to the universe in general.

“Yeah sure, okay,” said Daniel warily in response, “anyway, I have an appointment to keep so I’ll see you all around.” He stared to glow again as he turned back into a ball of energy and in short order the Fang gang were once more alone in the dark dreary downpour.

The Fang gang exchanged glances once before Angel said seriously, “If anyone asks we beat back the Senior Partner’s demon army by ourselves-we were not saved by accident by some geeky Egyptologist higher being type creature that was lost…agreed?”

“Agreed!” came a chorus of vigorous agreements from the others.

Author's Notes: Hope u like this. Please Read and Review.

The End

You have reached the end of "Oops". This story is complete.

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